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The medical world has many different topics to focus on. One of them includes the idea of physical medicine and the process of rehabilitation. If this topic is included in your college course, buy used physical medicine and rehabilitation textbooks here today and save an incredible amount over what you'd pay if you purchased at the cover prices. We can offer huge savings when you buy cheap physical medicine and rehabilitation textbooks including Kinesiology: Scientific Basis of Human Motion, Rehabilitation Techniques in Sports Medicine and Electrotherapy, to name just three. However, these just skim the surface of the affordable and pre-owned books you can buy in their hundreds. Whatever stage of your college course you are at, make sure you have the books to help you along. Rent used physical medicine and rehabilitation textbooks now and sell back to us any you're already finished with. It's a no brainer way to succeed at college on a small budget.

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Introduction to Manual Medicine - H. D. D. Neumann - Hardcover by Neumann, H. D. ISBN: 9780387506128 List Price: $38.95
Applied Kinesiology - Clayne R. Jensen - Hardcover - 2d ed by Jensen, Clayne R., Schultz,... ISBN: 9780070324633 List Price: $32.95
Body Techniques by Lafrentiere, Joan G. ISBN: 9780893522056 List Price: $26.50
Basic Clinical Rehabilitation Medicine by Sinaki ISBN: 9781556640308 List Price: $29.00
Essentials of Geriatric Physical Therapy by Bottomley ISBN: 9780838531389 List Price: $60.00
Efficiency of Human Movement - Marion Ruth Broer - Hardcover - 4th ed by Broer, Marion R., Zernicke,... ISBN: 9780721620886
Kinesiology: Scientific Basis of Human Motion - Kathryn Luttgens - Hardcover by Luttgens, Kathryn, Wells, K... ISBN: 9780697061492
Fundamentals of Private Practice in Physical Therapy by Brimer, Mark A. ISBN: 9780398054489 List Price: $36.25
The Body Mind Connection in Human Movement Analysis by Loman, Susan, Brandt, Rose ISBN: 9781881245001 List Price: $12.00
The Physiotherapist's Pocket Guide to Exercise: Assessment, Prescription and Training by Glynn, Angela Jane, Fiddler... ISBN: 9780443102691 List Price: $38.95
Clinical Case Studies in Physiotherapy: A Guide for Students and Graduates by Guthrie, Lauren Jean ISBN: 9780443069161 List Price: $49.95
Marketing and Promoting Your Physical Therapy Practice by Esterson, Samuel H. ISBN: 9780763750749 List Price: $41.95
Essentials of Kinesiology for the Physical Therapist Assistant - Text and E-Book Package by Mansfield, Paul Jackson, Ne... ISBN: 9780323062992 List Price: $77.95
Scientific Foundations and Principles of Practice in Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation - Text a... by Magee, David J., Zachazewsk... ISBN: 9781416068532 List Price: $113.00
Laboratory Experiences in Exercise Physiology by Christian, Vaughn, Johnson,... ISBN: 9780912855493 List Price: $11.95
Contexts of Physiotherapy Practice by Higgs, Joy, Smith, Richard ... ISBN: 9780729538862 List Price: $65.95
The Year Book of Rehabilitation, 1988 by Kaplan Educational Center S... ISBN: 9780815150275 List Price: $59.95
Dance Movement Therapy Abstracts Doctoral Dissertations, Masters Theses and Special Projects by Fisher, Anne C., Stark, Arl... ISBN: 9781881766018 List Price: $18.00
Dance Therapy Redefined A Body Approach to Therapeutic Dance by Exiner, Johanna, Kelynak, D... ISBN: 9780398059132 List Price: $34.95
Educational Intervention for the Student With Multiple Disabilities by Irons-Reavis, Donna, Sagebi... ISBN: 9780398057930 List Price: $34.95
Effective Electrotherapy Application A Physical Therapist's Manual by Avena, Nancy ISBN: 9780967097800 List Price: $24.95
Hand Therapy Principles and Practice by Cheshire, Lynn, Salter, Mau... ISBN: 9780750616867 List Price: $85.00
Health Care Management in Physical Therapy by Brimer, Mark A., Braun, Joh... ISBN: 9780398056421 List Price: $62.95
Human Resources Management Cultivating Quality in Rehabilitation by Shofner-Hoffman, Bettye, Lo... ISBN: 9780398052966 List Price: $33.00
Hydrotherapy Principles and Practice by Campion, Margaret Reid ISBN: 9780750652216 List Price: $49.50
Function-Based Rehabilitation Classification Abstract, Executive Summary, Final Report and A... by Stineman, Margaret G. ISBN: 9780788145049 List Price: $25.00
Functional Documentation A Process for the Physical Therapist by Stamer, Marcia H. ISBN: 9780127845890 List Price: $46.00
Joint Mobilization Techniques for Managing Restricted Range of Motion by Harrelson, Gary, Dunn, Deidre ISBN: 9781556423390 List Price: $280.95
Joint Mobilization Techniques for Managing Restricted Range of Motion by Harrelson, Gary, Dunn, Deidre ISBN: 9781556424427 List Price: $204.95
Rehabilitation Outcomes: Analysis and Measurement by Fuhrer, Marcus J. ISBN: 9780933716773 List Price: $40.00
Contemporary Challenges to the Rehabilitation Counseling Profession by Rubin, Stanford E., Rubin, ... ISBN: 9780933716858 List Price: $35.00
Therapeutic Modalit Txt & Lab Man by Prentice, Quillen ISBN: 9780815167808 List Price: $64.95
Dance Movement Therapy: Theory and Practice by Payne, Helen ISBN: 9780415056595 List Price: $65.00
Manual of Structural Kinesiology by Thompsom, Clem W. ISBN: 9780801649523 List Price: $19.95
Posture, Gait, Balance and Rehabilitation by Innes, Keith, Palazzo, Stev... ISBN: 9780763744717 List Price: $77.95
Measurement in Physical Therapy by Rothstein, Jules M. ISBN: 9780443082825 List Price: $42.00
Joint Mobilization Techniques for Managing Restricted Range of Motion by Harrelson, Gary, Leaver-Dun... ISBN: 9781556427244 List Price: $64.95
Joint Mobilization Techniques for Managing Restricted Range of Motion by Harrelson, Gary, Leaver-Dun... ISBN: 9781556423420 List Price: $52.95
Kinesiology of the Spine by Gatterman, Meridel I. ISBN: 9780763751029 List Price: $89.95
Lange Q&A for the National Physical Therapy Examination by Hoerner, Timothy J., Cianci... ISBN: 9780071456111 List Price: $69.95
Introduction to Medical Manipulation by Burn, L. ISBN: 9780852008782 List Price: $86.50
Horticultural Therapy at a Physical Rehabilitation Facility by Rothert, Eugene A., Daubert... ISBN: 9780939914029 List Price: $10.00
Power vs. Force: Synopsis and Study Guide by Hawkins, David R., Carney, ... ISBN: 9780964326163 List Price: $10.95
Normal Development Copybook by Ossman, Nancy H., Tracy, Ba... ISBN: 9780884504313 List Price: $42.00
Physical Therapy Protocols : Guidelines for Rehabilitation by Bezner, Janet ISBN: 9780884503972 List Price: $53.00
Dancing Mindfulness : A Creative Path to Healing and Transformation by Marich, Jamie ISBN: 9781458767400 List Price: $24.99
Clinical Measurement by Currier, Katherine A. ISBN: 9780912452692
Fostering Creativity in Rehabilitation by Taylor, Matthew J. ISBN: 9781634632591 List Price: $185.00
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