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We can offer the chance to rent general textbooks online on many subjects, including political freedom and security. This is just one part of the larger subject of political science, but we've got it covered for you. We provide thousands of text books for college students across the US, and if you want the cheapest deals to help your budget stretch further, you're in the best place. Buy used general textbooks such as On Liberty; Torture and Democracy; Morality of Freedom; and State Crime: Current Perspectives. We've got many other titles as well, so browse our range of books now and discover how many affordable options there are for you to choose from. We've got many titles written by experienced authors in this field, such as Stanley James and Joseph Raz. Make sure you get the best deals and the biggest discounted prices, thanks to our ability to buyback the best books from students across the US today.

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Torture and Moral Integrity : A Philosophical Enquiry by Kramer, Matthew H. ISBN: 9780198714200 List Price: $85.00
Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness : An Economic and Political Perspective by Bavetta, Sebastiano, Navarr... ISBN: 9781107037731 List Price: $95.00
Freedom of Assembly and Association by Merino, No'l ISBN: 9780737758283 List Price: $37.10
Torture : Persuasion at Its Most Gruesome by Abbott, Geoffrey ISBN: 9781849538800
Political Illiberalism : A Defense of Freedom by Simpson, Peter L. P. ISBN: 9781412865227 List Price: $29.95
Freedom of Speech and Islam by Kolig, Erich ISBN: 9781472424020
Natural Law and Religious Freedom by Charles, J. Daryl ISBN: 9781472467775
Oxford Handbook of Freedom by Schmidtz, David, Pavel, Carmen ISBN: 9780199989423 List Price: $150.00
On Liberty by Mill, John Stuart ISBN: 9780598927859 List Price: $67.30
Thucydides and the Pursuit of Freedom by Nichols, Mary P. ISBN: 9780801453168
Freedom and Terror : Reason and Unreason in Politics by Weimann, Gabriel, Kaplan, A... ISBN: 9781138840904
Reiner Liberalismus by Dietze, Gottfried ISBN: 9783163449435
Freedom in the World : Political Rights and Civil Liberties, 1982 by Gastil, Raymond D. ISBN: 9780685071946 List Price: $35.00
History of Torture by Scott ISBN: 9781138867789
Freedom of Speech and Islam by Kolig, Erich ISBN: 9781472424044
Freedom of Speech and Islam by Kolig, Erich ISBN: 9781472424037
Libert� by Conche, Marcel ISBN: 9782350880488
On Freedom : A Philosophical Dialogue by Pappas, Nicholas J. ISBN: 9781628940572
On Freedom : A Philosophical Dialogue by Pappas, Nicholas J. ISBN: 9781628940589
Standard of Liberty, an Occasional Paper by Brackenridge, Hugh Henry ISBN: 9780608438771 List Price: $30.00
Free Speech by Haworth, Alan ISBN: 9781473602816
Torture : A Sociology of Violence and Human Rights by Hajjar, Lisa ISBN: 9781138168237
Liberty and Legislation by Hoggart, Richard ISBN: 9781138979772
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