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With separate prices depending on whether you want to buy or rent used executive branch textbooks, Valore Books makes life easy for college students. Political science has many branches and here you'll learn more about this particular area - and all from affordable and discounted text books of all kinds. Look for Power Without Persuasion: The Politics of Direct Presidential Action; The Modern Presidency; Constitutional Presidency; and Changing American Presidency: New Perspectives on Presidential Power. Whatever book you want and whether you want to rent or buy cheap executive branch textbooks, you can get the best and most appealing deals from our website today. Learn more about what it takes to become the President and how the role changes over time. It's certainly an eye opener, however much or little you already know. We buy back executive branch books too, so you've always got a home for the ones you don't need.

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The Modern Presidency by Pfiffner, James P. ISBN: 9780495802778 List Price: $63.95
Changing American Presidency New Perspectives on Presidential Power by Waterman, Richard W. ISBN: 9781592600304 List Price: $44.95
Power of the American Presidency, 1789-2000 1789-2000 by Genovese, Michael A. ISBN: 9780195125450 List Price: $39.95
Lincoln and Black Freedom A Study in Presidential Leadership by Cox, LaWanda, McPherson, Ja... ISBN: 9780872499973 List Price: $12.95
Constitutional Presidency by Bessette, Joseph M., Tulis,... ISBN: 9780801892967 List Price: $31.00
Creation of the Presidency, 1775-1789 by Thach, Charles C. ISBN: 9780865976979 List Price: $12.00
With the Stroke of a Pen Executive Orders and Presidential Power by Mayer, Kenneth R. ISBN: 9780691094991 List Price: $29.95
While Dangers Gather Congressional Checks on Presidential War Powers by Pevehouse, Jon C., Howell, ... ISBN: 9780691134628 List Price: $27.95
Presidential Communication Description and Analysis by Denton, Robert E., Jr., Hah... ISBN: 9780275921767 List Price: $24.95
Presidential Secrecy And the Law by Pallitto, Robert M., Weaver... ISBN: 9780801885839 List Price: $27.00
Presidential Nation by Califano, Joseph A., Jr. ISBN: 9780393091359 List Price: $10.30
Congress, the President, and Policymaking A Historical Analysis by Schroedel, Jean Reith, Wayn... ISBN: 9781563241772 List Price: $39.95
Progressive Presidents Roosevelt, Wilson, and Roosevelt by Blum, John Morton ISBN: 9780393000634 List Price: $10.00
Semi-Presidentialism in Europe by Elgie, Robert ISBN: 9780198293866 List Price: $150.00
Presidential Power, College Edition by Crenson, Matthew, Ginsberg,... ISBN: 9780393979497 List Price: $18.75
Constitutional Presidency by Bessette, Joseph M., Tulis,... ISBN: 9780801892950 List Price: $61.00
Culture of Bureaucracy - Charles Peters - Paperback by Peters, Charles, Nelson, Mi... ISBN: 9780030442162
Presidential Secrecy And the Law by Pallitto, Robert M., Weaver... ISBN: 9780801885822 List Price: $50.00
Power of the American Presidency, 1789-2000 1789-2000 by Genovese, Michael A. ISBN: 9780195125443 List Price: $55.00
My Fellow Citizens: The Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States, 1789-2009 by Schlesinger, Arthur M., Isr... ISBN: 9780816082537 List Price: $45.00
Organizing the Executive Branch: The Johnson Presidency by Redford, Emmette S., Blisse... ISBN: 9780226706757 List Price: $30.00
Student's Guide to the Presidency, Vol. 1 by Schulman, Bruce J. ISBN: 9780872895553 List Price: $99.00
Historical Encyclopedia of U.S. Presidential Use of Force, 1789-2000 by DeRouen, Karl R., Jr. ISBN: 9780313307324 List Price: $115.95
The "War on Terror" and the Growth of Executive Power?: A Comparative Analysis (Routledge Ad... by Owens, John E., Pelizzo, Ri... ISBN: 9780415489331 List Price: $125.00
Bipartisanship and the Making of Foreign Policy : A Historical Survey by Collier, Ellen C. ISBN: 9780813381497 List Price: $40.00
Modern Presidency by Pfiffner, James P. ISBN: 9780495189947 List Price: $63.95
Executive in the Constitution Structure, Autonomy, and Internal Control by Daintith, Terence, Page, Alan ISBN: 9780198268703 List Price: $235.00
Ronald Reagan and the American Presidency by Mervin, David ISBN: 9780582034938 List Price: $24.95
Congress and the Presidency by Polsby, Nelson W. ISBN: 9780131677197 List Price: $36.20
Presidential Veto Touchstone of the American Presidency by Spitzer, Robert J., Fisher,... ISBN: 9780887068027 List Price: $23.50
Executive Branch Of State Government People, Process, And Politics by Ferguson, Margaret R. ISBN: 9781851097715 List Price: $95.00
Managerial Presidency - James P. Pfiffner - Paperback by Pfiffner, James P. ISBN: 9780534131944 List Price: $33.25
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations A Multiple Perspectives Approach by Shull, Steven A., Shaw, Tho... ISBN: 9780791442746 List Price: $29.95
American Presidency : Principles and Problems by Thompson, Kenneth W. ISBN: 9780819133502
Presidency and Legislation : The Growth of Central Clearance by Neustadt, Richard E. ISBN: 9780829032307 List Price: $5.00
War Management by Unknown ISBN: 9780201628210
Laws Governing Executive Branch Agencies : A Guide for Legislators by Shepard, Mark ISBN: 9780788124525 List Price: $20.00
High-Risk Series : An Update by Walker, David M. ISBN: 9780788182082 List Price: $30.00
Presidential System : The Indian Debate by Noorani, A. G. ISBN: 9780803996113
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