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Are you studying religion at college? If you require textbooks relating to biblical studies, we can help out with pre-owned text books at discounted prices. Some of the books we have here include Encountering the Old Testament, Introduction to the Bible, and New Testament: A Student's Introduction. Whatever you wish to know, you can buy cheap biblical studies textbooks to find the knowledge you need. You can also opt to rent used biblical studies textbooks if you prefer. This is an ideal option if you know you will only require one book for a short time. However, if you do buy biblical studies textbooks online, you can sell back the books when you don't need them. We buy back biblical studies books from students who wish to sell, so you can see our service offers everything you could want and provides a good way to get the most out of your studies.

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Studying the Historical Jesus A Guide to Sources and Methods by Bock, Darrell L. ISBN: 9780801024511 List Price: $24.00
Old Testament Theology The Theology of Israel's Traditions by Von Rad, Gerhard, Brueggema... ISBN: 9780664224073 List Price: $50.00
Christology of the New Testament by Cullmann, Oscar, Guthrie, S... ISBN: 9780664243517 List Price: $30.00
Jesus Christ and Mythology by Bultmann, Rudolf ISBN: 9780023055706 List Price: $26.00
Understanding the New Testament by Kee, Howard C. ISBN: 9780139482663 List Price: $109.33
Jerusalem to Rome Studies in the Book of Acts by Kent, Homer A., Jr. ISBN: 9780801053139 List Price: $14.99
Anatomy of the New Testament A Guide to Its Structure and Meaning by Smith, D. Moody, Spivey, Ro... ISBN: 9780024153227 List Price: $84.60
Origins of Christianity A Historical Introduction to the New Testament by Brown, Schuyler ISBN: 9780198262077 List Price: $55.00
Having Words with God by Kuhn, Karl Allen ISBN: 9780800662806 List Price: $25.00
Getting the Message A Plan for Interpreting and Applying the Bible by Doriani, Daniel M. ISBN: 9780875522388 List Price: $14.99
Journey Through the Hebrew Scriptures by Frick ISBN: 9780155012974 List Price: $76.95
Introduction to the Apocrypha by Metzger, Bruce M. ISBN: 9780195023404 List Price: $45.95
New Testament Survey by Gromacki, Robert G. ISBN: 9780801036774 List Price: $42.99
New Testament Proclamation and Parenesis, Myth and History by Duling, Dennis C., Perrin, ... ISBN: 9780155003781 List Price: $47.50
Preface to Romans Notes on the Epistle in Its Literary and Cultural Setting by Bryan, Christopher ISBN: 9780195130232 List Price: $110.00
Victory Bible Reading Plan by McKeever, James M. ISBN: 9780866941020 List Price: $1.25
Introducing the Bible An Active Learning Approach by Porter, Adam L. ISBN: 9780131777774 List Price: $42.80
Jesus in History by Kee, Howard C. ISBN: 9780155473829 List Price: $20.75
Rereading the Bible An Introduction to the Biblical Story by Chance, J. Bradley, Horne, ... ISBN: 9780136742760 List Price: $91.80
Life in Christ by Cabasilas, Nicholas, Decata... ISBN: 9780913836125 List Price: $18.00
Anatomy of the New Testament A Guide to its Structure and Meaning by Spivey, Robert A., Smith, D... ISBN: 9780131897038 List Price: $73.20
Route 66 : Travel Through the Bible by Reed, Mark ISBN: 9781595571090 List Price: $16.95
Preaching Biblically Creating Sermons in the Shape of Scripture by Wardlaw, Don M. ISBN: 9780664244781 List Price: $20.00
Journey Through the Hebrew Scriptures by Frick, Frank S. ISBN: 9780155059641 List Price: $148.95
Old Testament Story by Tullock, John H. ISBN: 9780130946355 List Price: $82.60
Military History of Ancient Israel by Gabriel, Richard A. ISBN: 9780275977986 List Price: $95.00
Priority of Christ Toward a Postliberal Catholicism by Barron, Robert ISBN: 9781587431982 List Price: $32.00
Brief Introduction to the New Testament by Ehrman, Bart D. ISBN: 9780195161236 List Price: $49.95
How Do Stories Save Us? An Essay on the Question With the Theological Hermeneutics of David ... by Holland, Scott, Holland, S. ISBN: 9789042917866 List Price: $33.00
Exploring the New Testament by Carmody, John T., Carmody, ... ISBN: 9780132972765 List Price: $58.00
Catholic Bible, Personal Study Edition by Oxford ISBN: 9780199812561 List Price: $89.99
Dinah's Daughters Gender and Judaism from the Hebrew Bible to Late Antiquity by Zlotnick, Helena ISBN: 9780812217971 List Price: $29.95
Engaging the Christian Scriptures : An Introduction to the Bible by Arterbury, Andrew E., Belli... ISBN: 9780801039447
Catholic Bible, Personal Study Edition by Oxford ISBN: 9780195297904 List Price: $49.99
King Josiah of Judah The Lost Messiah of Israel by Sweeney, Marvin A. ISBN: 9780195133240 List Price: $145.00
Bible in Translation Ancient and English Versions by Metzger, Bruce M. ISBN: 9780801022821 List Price: $20.00
Old Testament Turning Points The Narratives That Shaped a Nation by Matthews, Victor H. ISBN: 9780801027741 List Price: $18.99
Scripture and Truth by Carson, D. A., Woodbridge, ... ISBN: 9780801025709 List Price: $34.00
Books of Nature and Scripture Recent Essays on Natural Philosophy, Theology, and Biblical Cr... by Force, James E., Popkin, Ri... ISBN: 9780792324676 List Price: $159.00
Bibliography of Greek New Testament Manuscripts by Elliott, J. K., Court, John ISBN: 9780521770125 List Price: $126.00
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