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We stock several hundred text books on this area of music so if you're looking to rent used ethnic textbooks to help expand your music studies, we can help out. Among our collection you'll find superb titles such as Music of Black Americans: A History; African American Music: An Introduction; African American Music: A Philosophical Look at African American Music in Society; and Creation of Jazz: Music, Race and Culture in Urban America. With these and many other discounted books available for rental or purchase, it's just as easy to buy used ethnic textbooks as it is to rent them. Make sure you have the best access to affordable titles so you can enjoy looking for discounted deals on them all. Valore Books should be your #1 choice for any text books you need for your college course. If you get used to using our site you might be surprised how much you can save.

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Music in China by Lau, Frederick ISBN: 9780195301243 List Price: $24.95
Music in the Hispanic Caribbean: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture (Global Music) by Moore, Robin, Campbell, Pat... ISBN: 9780195375053 List Price: $24.95
Music of Canada by McGee, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780393953763 List Price: $19.00
Music in Ireland Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Scott, Stanley, Hast, Dora,... ISBN: 9780195145557 List Price: $24.95
Music in Pacific Island Cultures : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Diettrich, Brian, Freeman M... ISBN: 9780199733408 List Price: $24.95
Music Cultures of the Pacific, the Near East, and Asia by Malm, William P. ISBN: 9780131823877 List Price: $81.00
Music in Korea : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Lee Kwon, Donna, Wade, Bonn... ISBN: 9780195368277 List Price: $24.95
Music in Turkey : Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Bates, Eliot ISBN: 9780195394146 List Price: $24.95
Indian Music and the West by Farrell, Gerry ISBN: 9780198167174 List Price: $60.00
Caribbean Currents Caribbean Music from Rumba to Reggae by Manuel, Peter, Bilby, Kenne... ISBN: 9781566393393 List Price: $26.95
When God Is a Customer Telugu Courtesan Songs by Ksetrayya and Others by Ramanujan, A. K., Shulman, ... ISBN: 9780520080690 List Price: $26.95
Performing Africa by Ebron, Paulla A. ISBN: 9780691074894 List Price: $27.95
Music of Africa by Nketia, Joseph H. Kwabena ISBN: 9780393092493 List Price: $22.05
Twisted Muse Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich by Kater, Michael H. ISBN: 9780195132427 List Price: $50.00
Readings in Black American Music by Southern, Eileen ISBN: 9780393952803 List Price: $16.70
Hindustani Music in the Twentieth Century by Van der Meer, Wim ISBN: 9789024720668 List Price: $199.00
Tradition and Change in the Performance of Chinese by Penyeh, Tsao ISBN: 9789057550409 List Price: $37.95
Songs and Politics in Eastern Africa by Njogu, Kimani, Maupeu, HervT ISBN: 9789987449422
Taiko Master (US) by Waring, Rob ISBN: 9781424044092
Music of Nuristan : Publications of the Moesgaard Museum by Irgens-Moller, Christer ISBN: 9788788415582
Creation of Jazz Music, Race, and Culture in Urban America by Peretti, Burton W. ISBN: 9780252017087 List Price: $37.00
African Polyphony and Polyrhythm Musical Structure and Methodology by Arom, Simha, Thom, Martin, ... ISBN: 9780521616010 List Price: $126.00
Twisted Muse Musicians and Their Music in the Third Reich by Kater, Michael H. ISBN: 9780195096200 List Price: $120.00
Music in Ancient China: An Archaeological and Art Historical Study of Strings, Winds, and Dr... by Furniss, Ingrid Maren ISBN: 9781604975208 List Price: $159.95
Melodiya A Soviet Russian L.P. Discography by Bennett, John R. ISBN: 9780313225963 List Price: $156.95
Rise of Music in the Ancient World by Sachs, Curt ISBN: 9780393097184
Underground Music from the Former USSR by Tsenova, Valeria, Kohanovsk... ISBN: 9783718658213 List Price: $59.00
Music in Canada Capturing Landscape And Diversity by Keillor, Elaine ISBN: 9780773531772 List Price: $75.00
Studies in the History of Italian Music and Music Theory by Palisca, Claude V. ISBN: 9780198161677 List Price: $150.00
Music of Black America: A History by Southern, Eileen ISBN: 9780393098990
Annotated Glossary of Arabic Musical Terms by Al Faruqi, Lois I. ISBN: 9780313205545
Instruments Populaires en Belgique by Boone, H., Bosmans, W., Mee... ISBN: 9789042907966
Music And Performance During the Weimar Republic by Gilliam, Bryan Randolph, Gi... ISBN: 9780521022569 List Price: $53.00
Index to African-American Spirituals for the Solo Voice by Abromeit, Kathleen A. ISBN: 9780313305771 List Price: $93.95
Motif Index of the Child Corpus The English and Scottish Popular Ballad by Wuerzbach, Natascha, Salz, ... ISBN: 9783110142907 List Price: $127.00
Music of Hans Pfitzner by Williamson, John ISBN: 9780198161608 List Price: $150.00
Music in East Africa Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture by Barz, Gregory F. ISBN: 9780195141511 List Price: $43.95
Music and Merchants The Laudesi Companies of Republican Florence by Wilson, Blake ISBN: 9780198161769 List Price: $150.00
Music of Black America: A History - Eileen Southern by Southern, Eileen ISBN: 9780393021561
Music in the German Renaissance Sources, Styles, and Contexts by Kmetz, John ISBN: 9780521027373 List Price: $61.00
Music of Canada - Timothy J. McGee - Hardcover - 1st ed by McGee, Timothy J. ISBN: 9780393022797 List Price: $14.95
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