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Principles of Digital Audio by Pohlmann, Ken C. ISBN: 9780071441568 List Price: $59.95
How MIDI Works With Home Recording by Walker, Dan, Alexander, Pet... ISBN: 9780317937350 List Price: $19.95
Audio in Media - Stanley R. Alten - Paperback - 2nd ed by Alten, Stanley R. ISBN: 9780534061562
Audio in Media - Stanley R. Alten - Paperback - Older Edition by Alten, Stanley R. ISBN: 9780534121341 List Price: $38.50
Sampling Basics by Maestas, Bobby, Goldfield, ... ISBN: 9780939067824 List Price: $14.95
Audio Electronics Reference Book by Sinclair, I. R. ISBN: 9780632019298 List Price: $210.00
The Sound Handbook (Media Practice) by Crook, Tim ISBN: 9780415551502 List Price: $110.00
Sound Amplification in Churches by Council For The Care Of Chu... ISBN: 9780715175583
Naked under a Waterfall : The Craft of Production Sound Mixing for Film by Cronin, Paul, Newman, Chris... ISBN: 9780415820851 List Price: $29.95
Camera Audio Simplified by Miles, Dean ISBN: 9781138185357
Design of Circular Differential Microphone Arrays by Benesty, Jacob, Chen, Jingd... ISBN: 9783319148434 List Price: $24.99
Pour une �criture du Son by Deshays, Daniel ISBN: 9782252035658
Sound for Digital Video by Holman, Tomlinson, Baum, Ar... ISBN: 9781138168060 List Price: $165.00
Commercial Audio Equipment, UL 813 by Unknown ISBN: 9780762900725 List Price: $330.00
Professional Video and Audio Equipment, UL 1419 by Unknown ISBN: 9780762901623 List Price: $135.00
Radio Receivers, Audio Systems, and Accessories, UL 1270 by Unknown ISBN: 9780762901920 List Price: $330.00
1997 IEEE Workshop on Applications of Signal Processing to Audio and Acoustics by IEEE Signal Processing Soci... ISBN: 9780780339101
Digital Sound Processing for Music and Multimedia by Kirk, Ross, Hunt, Andy ISBN: 9781138412613 List Price: $195.00
Sound Studio : Audio Techniques for Radio, Television, Film and Recording by Nisbett, Alec ISBN: 9781138412651 List Price: $195.00
Art of Sound Reproduction by Watkinson, John ISBN: 9781138412705 List Price: $195.00
Digital Audio Technology : A Guide to CD, MiniDisc, SACD, DVD(A), MP3 and DAT by Maes, Jan, Vercammen, Marc ISBN: 9781138412712 List Price: $195.00
Network Technology for Digital Audio by Bailey, Andy ISBN: 9781138412774 List Price: $195.00
Practical Guide to Television Sound Engineering by Baxter, Dennis ISBN: 9781138412798 List Price: $195.00
Practical Art of Motion Picture Sound by Yewdall, David Lewis ISBN: 9781138468856 List Price: $195.00
Studio SOS Book : Solutions and Techniques for the Project Recording Studio by White, Paul, Robjohns, Hugh... ISBN: 9781138468894 List Price: $195.00
From Demo to Delivery : The Process of Production by Hepworth-Sawyer, Russ ISBN: 9781138468955 List Price: $195.00
Sound for Film and Television by Holman, Tomlinson ISBN: 9781138468801 List Price: $195.00
Real Sound Synthesis for Interactive Applications by Cook, Perry R. ISBN: 9781138428119
Pro Tools for Music Production : Recording, Editing and Mixing by Collins, Mike ISBN: 9781138468382 List Price: $195.00
In the Box Music Production : Advanced Tools and Techniques for Pro Tools by Collins, Mike ISBN: 9781138468375 List Price: $195.00
Mixing a Musical : Broadway Theatrical Sound Techniques by Slaton, Shannon ISBN: 9781138468900 List Price: $195.00
Writing the Field Recording : Sound, Word, Environment by Benson, Stephen, Montgomery... ISBN: 9781474454803
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