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Public Administration in the United States A Reader by Koritansky, John C. ISBN: 9781585100019 List Price: $39.95
Organization Theory for Public Admin. by Harmon, Michael M., Mayer, ... ISBN: 9780963987495 List Price: $25.95
Public Administration+public Affairs by Henry, Nicholas L. ISBN: 9780136390893 List Price: $57.75
Doing Public Administration by Henry, Nicholas L. ISBN: 9780697111326 List Price: $20.50
Dynamic Governance Embedding Culture, Capabilities and Change in Singapore by Siong, Neo Boon, Chen, Gera... ISBN: 9789812706942 List Price: $96.00
Qualitative Research Approaches for Public Administration by Luton, Larry S. ISBN: 9780765616869 List Price: $69.95
Global Links A Guide to Key People and Institutions Worldwide by Levy, Cynthia J., Schultz, ... ISBN: 9781573562249 List Price: $68.95
Governing in the Information Age by Bellamy, Christine, Taylor,... ISBN: 9780335194506 List Price: $35.95
Ladies and Gentlemen of the Civil Service Middle-Class Workers in Victorian America by Aron, Cindy Sondik ISBN: 9780195048742 List Price: $110.00
Local and Regional Government Information by Martin, Mary ISBN: 9781573564120 List Price: $65.00
Theories of Public Organization by Denhardt, Robert B. ISBN: 9780534200701 List Price: $35.50
Public Law+public Administration by Cooper, Phillip J. ISBN: 9780137375943 List Price: $56.67
Wiring Governments Challenges and Possibilities for Public Managers by O'Looney, John A. ISBN: 9781567204407 List Price: $93.95
Managing Urban America by Morgan, David R. ISBN: 9780534099664 List Price: $27.95
Public Personnel Administration by Riley, Dennis D. ISBN: 9780065000740 List Price: $73.00
Leadership for America by Volcker, Paul ISBN: 9780669218435 List Price: $22.95
Research Methods for Public Administrators by Berner, Maureen, Rassel, Ga... ISBN: 9780801311727 List Price: $63.75
Research Methods for Public Administrators by Johnson, Gail ISBN: 9781567204490 List Price: $99.95
Public Administration: Design and Problem Solving by Jun, John S. ISBN: 9780023607004
Promise and the Paradox of Civil Service Reform by Ingraham, Patricia W., Rose... ISBN: 9780822954965
Other Invisible Hand Delivering Public Services Through Choice and Competition by Le Grand, Julian, Enthoven,... ISBN: 9780691129365 List Price: $27.95
Public Administration by Smith, Robert W. ISBN: 9780131840737 List Price: $56.00
Catastrophe Preparation & Prevention for the Fire Services by Palin, Phil ISBN: 9780073382852 List Price: $59.65
Public Policy Preferences and Outcomes by Simon, Christopher A. ISBN: 9780321117984 List Price: $91.20
Deregulated Society - Larry N. Gerston - Paperback by Gerston, Larry N., Fraleigh... ISBN: 9780534082086 List Price: $14.95
Modern Public Administration - Felix A. Nigro - Hardcover - 7th ed by Nigro, Felix A., Nigro, Llo... ISBN: 9780060448295 List Price: $36.87
Fire Department Management: Scope and Method by Gratz, David B. ISBN: 9780024746207 List Price: $70.00
Deregulating the Public Service Can Government Be Improved? by DiIulio, John J., Jr. ISBN: 9780815718536 List Price: $19.95
Public Personnel Management Current Concerns, Future Challenges by Riccucci, Norma M. ISBN: 9780321364685 List Price: $77.80
Beyond the New Public Management Changing Ideas and Practices in Governance by Minogue, Martin, Polidano, ... ISBN: 9781858989136 List Price: $120.00
Legal Foundations Of Public Administration by Barry, Donald B., Whitcomb,... ISBN: 9780314303875 List Price: $139.95
Craft of Public Administration by Rouse, John E., Jr., Berkle... ISBN: 9780697385901 List Price: $94.45
Public Law & Public Administration by Cooper, Philip J. ISBN: 9780875814216 List Price: $83.95
What Is It About Government That Americans Dislike by Hibbing, John R., Theiss-Mo... ISBN: 9780521796316 List Price: $31.99
Public Sector Reform Rationale, Trends and Problems by Lane, Jan-Erik, Halligan, J... ISBN: 9780761953678 List Price: $57.95
Public Management as Art, Science, and Profession by Lynn, Laurence E., Jr. ISBN: 9781566430340 List Price: $26.50
Public Administration in America With Infotrac by Milakovich, Michael, Gordon... ISBN: 9780534618575 List Price: $95.95
Human Resource Management in Government Hitting the Ground Running by Tomkins, Jonathan ISBN: 9780065018073 List Price: $206.00
Enterprise of Public Administration A Summary View by Waldo, C. Dwight, Jones, Vi... ISBN: 9780883165379 List Price: $14.95
The Future of Public Administration, Public Management, and Public Service Around the World:... by O'Leary, Rosemary, Van Slyk... ISBN: 9781589017122 List Price: $49.95
Political Economy of Public Sector Governance by Bertelli, Anthony Michael ISBN: 9780521517829 List Price: $95.00
Legacy of June Pallot Public Sector Financial Management Reform by Newberry, Susan ISBN: 9781593115357 List Price: $39.99
Legacy of June Pallot Public Sector Financial Management Reform by Newberry, Susan ISBN: 9781593115364 List Price: $73.99
Understanding and Explaining Adjudication by Lucy, William ISBN: 9780198260257 List Price: $180.00
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