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Susanna Wesley The Complete Writings by Wesley, Susanna, Wallace, C... ISBN: 9780195074376 List Price: $125.00
History of Global Anglicanism by Ward, Kevin ISBN: 9780521008662 List Price: $44.99
Southern Anglicanism The Church of England in Colonial South Carolina by Bolton, Charles S. ISBN: 9780313230905 List Price: $87.95
Anglican Spirituality - William J. Wolf - Paperback by Wolf, William J. ISBN: 9780819212979 List Price: $10.95
Story of Anglican Ministry by Echlin, Edward ISBN: 9780854391028
Alexander Forbes of Brechin The First Tractarian Bishop by Strong, Rowan ISBN: 9780198263579 List Price: $165.00
Mortmain Legislation and the English Church, 1279-1500 by Raban, Sandra ISBN: 9780521242332 List Price: $47.50
Anglicanism by Spencer, Stephen ISBN: 9780334043379
Radical Churchman Edward Lee Hicks and the New Liberalism by Neville, Graham ISBN: 9780198269779 List Price: $211.50
Church in Crisis by Kirkpatrick, Frank G. ISBN: 9780313346620
Good Disagreement? : Grace and Truth in a Divided Church by Atherstone, Andrew, Goddard... ISBN: 9780745968353
Archbishop William Howley Archbishop of Canterbury 1828-1848 by Garrard, James ISBN: 9781472451330 List Price: $104.95
Anglican Confirmation in Britain and North America 1662-1820 Ghostly Graces by Tovey, Philip ISBN: 9781472422170 List Price: $109.95
English Episcopal Acta: Winchester 1205-1238 by Vincent, Nicholas ISBN: 9780197261309 List Price: $110.00
English Episcopal Acta Vol. IV : Lincoln, 1186-1206 by Smith, David M. ISBN: 9780197260500 List Price: $130.00
That Was the Church That Was : How the Church of England Lost the English People by Brown, Andrew, Woodhead, Linda ISBN: 9781472951984
Guidelines for the Professional Conduct of the Clergy 2015 : Revised Edition by The Archbishops of Canterbu... ISBN: 9780715110966
We Believe in God by Doctrine Commission Of The ... ISBN: 9780715137154
Early Church in Wessex and Mercia by Gallyon, Margaret ISBN: 9780900963582
Early Church in Northumbria by Gallyon, Margaret ISBN: 9780900963742
Fighting Joshua : The Biography of Bishop Trelawny by Smith, M. G. ISBN: 9780907566991
Richard Hooker, Reformer and Platonist by Kirby, W. J. Torrance ISBN: 9781138262928
ReInvention : Stories from an Urban Church by Whittall, Mark ISBN: 9781770648050
Being Anglican : A Beginner's Guide by Handley, Paul, Walker, Dave ISBN: 9781848259454
Decline and Fall of the Episcopal Church : In the Year of Our Lord, 1952 by Taylor, Peter, Caudwell, Ra... ISBN: 9781883049591 List Price: $18.95
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