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In the realm of music there are many different types to consider. When it comes to religious music you can buy cheap Muslim textbooks that explore how music is approached in this religion. We stock lots of titles including Music in Egypt: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture; Islamic Contributions to South Asia's Classical Music; and Songs of Wisdom and Circles of Dance: Hymns of the Satpanth Ismaili Muslim Saint, Pir Shams. When you start exploring how affordable our range of pre-owned textbooks is, you'll see why we send out books to hundreds of students on a daily basis. We even provide you with the chance to rent cheap Muslim textbooks instead of having to buy every copy you need. When you rent short term you'll open the way to buying more of the books you'd really like to keep as well. When Valore Books stands by your side with discounted offers, you won't want to go anywhere else.

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Sounds of Islam by Frishkopf, Michael ISBN: 9780415995214
Focus: the Sounds of Islam : Performance, Ritual, and Text by Frishkopf, Michael ISBN: 9780415995221
Munshidin of Egypt : Their World and Their Song by Waugh, Earle H. ISBN: 9780788139727 List Price: $30.00
Islamic Contributions to South Asia's Classical Music by Khan, Mobarak H. ISBN: 9788120713499 List Price: $22.50
Music Performance Practice in the Early 'Abbasid Era 132-320 Ah/750-932 Ad by Sawa, George D. ISBN: 9780888440921 List Price: $29.50
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