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The clinical psychology branch of psychology assesses and treats mental illness, abnormal behavior and psychiatric problems. It aims to cut down psychological distress and to better psychological well-being. There are a wide-range of mental problems that are dealt with by clinical psychologists so there is a lot to learn as a student. Don't let this put you off though as we have a huge range of discounted clinical psychology textbooks to help you on your way. Our books are all very competitively priced, and are far cheaper than the equivalent books that you will find in your college bookshop. Not only are our books cheaper but they are also easier to buy or rent. You don't have to waste time waiting in long lines in the bookstore or spend ages searching the shelves for the books you need. Just type in the ISBN numbers, place you order, and sit back and wait for the books to be delivered to your door. When you have finished your course you can opt to sell back your books.

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Health Psychology by Straub, Richard O. ISBN: 9781429216326 List Price: $102.50
Health Psychology: An Introduction to Behavior and Health by Brannon, Linda, Feist, Jess... ISBN: 9780495601326 List Price: $181.95
Wiley Handbook of Anxiety Disorders by Emmelkamp ISBN: 9781118775356 List Price: $350.00
Health Psychology with Powerweb - Shelley E. Taylor - Hardcover by Taylor, Shelley E. ISBN: 9780073219462 List Price: $166.25
Health Psychology by Taylor, Shelley E. ISBN: 9780073382722 List Price: $160.63
Great Readings in Clinical Science by Lilienfeld, Scott O., O'Don... ISBN: 9780205698035 List Price: $60.00
Clinical Psychology by Richard, David C. S., Hupri... ISBN: 9780123742568 List Price: $99.95
Social Psychology of Health Essays and Readings by Marelich, William D., Erger... ISBN: 9780761928218 List Price: $66.95
Introduction to Clinical Psychology: An Evidence-Based Approach by Hunsley, John, Lee, Catheri... ISBN: 9780470437513 List Price: $172.95
Clinical Psychology by Pomerantz, Andrew M. ISBN: 9781412937528 List Price: $107.00
Health Psychology by Sanderson, Catherine A. ISBN: 9780471150749 List Price: $165.95
Issues in Clinical Psychology Subjective Versus Objective Approaches by Wierzbicki, Michael ISBN: 9780205139729 List Price: $84.20
Counseling Psychology by Gelso, Charles A., Fretz, B... ISBN: 9780155071568 List Price: $202.95
Qualitative Health Psychology Theories and Methods by Murray, Michael, Chamberlai... ISBN: 9780761956617 List Price: $50.95
Functional Analysis in Clinical Treatment by Sturmey, Peter ISBN: 9780123725448 List Price: $76.95
Clinical Psychology Concepts, Methods, & Profession by Phares, E. Jerry, Trull, Ti... ISBN: 9780534262983 List Price: $80.95
Introduction to Clinical Psychology by Nietzel, Michael T., Milich... ISBN: 9780132695497 List Price: $96.00
Key Concepts in Health Psychology by Munafo, Marcus, Albery, Ian P. ISBN: 9781412919333
Health Psychology: a textbook by Jane Ogden ISBN: 9780335222636 List Price: $69.00
Health Psychology A Cultural Approach by Gurung, Regan ISBN: 9780534626402 List Price: $140.95
Clinical Handbook of Health Psychology A Practical Guide Guide to Effective Interventions by Camic, Paul Marc, Knight, S... ISBN: 9780889372603 List Price: $62.00
Applications in Health Psychology Workbook for Gurung's Health Psychology A Cultural Approach by Gurung, Regan A. R., Eshun,... ISBN: 9780495030829 List Price: $29.95
Introduction to Clinical Psychology Scientific Foundations to Clinical Practice by Wierzbicki, Michael ISBN: 9780205155170 List Price: $138.80
Introduction to Clinical Psychology by Jeffrey E. Hecker, Geoffrey... ISBN: 9780205277742 List Price: $191.00
Handbook of Adult Clinical Psychology An Evidence-based Practice Approach by Carr, Alan, McNulty, Muireann ISBN: 9781583918548 List Price: $58.95
Clinical Psychology Evolving Theory, Practice, and Research by Sundberg, Norman D., Wineba... ISBN: 9780130871190 List Price: $154.60
Introduction to Clinical Psychology by Nietzel, Michael T., Bernst... ISBN: 9780130980823 List Price: $140.00
Clinical Psychology Since 1917 Science, Practice, and Organization by Routh, D. K. ISBN: 9780306444524 List Price: $169.00
Sourcebook of Psychological Treatment Manuals for Adult Disorders by Van Hasselt, Vincent B., He... ISBN: 9780306451447 List Price: $179.00
Introduction to Clinical Psychology by Heiden, Lynda A., Hersen, M... ISBN: 9780306448775 List Price: $79.95
Introduction to Clinical Psychology An Evidence-based Approach by Hunsley, John, Lee, Catheri... ISBN: 9780470835807 List Price: $113.95
Health Psychology by Bernard, Larry, Krupat, Edward ISBN: 9780030744174 List Price: $74.00
Handbook of Clinical Behavior Therapy With the Elderly Client by Wisocki, P. A. ISBN: 9780306437564 List Price: $175.00
How People Change Inside and Outside Therapy by Curtis, R. C., Stricker, G. ISBN: 9780306437847 List Price: $90.00
Seeing Both Sides Classic Controversies in Abnormal Psychology by Lilienfeld, Scott O. ISBN: 9780534251345 List Price: $103.95
Succeeding With Difficult Clients Applications of Cognitive Appraisal Therapy by Wessler, Richard, Stern, Jo... ISBN: 9780127444703 List Price: $73.95
Health Psychology by Taylor, Shelley E. ISBN: 9780072564877 List Price: $131.75
Health Psychology by Friedman, Howard S. ISBN: 9780138952440 List Price: $158.60
Clinical Psychology Concepts, Methods, & Profession by Phares, E. Jerry, Trull, Ti... ISBN: 9780534548612 List Price: $87.95
Assessing Outcome in Clinical Practice by Masters, Kevin S., Ogles, B... ISBN: 9780205193530 List Price: $58.00
Stress, Culture, and Community The Psychology and Philosophy of Stress by Hobfoll, Stevan E. ISBN: 9780306459429 List Price: $129.00
Health Psychology A Critical Introduction by Lyons, Antonia C., Chamberl... ISBN: 9780521005265 List Price: $59.00
Research Methods for Clinical and Health Psychology by Marks, David F., Yardley, Lucy ISBN: 9780761971917 List Price: $41.95
Critical Issues in Clinical and Health Psychlogy by Rohleder, Poul ISBN: 9781849207614
Health Psychology An Introduction to Behavior And Health by Brannon, Linda, Feist, Jess ISBN: 9780495090656 List Price: $181.95
Abnormal and Clinical Psychology An Introductory Textbook by Bennett, Paul ISBN: 9780335219438 List Price: $49.95
49. Health Psych. by Baum, Andrew, Gatchel, Robe... ISBN: 9780070229617 List Price: $46.25
Key Concepts in Health Psychology by Albery, Ian, Munafo, Marcus ISBN: 9781412919326
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