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Regulatory And Administrative State Materials, Cases, Comments by Heinzerling, Lisa, Tushnet,... ISBN: 9780195189315 List Price: $99.00
Debating Governance Authority, Steering, and Democracy by Pierre, Jon ISBN: 9780198297727 List Price: $74.00
Beyond the Bottom Line How to Do More With Less in Nonprofit and Public Organizations by Sandler, Martin W., Hudson,... ISBN: 9780195116120 List Price: $95.00
Applied Statistics for Public Administration by Meier, Kenneth J., Brudney,... ISBN: 9780030193781 List Price: $65.00
Public Administration for the Twenty-First Century by Hardeman, Olivia Hidalgo, B... ISBN: 9780155004818 List Price: $166.95
Public Administration in Theory and Practice by Cox, Raymond W., III, Buck,... ISBN: 9780137393848 List Price: $100.40
Management in the Fire Service by Carter, Harry R., Rausch, E... ISBN: 9780763744014 List Price: $90.95
Public-Sector Labour Relations in an Era of Restraint and Restructuring by Swimmer, Gene, Swimmer, Gene ISBN: 9780195415919 List Price: $45.00
Classics of Public Administration by Shafritz, Jay M., Hyde, Alb... ISBN: 9780155062603 List Price: $108.95
Organization Theory:public Perspective by Nicholson, Jeanne B., Gortn... ISBN: 9780534105549 List Price: $51.50
Japanese Civil Service and Economic Development Catalysts of Change by Kim, Kyung-Ki, Yamamura, Ko... ISBN: 9780198289388 List Price: $74.00
How to Make a Paranoid Laugh Or, What Is Psychoanalysis? by Roustang, Francois, Vila, A... ISBN: 9780812217087 List Price: $26.50
Preface to Public Administration A Search for Themes and Direction by Stillman, Richard J., II ISBN: 9780312037468 List Price: $22.95
Classics of Public Administration by Shafritz, Jay M., Hyde, Alb... ISBN: 9780534173104 List Price: $37.00
Exploring British Politics by Garnett, Mark, Lynch, Philip ISBN: 9780582894310 List Price: $51.40
Bureaucratic Labor Market The Case of the Federal Civil Service by DiPrete, T. A. ISBN: 9780306431845 List Price: $113.00
Building America The Democratic Promise of Public Work by Boyte, Harry C., Kari, Nanc... ISBN: 9781566394581 List Price: $29.95
Art of the State Culture, Rhetoric, and Public Management by Hood, Christopher ISBN: 9780198297659 List Price: $65.00
Public Administration An Action Orientation by Denhardt, Robert B., Grubbs... ISBN: 9780155058682 List Price: $92.95
Public Administration in Action Readings, Profiles, and Cases by Denhardt, Robert B., Hammon... ISBN: 9780534159603 List Price: $66.95
Modern Organizations Theory and Practice by Farazmand, Ali ISBN: 9780275961404 List Price: $102.95
Statistical Analysis for Public Administration by Giventer, Lawrence L. ISBN: 9780534152222 List Price: $88.95
Fire Chief's Guide to Administration and Management by Marinucci, Richard ISBN: 9780136131106
Thistle and Bamboo: The Life and Times of Sir James Stewart Lockhart by Airlie, Shiona ISBN: 9789888028924 List Price: $25.00
Europeanisation of National Administrations Patterns of Institutional Change and Persistence by Knill, Christoph, Olsen, Jo... ISBN: 9780521000925 List Price: $39.99
Self Interest and Public Interest in Western Politics by Lewin, Leif, Lavery, Donald S. ISBN: 9780198277255 List Price: $45.00
Sound Governance Policy And Administrative Innovations by Farazmand, Ali ISBN: 9780275965143 List Price: $99.95
Extraordinary Jobs in the Government by Devantier, Alecia T., Turki... ISBN: 9780816058570 List Price: $40.00
Applied Statistics for Public and Non-Profit Administration by Meier, Kenneth J., Brudney,... ISBN: 9780495501107 List Price: $170.95
From Bureaucracy to Hyperarchy in Netcentric and Quick Learning Organizations Exploring Futu... by Jones, L. R., Thompson, Fred ISBN: 9781593116057 List Price: $39.99
Concise Handbook of Public Administration by Peters, B. Guy, Pierre, Jon ISBN: 9781412945394 List Price: $67.95
Mastering Public Administration by Fry, Brian R., Raadschelder... ISBN: 9781933116822 List Price: $42.95
Bureaucratic Elites in Western European States A Comparative Analysis of Top Officials by Page, Edward C., Wright, Vi... ISBN: 9780198294467 List Price: $74.00
Nonprofits and Government by Matters, Print, Kirk, Amanda ISBN: 9780816076048 List Price: $39.95
Public Administration Workbook by Huddleston, Mark W., Dresan... ISBN: 9780205607396 List Price: $80.80
After Liberalism Mass Democracy in the Managerial State by Gottfried, Paul ISBN: 9780691059839 List Price: $39.95
Managing Urban America by England, Robert E., Pelisse... ISBN: 9781506310497
Public Manager Case Book Making Decisions in a Complex World by Rhodes, Terrel L., Alt, Pat... ISBN: 9780761923275 List Price: $61.95
Full Disclosure The Politics and Perils of Transparency Policies by Fung, Archon, Graham, Mary,... ISBN: 9780521699617 List Price: $19.99
Public Management Old and New by Lynn, Laurence E., Lynn, La... ISBN: 9780415287302 List Price: $50.95
Managing Performance in the Public Sector by de Bruijn, Hans ISBN: 9780415403207 List Price: $33.95
Assessing Information Needs : Managing Transformative Library Services by Grover, Robert J., Greer, R... ISBN: 9781591587972
Chile Under Pinochet Recovering the Truth by Ensalaco, Mark ISBN: 9780812235203 List Price: $55.00
Theories of Public Organization by Denhardt, Robert B. ISBN: 9780534612177 List Price: $77.95
Administrative State by Waldo, Dwight ISBN: 9780841908864 List Price: $18.00
Marketing Management and Communications in the Public Sector by Pasquier ISBN: 9780415448987 List Price: $59.95
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