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If you're searching for more information on political science and analysis, you're in luck. Valore Books has an impressive range of text books to choose from on this topic, many of which are pre-owned and incredibly affordable. Look for Empirical Political Analysis; The Fundamentals of Political Science Research; The Political Research Experience: Readings and Analysis; and The American Political Dictionary. As you can see the range of vast and has plenty of depth, giving you the chance to buy cheap reference textbooks on many aspects of this topic. You can also rent used reference textbooks if you find one you only need to have for a short period of time. Make sure you get the cheapest deals - come to us now and choose to rent or buy the books you really want. Once you see how our site works - and you realize you can sell back anything you don't need later - you'll come back time and again.

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National Technical Information Service : A Review of the Department of Comerce's Plan to Clo... by Morella, Constance A. ISBN: 9780756709815 List Price: $35.00
Report on the Assessment of Electronic Government Information Products by Simon, Jeanne Hurley ISBN: 9780756706777 List Price: $35.00
Political Science Journal Information by Martin, Fenton S., Goehlert... ISBN: 9780915654024 List Price: $4.00
Research Support for Political Scientists by Szabo, Stephen F. ISBN: 9780915654437 List Price: $6.00
American Political Science Association Membership Directory 1983 by American Political Science ... ISBN: 9780915654543 List Price: $15.00
Internationale Bibliographie der rechtssoziologischen Literatur (German Edition) by Rehbinder, Manfred ISBN: 9783805904889 List Price: $36.25
Encyclopedic Dictionary of American Government by Wellek, Alex ISBN: 9781561340415
Directory of U.S. Government Data Files for Mainframes and Microcomputers by Unknown ISBN: 9781568063997 List Price: $125.00
Directory of Members, 1997-1999 by APSA Staff, Kirkpatrick, Ev... ISBN: 9781878147257 List Price: $45.00
Almanac of the Executive Branch, 1995 by Trammell, Jeffrey B., Osifc... ISBN: 9781886222007 List Price: $125.00
Annual Review of Political Science by Long, Samuel ISBN: 9780893915018
The Facts on File Dictionary of American Politics by Hill, Kathleen Thompson, Hi... ISBN: 9780816045204 List Price: $16.95
Current Affairs Atlas by Paneth, Donald ISBN: 9780871963062 List Price: $19.95
Political Research Experience Readings and Analysis by Ethridge, Marcus E. ISBN: 9780765607560 List Price: $78.95
Political Science Journal Information by Martin, Fenton S., Goehlert... ISBN: 9780915654611 List Price: $12.00
Comprehensive Assessment Of Public Information Dissemination Final Report by Gould, Martha B. ISBN: 9780756709655 List Price: $40.00
Political Research Experience by Ethridge, Marcus E. ISBN: 9780873325172 List Price: $55.00
Public Management Research A Guide to Research Capability Development by Tweedy, Donald B. ISBN: 9780398044817 List Price: $26.50
Eval Eff Pub Mgmt by Wholey, Joseph S. ISBN: 9780673394903 List Price: $18.75
New Dictionary of Political Analysis by Roberts, Geoffrey, Edwards,... ISBN: 9780340528600 List Price: $16.95
Applied Political Inquiry: Readings in Research Methodology by Rhodes, Terrel L., Arringto... ISBN: 9780819134776
Dictionary of Modern Politics by Robertson, David ISBN: 9780850663204 List Price: $40.00
Presidential-Congressional Political Dictionary by Elliot, Jeffrey M., Ali, Sh... ISBN: 9780874363586 List Price: $20.50
Political Theory: An Encyclopedia of Contemporary and Classic Terms by Hammond, Scott John, Hammon... ISBN: 9780313339202
Recovering Realism by Elman ISBN: 9780415773591
Development on a Human Scale by Black, Jan K. ISBN: 9780813307060 List Price: $18.95
Empirical Political Analysis Research Methods in Political Science by Manheim, Jarol B. ISBN: 9780801318498 List Price: $10.01
International Bibliography of Political Science 2000 by British Library of Politica... ISBN: 9780415262378 List Price: $495.00
Science of Politics: An Introduction to Hypothesis Formation and Testing by Coogan, William H., Woshins... ISBN: 9780819126535 List Price: $13.00
Empirical Political Analysis: Research Methods in Political Science - Jarol B. Manheim - Har... by Manheim, Jarol B., Rich, Ri... ISBN: 9780582285903 List Price: $28.76
Political Science Abstracts : 1996 Annual Supplement by IFI/Plenum Data Company sta... ISBN: 9781461377375 List Price: $99.00
Political Science Abstracts : 1981 Annual Supplement by Long, Samuel ISBN: 9781489952165 List Price: $99.00
Development on a Human Scale by Black, Jan K. ISBN: 9780813307053
Political Science Research Methods : Statistics in Service by Calfano, Brian R. ISBN: 9781118173541 List Price: $95.00
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