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The history of medicine isn't typically the first area of medicine you'd think about. However, with plenty of text books available on this subject you might be surprised at how fascinating it is. Let's give you some examples. You can buy Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions; Sources in the History of Medicine Reader: The Impact of Disease and Trauma; Medicine and the Reign of Technology; and Major Problems in the History of American Medicine and Public Health: Documents and Essays. We've got dozens more examples as well, so if you ever want to browse the latest collection, it's this page you need to come back to. Rent used history textbooks as an alternative to buying them if you wish; it works out better for some people. Either way you'll get an outstanding deal. We buy back history books regularly as well, providing you with affordable ways to sell back the books you don't need.

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White Plague : Tuberculosis, Man, and Society by Dubos, Rene Jules, Dubos, J... ISBN: 9780813512235 List Price: $32.00
Arizona Medical Association : The First Hundred Years by Kenendy, John W., Bailey, K... ISBN: 9780929690193 List Price: $15.00
Life Beside Itself : Imagining Care in the Canadian Arctic by Stevenson, Margaret Elizabeth ISBN: 9780520282605
Doctors and Slaves: A Medical and Demographic History of Slavery in the British West Indies,... by Sheridan, Richard Brinsley ISBN: 9780521259651 List Price: $54.50
Royal Protomedicato The Regulation of the Medical Professions in the Spanish Empire by Lanning, John T., TePaske, ... ISBN: 9780822306511 List Price: $48.00
Long Way from Home The Tuberculosis Epidemic Among the Inuit by Grygier, Pat S. ISBN: 9780773516373 List Price: $32.95
Framing Disease Studies in Cultural History by Rosenberg, Charles E., Gold... ISBN: 9780813517568 List Price: $60.00
Medical Services and the Hospitals in Britain 1860-1939 by Cherry, Steven, Kirby, Maurice ISBN: 9780521571265 List Price: $63.00
Medical Theories in Hippocrates Early Texts and the "Epidemics" by Langholf, Volker ISBN: 9783110119565 List Price: $143.10
Medicine and Western Civilization by Rothman, David J, Marcus, S... ISBN: 9780813521893 List Price: $50.00
Medicine and Religion C.1300 The Case of Arnau De Vilanova by Ziegler, Joseph ISBN: 9780198207269 List Price: $150.00
Great Medical Disasters - Richard Gordon - Hardcover by Gordon, Richard ISBN: 9780812829112
Doctor Franklin's Medicine by Finger, Stanley ISBN: 9780812239133 List Price: $55.00
Plague by Emmeluth, Donald ISBN: 9780791073063 List Price: $34.95
Pictures of Health A Photographic History of Health Care in Philadelphia, 1860-1945 by Golden, Janet, Rosenberg, C... ISBN: 9780812213119 List Price: $34.95
Women's Secrets by Lemay, Helen Rodnite ISBN: 9780791411438 List Price: $64.50
Manifesting Medicine Bodies and Machines by Bud, Robert, Finn, Bernard,... ISBN: 9789057024306 List Price: $40.95
Culture and Curing by Morley, Peter, Wallis, Roy ISBN: 9780822911364 List Price: $14.95
Ancient Greece Health and Disease by Dargie, Richard, Hook, Adam ISBN: 9780756520878 List Price: $27.93
Modern Methods in the History of Medicine by Clarke, Edwin ISBN: 9780485111217
Disease and Empire The Health of European Troops in the Conquest of Africa by Curtin, Philip D. ISBN: 9780521591690 List Price: $90.00
Ancient Medicine From Sorcery to Surgery by Woods, Michael, Woods, Mary B. ISBN: 9780822529927 List Price: $25.26
Plague and the Poor in Renaissance Florence by Carmichael, Ann G. ISBN: 9780521268332 List Price: $54.95
Canon of Medicine Complete 5 Volume Set by Avicenna, Nasr, Seyyed Hoss... ISBN: 9781567442243 List Price: $780.00
Pictures of Health by Golden, Janet, Rosenberg, C... ISBN: 9780812282375 List Price: $52.50
Medieval Chinese Medicine The Dunhuang Medical Manuscripts by Lo, Vivienne, Cullen, Chris... ISBN: 9780415342957 List Price: $170.00
Physical and the Moral Anthropology, Physiology, and Philosophical Medicine in France, 1750-... by Williams, Elizabeth A., Jon... ISBN: 9780521524629 List Price: $51.00
Medicine and Society in Early Modern Europe by Lindemann, Mary ISBN: 9780521425926 List Price: $85.00
Drugs : The Straight Facts by Unknown ISBN: 9780791098813 List Price: $930.00
Outline History of Medicine - Philip Rhodes - Paperback by Rhodes, P. ISBN: 9780407004108 List Price: $34.95
Consumer Health: A Guide to Intelligent Decisions by Cornacchia, Harold J., Barr... ISBN: 9780801611223 List Price: $26.95
Sex, Aging, & Death in a Medieval Medical Compendium Trinity College by Tavormina, M. Teresa, Trini... ISBN: 9780866983358 List Price: $110.00
Power of Plagues by Sherman, Irwin W. ISBN: 9781683670001
Flora: The Aztec Herbal (The Paper Museum of Cassiano dal Pozzo. Series B: Natural History) by Guerrini, Luigi, Herrin, Am... ISBN: 9781905375301 List Price: $196.00
Knowledge and Practice in English Medicine, 1550-1680 by Wear, Andrew ISBN: 9780521558273 List Price: $49.99
Social Dimensions of Medieval Disease and Disability by Crawford, Sally, Lee, Chris... ISBN: 9781407313108
Greek Medicine From the Heroic to the Hellenistic Age A Source Book by Longrigg, James ISBN: 9780415920872 List Price: $38.95
Health in Antiquity by Stears, K, King, Helen ISBN: 9780415220651 List Price: $105.00
Fate of Anatomical Collections by Knoef, Rina, Zwijnenberg, R... ISBN: 9781409468158 List Price: $124.95
Baystate Medical Center by Higgins,, Thomas L., Thoma... ISBN: 9781467122535 List Price: $21.99
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