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Bible in Early Transatlantic Pietism and Evangelicalism by Hoselton, Ryan P., Stieverm... ISBN: 9780271092850 List Price: $109.95
Adam of Bremen's Gesta Hammaburgensis Ecclesiae Pontificum : Origins, Reception and Signific... by Bartusik, Grzegorz, Biskup,... ISBN: 9781032121031 List Price: $160.00
Everyday Crusade : Christian Nationalism in American Politics by McDaniel, Eric L., Nooruddi... ISBN: 9781009014588 List Price: $34.99
From Pews to Politics : Religious Sermons and Political Participation in Africa by McClendon, Gwyneth H., Ried... ISBN: 9781108707978 List Price: $29.99
Religion and Brazilian Democracy : Mobilizing the People of God by Smith, Amy Erica ISBN: 9781108711586 List Price: $29.99
Forever in Thy Path : The God of Black Liberation by Singleton, Harry H. ISBN: 9781626984707
Competing for Caesar by KAUNDA, Hinfelaar ISBN: 9781506461519 List Price: $29.00
Politics of Faith by SUMNEY ISBN: 9781506466996 List Price: $16.99
Christianity and Politics in Triba by G KANATO CHOPHY ISBN: 9781438485812 List Price: $95.00
Religion Within the Limits of Hist by DEMIAN WHEELER ISBN: 9781438479347 List Price: $35.95
Hope for Ukraine : Stories of Grit and Grace from the Front Lines of War by Duncan, Kyle, Fedorkevich, ... ISBN: 9780800763442
Wiley Blackwell Companion to Religion and Peace by Mitchell, Jolyon, Millar, S... ISBN: 9781119424420 List Price: $185.00
Oxford Handbook of Early Evangelicalism by Yeager, Jonathan ISBN: 9780190863319 List Price: $175.00
Early Christian Women by Lavalle Norman, Dawn ISBN: 9781009045889 List Price: $20.00
Your Life Has Meaning : Discovering Your Role in an Epic Story by Thompson, Luke George ISBN: 9780810030794
Amons Secret : A Family Story for the Churchs Beginning by Ytreeide, Arnold ISBN: 9780825447709
New Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine by Allen, Michael ISBN: 9781108794640 List Price: $34.99
New Cambridge Companion to Christian Doctrine by Allen, Michael ISBN: 9781108840446 List Price: $105.00
Christian Life by Senker, Cath, Rosen Publish... ISBN: 9781725435124
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