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When you think of the performing arts you probably always think of the creative side of it. But in truth there is another very important side to consider as well - the business side. If a production is unsuccessful it will lose money. It's therefore worth learning more about this part of the business so you can understand it in more depth. Buy cheap business aspects textbooks here on the Valore Books website today. You'll gain an understanding of how it works and will stand a better chance of succeeding in the performing arts as a result. Buy used business aspects textbooks now, such as Art of Movie Making: Script to Screen; Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis; and Shadow Economies of Cinema: Mapping Informal Film Distribution. Rent business aspects textbooks online here as well if you only need a basic grounding in the topic and you don't want to keep the books.

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Film Marketing by Kerrigan, Finola ISBN: 9780750686839 List Price: $41.95
Movie Marketing Opening the Picture and Giving It Legs by Lukk, Tiiu ISBN: 9781879505384 List Price: $19.95
Performing Arts by Ferguson Publishing Staff ISBN: 9780816065882 List Price: $32.95
Career Opportunities in Theater And the Performing Arts by Field, Shelly ISBN: 9780816062881 List Price: $49.50
Entertainment Industry Economics A Guide for Financial Analysis by Vogel, Harold L. ISBN: 9780521874854 List Price: $60.00
Art of Movie Making Script to Screen by Peacock, Richard B. ISBN: 9780130879424 List Price: $92.80
Film Handbook by de Valk, Mark ISBN: 9780415557603
Ferguson Career Coach by Field, Shelly ISBN: 9780816053544 List Price: $39.95
Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis by Vogel, Harold L. ISBN: 9780521302128 List Price: $29.95
Extraordinary Jobs in Entertainment by Devantier, Alecia T., Turki... ISBN: 9780816058556 List Price: $40.00
Careers and Career Education in the Performing Arts : An Annotated Bibliography by Waack, William L. ISBN: 9780819135322 List Price: $6.25
Model and Talent International Directory of Model & Talent Agencies & Schools by Walkinshaw, Jean, James, Gr... ISBN: 9780873143509 List Price: $29.95
N. Y. Agent Book by Callan, K, Johnson-Grau, Br... ISBN: 9780961733612 List Price: $13.95
Reel Exposure by Rubin, Steven J. ISBN: 9780911747201 List Price: $19.95
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