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Sociology of Human Rights by Frezzo, Mark ISBN: 9780745660110
Textbook on International Human Rights by Smith, Rhona ISBN: 9780199672813 List Price: $55.00
Sociology of Human Rights by Frezzo, Mark ISBN: 9780745660103
Exploring International Human Rights Essential Readings by Callaway, Rhonda L., Harrel... ISBN: 9781588264374 List Price: $26.00
French Revolution and Human Rights A Brief Documentary History by Hunt, Lynn ISBN: 9780312108021 List Price: $93.40
Human Rights in World History by Stearns, Peter N. ISBN: 9780415507967 List Price: $34.95
Declaring Rights A Brief History With Documents by Rakove, Jack N. ISBN: 9780312137342 List Price: $15.95
Human Rights: Politics and Practice by Goodhart, Michael ISBN: 9780199540846 List Price: $45.95
Vindication of the Rights of Men With Vindication of the Rights of Woma N and Hints A Vindic... by Wollstonecraft, Mary, Tomas... ISBN: 9780521436335 List Price: $20.99
Environmental Protection and Human Rights by Anton, Donald K., Shelton, ... ISBN: 9780521747103 List Price: $99.00
Untidy Origins A Story Of Woman's Rights In Antebellum New York by Ginzberg, Lori D. ISBN: 9780807856086 List Price: $26.95
Human Rights in the World Community Issues And Action by Claude, Richard Pierre, Wes... ISBN: 9780812219487 List Price: $34.95
Idea of Human Rights Four Inquiries by Perry, Michael J. ISBN: 9780195138283 List Price: $40.00
Human Rights And Conflict Exploring the Links Between Rights, Law, And Peacebuilding by Mertus, Julie, Helsing, Jef... ISBN: 9781929223763 List Price: $29.95
Fighting for Faith and Nation Dialogues With Sikh Militants by Mahmood, Cynthia K. ISBN: 9780812215922 List Price: $24.95
Politics of Human Rights : The Quest for Dignity by Carey, Sabine C., Gibney, M... ISBN: 9780521614054 List Price: $29.99
The Business of Human Rights: An Evolving Agenda for Corporate Responsibility by Voiculescu, Aurora, Yanacop... ISBN: 9781848138629 List Price: $29.95
Morality and Global Justice Reader by Boylan, Michael ISBN: 9780813344331
Diplomacy of Conscience Amnesty International and Changing Human Rights Norms by Clark, Ann Marie ISBN: 9780691057439 List Price: $28.95
Advocating Dignity : Human Rights Mobilizations in Global Politics by Quataert, Jean H. ISBN: 9780812221275 List Price: $24.95
Phenomenon of Torture Readings and Commentary by Schulz, William F., Méndez,... ISBN: 9780812219821 List Price: $34.95
Shattered Voices Language, Violence, And the Work of Truth Commissions by Phelps, Teresa Godwin ISBN: 9780812219494 List Price: $24.95
I Remember Julia Voices of the Disappeared by Carlson, Eric S. ISBN: 9781566394376 List Price: $26.95
East Meets West Human Rights and Democracy in East Asia by Bell, Daniel A. ISBN: 9780691005089 List Price: $32.95
Women, Gender, and Human Rights A Global Perspective by Agosín, Marjorie ISBN: 9780813529837 List Price: $26.95
Helsinki Effect International Norms, Human Rights, and the Demise of Communism by Thomas, Daniel C. ISBN: 9780691048598 List Price: $28.95
Human Rights in Cross-Cultural Perspectives A Quest for Consensus by An-Na'Im, Abdullahi A. ISBN: 9780812215687 List Price: $24.95
International Human Rights by Haas, Michel ISBN: 9780415774550 List Price: $44.95
Human Rights As Politics and Idolatry by Ignatieff, Michael, Gutmann... ISBN: 9780691088938 List Price: $37.95
Human Rights Concept and Context by Orend, Brian ISBN: 9781551114361 List Price: $24.95
Security and Human Rights by Goold, Ben, Lazarus, Liora ISBN: 9781841136080 List Price: $45.00
Europeanization of the World On the Origins of Human Rights and Democracy by Headley, John ISBN: 9780691133126 List Price: $26.95
The Future of Human Rights by Schulz, William F. ISBN: 9780812220759 List Price: $26.50
Double Character Slavery and Mastery in the Antebellum Southern Courtroom by Gross, Ariela J. ISBN: 9780691059570 List Price: $57.50
Idea of Human Rights Four Inquiries by Perry, Michael J. ISBN: 9780195116366 List Price: $75.00
Human Rights Terminology in International Law A Thesaurus by Stormorken, Bjorn, Zwaak, Leo ISBN: 9789024736430 List Price: $113.00
Shattered Voices Language, Violence, and the Work of Truth Commissions by Phelps, Teresa Godwin ISBN: 9780812237979 List Price: $55.00
Public Health and Human Rights Evidence-Based Approaches by Beyrer, Chris, Beyrer, Chri... ISBN: 9780801886478 List Price: $32.95
Human Rights in Iran : The Abuse of Cultural Relativism by Afshari, Reza ISBN: 9780812221398 List Price: $28.95
Philosophy of Human Rights : Theory and Practice by Boersema, David B. ISBN: 9780813344928
Human Rights: A Political and Cultural Critique by Mutua, Makau ISBN: 9780812220490 List Price: $26.50
Global Struggle For Human Rights Universal Principles In World Politics by Delaet, Debra L. ISBN: 9780534635725 List Price: $71.95
History and Illusion in Politics by Geuss, Raymond ISBN: 9780521000437 List Price: $28.99
Debate over Rights Philosophical Enquiries by Kramer, Matthew, Simmonds, ... ISBN: 9780198298991 List Price: $95.00
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