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Cultural Politics of Colorblind TV Casting by Warner, Kristen J. ISBN: 9781138548701
Modernization Nation-Building and Television History by Anderson, Stewart, Chakars,... ISBN: 9781138548916
Citizen Khan's Guide to Britain by Ray, Adil ISBN: 9780751567113
Family Television : Cultural Power and Domestic Leisure by Morley, David ISBN: 9781138149762
Loving with a Vengeance : Mass Produced Fantasies for Women by Modleski, Tania ISBN: 9781138149106
Working in Jamie's Kitchen : Salvation, Passion and Young Workers by Kelly, P., Harrison, L. ISBN: 9781349353934
Playing Gay in the Golden Age of British TV by Bourne, Stephen, Gatiss, Ma... ISBN: 9780750990134
Subtitling Television Series : A Corpus-Driven Study of Police Procedurals by Arias-Badia, Blanca ISBN: 9781787077966 List Price: $67.95
1001 TV Shows You Must Watch Before You Die by Condon, Paul, Moffat, Steven ISBN: 9780857623430
Enemy of the People : A Dangerous Time to Tell the Truth in America by Acosta, Jim ISBN: 9780062916136 List Price: $17.99
Airhead : The Imperfect Art of Making News by Maitlis, Emily ISBN: 9780241362860
China Turned On : Television, Reform and Resistance by Lull, James ISBN: 9780203774946
Gender, Violence and Popular Culture : Telling Stories by Shepherd, Laura J. ISBN: 9780203105030
Epic Heroes on Screen by Augoustakis, Antony, Raucci... ISBN: 9781474454636
Ancient Greece on British Television by Hobden, Fiona, Wrigley, Amanda ISBN: 9781474454650
Land and Sea : My 30 Years by Quinton, Dave ISBN: 9781927099667
Ticking Clock : Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes by Rosen, Ira ISBN: 9781250830463
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