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Citizen Action and Urban Renewal : A Case Study by Buller, Henry ISBN: 9780785538349
Local Planning Research by Healey, P., Lambert, C. ISBN: 9780785538318
Participation in Housing No. 1 : Theory and Implementation by Handi, N., Greenstreet, B. ISBN: 9780785538608
Participation in Housing No. 3 : Two Case Studies by Handi, N., Greenstreet, B. ISBN: 9780785538585
Participation in Housing No. 2 : The Legal and Administrative Framework by Handi, N., Greenstreet, B. ISBN: 9780785538592
Town Planning Education in the 1970s by Thomas, A. H., Thomas, W. K. ISBN: 9780785538622
Flexibility in Dutch Local Planning by Faludi, Andreas, Hamnett, S... ISBN: 9780785538783
Collaboration to Build Competence : The Urban Superintendents' Perspective by Clark, Terry A. ISBN: 9780788101502 List Price: $35.00
Not in My Back Yard : Removing Barriers to Affordable Housing by Unknown ISBN: 9780788100666 List Price: $35.00
HUD Reinvention : From Blueprint to Action by Unknown ISBN: 9780788131028 List Price: $30.00
Advanced Public Transportation Systems : The State of the Art Update 1994 by Schweiger, Carol L. ISBN: 9780788113987 List Price: $45.00
Regional Housing Opportunities for Lower Income Households : A Resource Guide to Affordable ... by Burchell, Robert W., Stokin... ISBN: 9780788121340 List Price: $45.00
American Housing Survey for the United States, 1993 by Unknown ISBN: 9780788119750 List Price: $60.00
National Evaluation of the Supportive Housing Demonstration Program : Final Report by Matulef, Mark L., Crosse, S... ISBN: 9780788119941 List Price: $45.00
Data Tables for the 1995 National Transit Database Report Year by Linton, Gordon J. ISBN: 9780788183102 List Price: $45.00
Transit Profiles : Agencies in Urbanized Areas with a Population of Less Than 200,000 by Linton, Gordon J. ISBN: 9780788183140 List Price: $45.00
Urban Regeneration and Renewal by Tallon, Andrew ISBN: 9780415475068
Urban Problems : Applied Urban Analysis by Pacione, Michael ISBN: 9780415013925 List Price: $67.50
Planning Asian Cities : Risks and Resilience by Hamnett, Stephen, Forbes, Dean ISBN: 9780415563352
Rethinking Israeli Space : Periphery and Identity by Yacobi, Haim, Tzfadia, Erez ISBN: 9780415573245
Tourism Cities by Knox, Dan ISBN: 9780415582339
Tourist Cities by Knox, Dan ISBN: 9780415582322
Insurgencies : Essays in Planning Theory by Friedmann, John ISBN: 9780415781510
Tower and Slab - a Global History of Mass Housing by Urban, Florian ISBN: 9780415676281
Temporary City by Bishop, Peter, Williams, Le... ISBN: 9780415670555
Living Today : Housing the Family by Cullen, Margaret ISBN: 9780435422035 List Price: $3.95
Dilemmas of Urban America by Weaver, Robert C. ISBN: 9780689702013 List Price: $1.95
Rise of Modern Urban Planning, 1800-1914 by Sutcliffe, Anthony ISBN: 9780720117547
Housing Scotland's People : Report of the Church of Scotland's Independent Inquiry into Scot... by Church of Scotland Committe... ISBN: 9780715206287 List Price: $30.00
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing Technology Roadmap : Year One Progress Report by Thompson, Lawrence L. ISBN: 9780756734947 List Price: $35.00
American Housing Survey for the United States : Current Housing Reports by Sepanik, Ronald J., Weinber... ISBN: 9780756735081 List Price: $75.00
Public Transportation Fact Book (2001) by Tober, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780756712167 List Price: $35.00
Barriers to the Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Vol. I : Findings and Analysis by Listokin, David, Listokin, ... ISBN: 9780756722791 List Price: $45.00
Rental Housing Assistance - the Worsening Crisis : A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housin... by Nelson, Kathryn P., Cuomo, ... ISBN: 9780756700317 List Price: $20.00
Impacts of Supportive Housing on Neighborhoods and Neighbors by Galster, George C., Wachter... ISBN: 9780756703905 List Price: $35.00
American Housing Survey for the United States, 1997 by Sepanik, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780756708139 List Price: $60.00
Planning to Meet Local Housing Needs : The Role of HUD's Consolidated Planning Requirements ... by Turner, Margery Austin, Bun... ISBN: 9780756737719 List Price: $25.00
Where are They Now? : A Study to Identify, Locate, and Survey Former Residents of Subsidized... by De Silva, Lalith, Harris, L... ISBN: 9780756749712 List Price: $30.00
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