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Political science textbooks reveal the factors behind the crazy world of politics around the United States and throughout the world. Ever wonder what has fueled the most influential political movements throughout history? You are soon to set sail on an informative journey within the classroom that may explain the benefits and challenges surrounding democracies and socialist governments; the problems that arise within dictatorships; a study of how politics have evolved throughout the centuries; and the truth behind some of America's wildest elections and political scandals. Browse through our extensive selection of used textbooks while saving time and money. There you will find political science textbooks that introduce students to political science theory, educate on international conflicts, outline political research methods, review the basics of political law, and more. Students are often surprised to find out how much new political science textbooks can cost and are thrilled to discover that cheap textbooks can be found online and delivered directly to their dorm rooms and homes. Make sure that you have the exact ISBN numbers to be assured that you will receive the correct cheap used textbook. Shop today for used textbooks and save!

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Leftist Movement in Odisha (1964-1991) by Biswal, Surendra Kumar ISBN: 9789386655752
Ajadi Ya Mauta : Gadara Andolana Ka Sankshipta Itihasa by Vatuk, Ved Prakash ISBN: 9788187772408
Soft Power in Contemporary International Relations by os, Robert, Krzeminska, Kry... ISBN: 9788380889002
Soft Power in Contemporary International Relations by os, Robert, Krzeminska, Kry... ISBN: 9788380888999
Figuras de la Emancipaci�n by Bermudo Avila, J. M., Aguil... ISBN: 9788415212010
Igualatari�n : Reflexiones Sobre la Soberan�a Popular by Narbona, Jaime ISBN: 9788494763755
O Esgotamento de Recursos Internos No Direito Internacional by Trindade, Ant�nio Augusto C... ISBN: 9788523001513
Web e Participa��o : A Democracia No S�culo XXI by Guzzi, Drica ISBN: 9788539600045
Democracia e Desigualdade : Registros Cr�ticos by Machado, Carlos, Marques, D... ISBN: 9788580490497
Incubator : Building Women's Agency for Peace and Security by T, Sunbelt R. &, Isis-WICCE... ISBN: 9789970290468
Global Trends in Africa's Development by Amutabi, M. N., Hamasi, Lin... ISBN: 9789966116741
Rivayat-I Yak Intikhab by Ruyish, Aziz Allah, Bunyad-... ISBN: 9789936624016
Resultados Electorales 2013 : 2013 Elecciones Generales, Diecisiete de Febrero by Consejo Nacional Electoral ... ISBN: 9789942074256
Identidades y Poder : Tatuajes Desafiantes de un Territorio en Disputa by Kessler, Mar�a Elena, Angel... ISBN: 9789877490985
Local Government and Decentralisation in Ghana by Ahwoi, Kwamena ISBN: 9789988047344
Public Administration by Brako, Isaac, Asah-Asante, ... ISBN: 9789988274054
AK Parti Ve Refah Partisi : Ds Politika Anlayslarnn Karslastrlmas by Bilgin, Abdul Rezak ISBN: 9789752499140
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