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High-Risk Sexual Behavior Interventions With Vulnerable Populations by Becker, Evvie, Rankin, Eliz... ISBN: 9780306458576 List Price: $59.95
Infection, Resistance and Immunity by Kreier, Julius P. ISBN: 9789057025952 List Price: $92.95
Functions of the Natural Immune System by Reynolds, C. W., Wiltrout, ... ISBN: 9780306429514 List Price: $284.00
Genetics of Influenza Viruses by Palese, Peter ISBN: 9780387817439 List Price: $112.00
Genetic Control of the Susceptibility to Bacterial Infection by Briles, D. E. ISBN: 9780387162386 List Price: $101.00
Legend of Nietzsche's Syphilis by Schain, Richard ISBN: 9780313319402 List Price: $108.95
Living Together The Biology of Animal Parasitism by Trager, W. ISBN: 9780306423109 List Price: $215.00
Chemotherapy of Viral Infections by Came, P. E., Caliguiri, L. A. ISBN: 9780387113470 List Price: $287.00
Chlamydia by Mardh, P. A., Paavonen, J.,... ISBN: 9780306429651 List Price: $191.00
Combination Therapies 2 Biological Response Modifiers in the Treatment of Cancer and Infecti... by Goldstein, A. L., Garaci, E. ISBN: 9780306445897 List Price: $169.00
Color Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases by Hart, C. A., Broadhead, R. L. ISBN: 9780815141433 List Price: $79.95
Communicable and Non-Communicable Disease Basics A Primer by Hurster, Madeline M. ISBN: 9780897895071 List Price: $75.00
Antiviral Chemotherapy 5 New Directions for Clinical Application and Research by Mills, John, Volberding, Pa... ISBN: 9780306461071 List Price: $169.00
Bacterial Infections of Humans Epidemiology and Control by Evans, Alfred S., Brachman,... ISBN: 9780306453205 List Price: $199.00
Biohazards Humanity's Battle With Infectious Disease by Grady, Sean M., Tabak, John ISBN: 9780816046874 List Price: $35.00
Infectious Disease Epidemiology Theory and Practice by Nelson, Kenrad E., Williams... ISBN: 9780834217669 List Price: $88.95
Magic Shots A Human and Scientific Account of the Long and Continuing Struggle to Eradicated... by Chase, Allan, Henderson, D. A. ISBN: 9780688007874 List Price: $19.95
Nutrition: Metabolic and Clinical Applications, Vol. 4 by Hodges, R. E., Alfin-Slater... ISBN: 9780306402036 List Price: $195.00
Host Cell Capture-Quantitative Sequence Detection of Potentially Infectious Viruses (Awwarf ... by Di Giovanni, G., Mena, K., ... ISBN: 9781843392408 List Price: $135.00
Clinical Problems in Sexually Transmitted Diseases by Taylor-Robinson, D. ISBN: 9780898387209 List Price: $374.00
Preventing Hospital Infections : Real-World Problems, Realistic Solutions by Saint, Sanjay, Krein, Sarah... ISBN: 9780199398836 List Price: $39.95
Britain And the 1918-19 Influenza Pandemic A Dark Epilogue by Johnson, Niall ISBN: 9780415365604 List Price: $135.00
Catalogue of the Garnham Collection of Malaria Parasites and Other Haemosporidia by Garnham, P. C., Duggan, A. J. ISBN: 9780521357258 List Price: $37.95
Trypanosomiases by Maudlin, Ian, Holmes, P. H.... ISBN: 9780851994758 List Price: $185.00
Prions and Brain Diseases in Animals and Humans by Morrison, Douglas R. ISBN: 9780306458255 List Price: $199.00
Hantavirus by Casil, Amy Sterling ISBN: 9781615122820 List Price: $58.50
Poxviruses by Mercer, Andrew, Schmidt, Ax... ISBN: 9783764375560 List Price: $149.00
Nucleosides and Nucleotides As Antitumor and Antiviral Agents by Chu, C. K., Baker, D. C. ISBN: 9780306445200 List Price: $205.00
Influenza Models : Prospects for Development and Use by Selby, Philip ISBN: 9780852004593 List Price: $98.50
Communicable Diseases : A Global Perspective by Webber, Roger ISBN: 9781780647425
One Health : The Theory and Practice of Integrated Health Approaches by Zinsstag, Jakob, Schelling,... ISBN: 9781780643410
Infection Prevention and Control at a Glance by Weston, Debbie, Burgess, Al... ISBN: 9781118973554 List Price: $45.00
Pathology of Infectious Diseases by Connor, Daniel H., Chandler... ISBN: 9780838516010 List Price: $330.00
Handbook of Tuberculosis in Children and Adolescents by Starke, Jeffrey R., Donald,... ISBN: 9780190220891 List Price: $125.00
Infectious Diseases of the Dog and Cat by Greene, Craig E. ISBN: 9781416036005 List Price: $175.00
Lords of the Fly Sleeping Sickness Control in British East Africa, 1900-1960 by Hoppe, Kirk Arden ISBN: 9780325071237 List Price: $67.00
2016 Nelson's Pediatric Antimicrobial Therapy, 22nd Edition by Bradley, John S., Bradley, ... ISBN: 9781581109856 List Price: $39.95
Infectious Diseases in 30 Days by Southwick, Frederick S. ISBN: 9780071375184 List Price: $49.95
Power Learning Strategies for Success for College and Life by Feldman, Robert S. ISBN: 9780072848151 List Price: $45.45
Compatibility Gene : Far-Reaching Consequences of the Way Our Body Fights Disease by Davis, Daniel ISBN: 9780199393930 List Price: $19.95
Disease Selection : The Way Disease Changed the World by Webber, Roger, C.A.B. Inter... ISBN: 9781780646831
Mosby's Color Atlas and Text of Infectious Diseases by Conlon, Christopher, Snydma... ISBN: 9780723424345 List Price: $56.95
Infection Control in Long-Term Care Facilities by Smith, Philip W. ISBN: 9780827356863 List Price: $95.95
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