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History of Fascism, 1914-1945 by Payne, Stanley G. ISBN: 9781138172739
Friedrich Engels by Henderson, W. O. ISBN: 9781138993143
Writing the Nation : A Global Perspective by Berger, S. ISBN: 9781349283637
Technoid Marxism : Walter Benjamin and "Overpowering Conformism" by Leslie, Esther ISBN: 9781899438259 List Price: $45.00
Marxism 1844-1990 by Gottlieb, Roger S. ISBN: 9781138459274
Eternal Dem-Nation : Socialism's Slimy Slippery Slope by Schultz, Peter, Schultz, Peter ISBN: 9781946366207 List Price: $17.76
Roots of American Communism by Draper, Theodore ISBN: 9781138538351
Social Democracy after the Cold War by Schmidt, Ingo, Evans, Bryan ISBN: 9781926836898 List Price: $29.99
Romancing the Revolution : The Myth of Soviet Democracy and the British Left by Bullock, Ian ISBN: 9781926836379 List Price: $34.99
Good American Family : The Red Scare and My Father by Maraniss, David ISBN: 9781432870676 List Price: $32.99
Causes and Consequences of Democratization : The Regions of Russia by Obydenkova, Anastassia, Lib... ISBN: 9781315745428
Communist Nations' Military Assistance by Copper, John F. ISBN: 9780367019075
Democracy and Socialism in Africa by Cohen, Robin ISBN: 9780367015800
Anarcho-Syndicalism by Rocker, Rudolf ISBN: 9780853050773 List Price: $19.00
Anarchism, and Other Essays by Goldman, Emma ISBN: 9781723418037 List Price: $18.99
Maurice Thorez : A Biography by Bulaitis, John ISBN: 9781838606718
Communist in the Family : Searching for Rewi Alley by Sandys, Elspeth ISBN: 9781988531601
Cultural Foundations of Nations : Hierarchy, Covenant, and Republic by Smith, Anthony D. ISBN: 9780470696613 List Price: $110.00
Anarchisms, Postanarchisms and Ethics by Franks, Benjamin ISBN: 9781783488308
Anarchisms, Postanarchisms and Ethics by Franks, Benjamin ISBN: 9781783488292
Political Dynamics of Transnational Agrarian Movements by Borras, Saturnino M., Jr., ... ISBN: 9781552668177
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