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Political science textbooks reveal the factors behind the crazy world of politics around the United States and throughout the world. Ever wonder what has fueled the most influential political movements throughout history? You are soon to set sail on an informative journey within the classroom that may explain the benefits and challenges surrounding democracies and socialist governments; the problems that arise within dictatorships; a study of how politics have evolved throughout the centuries; and the truth behind some of America's wildest elections and political scandals. Browse through our extensive selection of used textbooks while saving time and money. There you will find political science textbooks that introduce students to political science theory, educate on international conflicts, outline political research methods, review the basics of political law, and more. Students are often surprised to find out how much new political science textbooks can cost and are thrilled to discover that cheap textbooks can be found online and delivered directly to their dorm rooms and homes. Make sure that you have the exact ISBN numbers to be assured that you will receive the correct cheap used textbook. Shop today for used textbooks and save!

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Soft Power : The New Great Game by Winder, Robert ISBN: 9780349143460
Imala Amantii Fi Siyaasa Itoophiyaa : Ethiopian Politics and Religions Journey by Abarraa, Taarraqaa ISBN: 9780578841670 List Price: $30.00
America Fights Corruption! Course by RepairRestoreSafeguard ISBN: 9780578835952 List Price: $16.95
American Government : Power and Purpose by Lowi, Theodore J., Ginsberg... ISBN: 9780393427691
Witness : California 2017-2020 by Obenzinger, Hilton ISBN: 9780990376798 List Price: $16.95
Dark State : How Citizens Can Open the Doors to Wisconsin's Closed Government by Moore, Richard ISBN: 9780990659334 List Price: $19.99
Sophia Dawson Correspondence by Dawson, Sophia, Gacek, Mary... ISBN: 9780996282246
American Fascism : How the GOP Is Subverting 250 of Democracy by Tannehill, Brynn ISBN: 9780998252193 List Price: $15.99
Audacious : Sometimes I Just Talk Crazy by Hanna, Nikki ISBN: 9780997814156
These Americans by Jelinek, Mercedes, Jelinek,... ISBN: 9780999096802 List Price: $40.00
Corruption and Development in Nigeria by Akanle, Olayinka, Nkpe, Dav... ISBN: 9781032014425
Africa's Soft Power by Tella, Oluwaseun ISBN: 9781032008356
Spare Hall : The Declaration of Independence Redefined by President Barack Obama by David, Zanotti ISBN: 9780977963294 List Price: $6.00
Dpoiadj : Wopjwltngf by McCray, Walter ISBN: 9780933176324 List Price: $19.95
Tribalnomics : The Laws of Tribe and the Power of Us by Garcia, Justin, Garcia, Jus... ISBN: 9780985473617
RumpToons - the Donald J. Trump Presidency in Weekly Cartoons 2016 - 2021 by Gibson, Laura, Gibson, Landon ISBN: 9780988411319 List Price: $44.95
O Direito de Ignorar o Estado : O Direito de Ignorar o Estado by Agasim-Pereira of Fulwood &... ISBN: 9780982293386 List Price: $10.00
Tumultuous Reign of Donald the First : A Highly Partisan Cartoon History of the Trump Presid... by O'Neal, Bill, O'Neal, Bill,... ISBN: 9780982892428 List Price: $25.00
Beyond the Two-State Solution by Kuttab, Jonathan ISBN: 9780984505609 List Price: $13.95
Bachelors of Citizenship : A Common Core for a Citizen Corps by Hollander, Ted ISBN: 9780578850931 List Price: $17.95
Our Black Agenda : A Guide to Black Power Volume 1 by Ford, Lloyd ISBN: 9780578850085 List Price: $20.00
Avoiding Fake Political Items by Powell, Robin ISBN: 9780578851532 List Price: $10.00
Racism, the Nation's Most Dangerous Pollutant : And Other Essays by Hall, Gus ISBN: 9780717808403 List Price: $19.99
Fundamentals of International Relations by Breuning, Marijke ISBN: 9781405199926 List Price: $39.95
Politics of Transnational Actors in Latin America by Shepherd, Frederick M. ISBN: 9781138096332
Politics of Transnational Actors in Latin America by Shepherd, Frederick M. ISBN: 9781138096325
Resilience, Security and Migration by Bourbeau, Philippe ISBN: 9781108441391
Logic of American Politics by Kernell, Samuel, Jacobson, ... ISBN: 9781071815977
America : The Chosen Nation by Ojirika-nzeribe, Amaka ISBN: 9781637920039 List Price: $14.97
Rainbow Vote: the LGBTQ+ Vote by Pedro, Adam R. ISBN: 9781637952139 List Price: $14.99
How the Left Destroyed the Western Negro by Vky, Editions Canaan ISBN: 9781637527399 List Price: $16.00
Sun to Her Moonshine by Wadnerkar, Aishwarya ISBN: 9781637540343
Our Great Political Divide: Causes, Impacts, Prospects by Hurst, William G. ISBN: 9781637601105 List Price: $23.95
Journal on Policy and Complex Systems : Volume 6, Number 2, Fall 2020 by Hadzikadic, Mirsad, Johnson... ISBN: 9781637239070 List Price: $9.99
Israel and Scandinavia by Keren Carmel, Orna ISBN: 9781618388209 List Price: $30.00
Global Energy Agenda by Bell, Randolph, Gordon, Jen... ISBN: 9781619771550 List Price: $1.00
Containing the National Security State by Goodman, Melvin ISBN: 9781624293207 List Price: $19.99
Scamdemic - the Covid-19 Agenda : The Liberal's Plot to Win the White House by Iovine, John ISBN: 9781623850142 List Price: $19.95
Downfall of China or CCP 3. 0? by Hageback, Niklas ISBN: 9781592111244
How Progressivism Destroyed Venezuela : A Cautionary Tale by Rogliani, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781592111343
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