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American Constitutional History by Levy, Leonard W., Karst, Ke... ISBN: 9780028972312 List Price: $15.95
Ordered Liberty A Constitutional History of New York by Galie, Peter J. ISBN: 9780823216512 List Price: $40.00
Documents of Amer.constitution...,v.2 by Urofsky, Melvin I. ISBN: 9780075570929 List Price: $27.00
American Constitution and the Debate over Originalism by Goldford, Dennis ISBN: 9780521607797 List Price: $37.99
Concept of Constituency by Rehfeld, Andrew ISBN: 9780521057325 List Price: $32.99
Edward S. Corwin's the Constitution and What It Means Today by Corwin, Edward S., Chase, H... ISBN: 9780691027586 List Price: $45.00
Federalists and Antifederalists The Debate over the Ratification of the Constitution by Kaminski, John P., Leffler,... ISBN: 9780945612018 List Price: $13.95
Founding Republics in France and America A Study in Constitutional Governance by Rohr, John A. ISBN: 9780700607341 List Price: $19.95
Collapse of Canada? by Weaver, R. Kent ISBN: 9780815792536 List Price: $14.95
Constitutional Faith by Levinson, Sanford ISBN: 9780691023212 List Price: $30.95
Major Problems in American Constitutional History Documents and Essays by Hall, Kermit L. ISBN: 9780669212105 List Price: $90.95
Magna Carta by Turner, Ralph V. ISBN: 9780582438262 List Price: $25.95
Constitution of Canada : An Introduction to Its Development and Law by Kennedy, W. P. M., Friedla... ISBN: 9780199009572 List Price: $35.00
Antifederalism : The Legacy of George Mason by Pacheco, Josephine F. ISBN: 9780913969472 List Price: $52.50
Right to Bear Arms Rights and Liberties Under the Law by Spitzer, Robert J., Stephen... ISBN: 9781576073476 List Price: $55.00
Government by the People: Bill of Rights Ed. (N-S-L) by Burns, James M., Peltason, ... ISBN: 9780133620214 List Price: $50.00
Government by the People: Bill of Rights Ed. (National) by Burns, James M., Peltason, ... ISBN: 9780133619997 List Price: $48.00
Understanding State Constitutions by Tarr, G. Alan ISBN: 9780691011127 List Price: $55.00
Beyond Confederation by Beeman, Richard, Botein, St... ISBN: 9780807817193 List Price: $45.00
Federalists+antifederalists by Kaminski, John P., Leffler,... ISBN: 9780945612001 List Price: $27.95
American Constitution and the Debate Over Orginalism by Goldford, Dennis ISBN: 9780521845588 List Price: $100.00
Federalism and Federation in Western Europe by Burgess, Michael ISBN: 9780709939559 List Price: $95.00
Federalist by Hamilton, Alexander, Madiso... ISBN: 9780872207127 List Price: $44.95
Understanding the European Constitution An Introduction to the EU Constitutional Treaty by Phinnemore, David, Church, ... ISBN: 9780415363402 List Price: $37.95
Constitutional Law by Monahan, Patrick ISBN: 9781552210529 List Price: $46.00
Historie, magt og identitet by Warring, Anette ISBN: 9788779340572
Rechtsentwicklungen in Deutschland by Laufs, Adolf ISBN: 9783899493016 List Price: $40.00
Unvote for a New America by Becker, Theodore L., Dye, T... ISBN: 9780205057207
Fame and the Founding Fathers by Adair, Douglass, Colbourn, ... ISBN: 9780393054996
Your Rugged Constitution - Bruce Allyn - Hardcover - 2ND, REVISED by Allyn, Bruce, Findlay, Esth... ISBN: 9780804704052 List Price: $35.00
Encyclopedia of World Constitutions by Robbers, Gerhard ISBN: 9780816060788 List Price: $255.00
Maryland State Constitution A Reference Guide by Friedman, Dan ISBN: 9780313320446 List Price: $129.95
First Freedom: Religion and the Bill of Rights by Wood, James E., Jr. ISBN: 9780929182131 List Price: $19.95
Constitutional History of Australia by McMinn, Winston G. ISBN: 9780195505627 List Price: $45.00
Secret Proceedings and Debates of the Convention to Form the U. S. Constitution Philadelphia... by Yates, Robert, Stewart, Geo... ISBN: 9780942301007 List Price: $15.00
Liberty and Equality under the Constitution by Agresto, John ISBN: 9780915654567 List Price: $12.95
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