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Comedy is often a subjective thing, but it forms a key part of the performing arts. If you have a passion for stand up or you want to know how comic actors fit into the mix, we've got books with the answers. Buy cheap comedy textbooks now and find out more than you ever thought you'd know. From Zen and the Art of Stand Up Comedy, through to Trois Comedies de Courteline: Intermediate Through Early Advanced, you can see how diverse our collection of pre-owned books actually is. One thing applies to all these books though, and that's the cheapest prices attached to all of them. You can even sell your comedy books back if you want to get rid of some, regardless of whether you want to buy more or not. With the best collection of books on comedic subjects you've ever seen, it's simple to buy or rent cheap comedy textbooks from Valore Books.

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Comedy by Stott, Andrew ISBN: 9780415299336 List Price: $22.95
Comedy, Tragedy, and Religion by Morreall, John ISBN: 9780791442067 List Price: $29.95
Greek Comedy and Ideology by Konstan, David ISBN: 9780195092943 List Price: $120.00
Zen and the Art of Stand-Up Comedy by Sankey, Jay ISBN: 9780878300747 List Price: $28.95
All Joking Aside : American Humor and Its Discontents by Krefting, Rebecca ISBN: 9781421414294
Comedy:meaning+form by Corrigan, Robert W. ISBN: 9780060413705 List Price: $21.25
All Joking Aside : American Humor and Its Discontents by Krefting, Rebecca ISBN: 9781421414300
Old Comedy and the Iambographic Tradition by Rosen, Ralph ISBN: 9781555403058 List Price: $25.00
Comedy by Stott, Andrew ISBN: 9780415299329 List Price: $90.00
Comic Visions: Television Comedy and American Culture by Marc, David ISBN: 9780044452843 List Price: $45.00
Cambridge Introduction to Comedy by Weitz, Eric ISBN: 9780521540261 List Price: $29.99
Comedy, Seriously : A Philosophical Study by Nikulin, Dmitri ISBN: 9781137415134
Samtliche Werke Band XIII : Lustspiele IV by Weise, Christian, Roloff, H... ISBN: 9783110146257
End of Comedy: Sit-COM and the Comedic Tradition by Grote, David G. ISBN: 9780208019912 List Price: $28.00
Didn't You Kill My Mother in-Law?: The Story of Alternative Comedy in Britain from the Comed... by Wilmut, Roger, Rosengard, P... ISBN: 9780413173904 List Price: $15.95
Cambridge Introduction to Comedy by Weitz, Eric ISBN: 9780521832601 List Price: $87.00
From Fringe to Flying Circus by Wilmut, Roger ISBN: 9780413507709 List Price: $15.95
Performing in Comedy : A Student's Guide by Wilkie, Ian ISBN: 9781138913882
Craft of Comedy - Athene Seyler - Paperback - 3d ed by Seyler, Athene, Haggard, St... ISBN: 9780878300396
Big Screen Comedies of Mel Brooks by Alan, Robert ISBN: 9780786410330 List Price: $49.95
Stand-Up Comedy by Miles, Tim ISBN: 9781138891425
Low Comedy As a Structural Element in English Drama from the Beginnings to 1642 by Winslow, Ola Elizabeth ISBN: 9780598662866 List Price: $62.00
Acting Comedy by Olsen, Christopher ISBN: 9781138891401
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