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Poets are inspired in countries worldwide. Their works are collated and published in all kinds of volumes, and now you can buy cheap Continental European textbooks filled with some of the work of poets from these countries. Look for The Siege of Sziget; The Sign of the Crow: Poems; Paris Spleen, and la Fanfario; and Twenty Five German Poets: A Bilingual Collection. If you're learning languages or you just want to get involved with some of the poetry from Europe, the books in this section will meet your needs. Buy used Continental European textbooks today and find the best way of discovering more about poetry inspired by these parts of the world. With work available by many poets, it is simple to make sure you can read the best of it from now onwards. Sell back any poetry books from these regions that you own now too, thanks to our service.

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Carducci: Selected Verse (Hispanic Classics) by Unknown ISBN: 9780856686306 List Price: $34.00
Les Complaintes by Laforgue, Jules, Collie, Mi... ISBN: 9780485147131
Hothouses Poems 1889 by Maeterlinck, Maurice, Howar... ISBN: 9780691088372 List Price: $41.00
Rehearsal of Misunderstanding Three Collections by Contemporary Greek Women Poets Bilingual... by Van Dyck, Karen, Van Dyck, ... ISBN: 9780819563279 List Price: $50.00
Trophees - Jos by De Heredia, Jose-Maria, Inc... ISBN: 9780485147094
Prisoners of Freedom Contemporary Slovene Poetry by Debeljak, Ales, Simic, Charles ISBN: 9781881613008 List Price: $12.95
Lady As Saint by Cazelles, Brigitte ISBN: 9780812230994 List Price: $39.95
St John of the Cross by Brenan ISBN: 9780521099530 List Price: $22.99
One Hundred Ballades by Wilkins, Nigel ISBN: 9780521071468
New Polish Poetry: A Bilingual Collection by Holton, Milne, Vangelisti, ... ISBN: 9780822933724 List Price: $19.95
Les Trophees by De Heredia, Jose-Maria, Inc... ISBN: 9780485127096
Brief Anthology of French Poetry by Petrovska, Marija ISBN: 9780820401706 List Price: $23.80
Thirty-Six German Poems by Weimar, Karl S. ISBN: 9780395055243 List Price: $5.25
Corneille and Racine by Pocock, Gordon ISBN: 9780521201971 List Price: $49.50
Poetical Works Ed Laidlw by Chartier, Laidlaw, J. C. ISBN: 9780521079402 List Price: $110.00
New Polish Poetry by Holton, Milne, Vangelisti, ... ISBN: 9780822952923 List Price: $9.95
Asymmetry : Poems by Zagajewski, Adam, Cavanagh,... ISBN: 9780374538736
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