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We stock several hundred text books on this area of music so if you're looking to rent used ethnic textbooks to help expand your music studies, we can help out. Among our collection you'll find superb titles such as Music of Black Americans: A History; African American Music: An Introduction; African American Music: A Philosophical Look at African American Music in Society; and Creation of Jazz: Music, Race and Culture in Urban America. With these and many other discounted books available for rental or purchase, it's just as easy to buy used ethnic textbooks as it is to rent them. Make sure you have the best access to affordable titles so you can enjoy looking for discounted deals on them all. Valore Books should be your #1 choice for any text books you need for your college course. If you get used to using our site you might be surprised how much you can save.

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Popular Music in India by Unknown ISBN: 9788185054537
History of Indian Music by Sambamoorthy, P. ISBN: 9780836412284 List Price: $7.00
Negro and His Music by Locke, Alain L. ISBN: 9780598623157 List Price: $47.80
Flamenco Music and National Identity in Spain by Washabaugh, William ISBN: 9781138107755
Carl Dolmetsch and the Recorder Repertoire of the 20th Century by Mayes, Andrew, Brown, Colin ISBN: 9781138714878
Alexander Kastalsky : His Life and Music by Zvereva, S. G. ISBN: 9781138711860
Music of Maurice Ohana by Rae, Caroline ISBN: 9781138731622
Bigotry and the Afrocentric Jazz Evolution by Hester, Karlton E. ISBN: 9781516555444
Music of Indonesia : Gamelan, Second Edition by Spiller ISBN: 9780203930991
Provincial Headz : British Hip Hop and Critical Regionalism by Paor-Evans, Adam de ISBN: 9781781796443
Provincial Headz : British Hip Hop and Critical Regionalism by Paor-Evans, Adam de ISBN: 9781781796450
Routledge Handbook of Asian Music by Lee, Tong Soon ISBN: 9780415830669
African Roots of the Jazz Evolution by Hester, Karlton E. ISBN: 9781516564859 List Price: $116.95
Wake up You! : The Rise and Fall of Nigerian Rock 1972-1977 - Volume 1 by Alapatt, Eothen, Ikonne, Uc... ISBN: 9781584236290
Selection Hebrew Mel Tape (Cassette) by Unknown ISBN: 9780817304058 List Price: $11.95
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