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Policy and Practice in Promoting Public Health by Douglas, Jenny, Handsley, S... ISBN: 9781412930734 List Price: $71.00
St. Anthony's Resources for Integrated Delivery Systems by Duerkson, Coulson ISBN: 9781563293146
Clinical Companion for Health Assement & Physical Examination by Cauthorne-Burnette, Tamera,... ISBN: 9781401872076 List Price: $66.95
Health Care Politics And Policy in America by Patel, Kant, Rushefsky, Mark ISBN: 9780765614780 List Price: $110.95
Health Promotion Practice by MacDowell, Wendy, Macdowall... ISBN: 9780335218400 List Price: $37.95
Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations by Duncan, W. Jack ISBN: 9780534925796 List Price: $58.95
Abuse-Proofing Your Facility A Practical Guide for Preventing Abuse in Long-Term Care Facili... by Pillemer, Karl, Menio, Dian... ISBN: 9780965362931 List Price: $37.95
Health Education and Health Promotion Learner-Centered Instructional Strategies by Greenberg, Jerrold S. ISBN: 9780072878578 List Price: $110.00
Practice Teaching in Healthcare by Gopee, Neil ISBN: 9781848601345 List Price: $99.95
Practical Playbook : Public Health and Primary Care Together by Michener, J. Lloyd, Koo, De... ISBN: 9780190222147 List Price: $27.95
Practice of Emergency and Critical Care Neurology by Wijdicks, Eelco F. M. ISBN: 9780190259556 List Price: $225.00
Leading Healthcare Transformation : A Primer for Clinical Leaders by Joshi, Maulik, Sikka, Rishi... ISBN: 9781498700184
Fenway Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Health by Makadon, Harvey J., Mayer, ... ISBN: 9781938921001 List Price: $69.95
Primary Care of the Older Adult A Multidisciplinary Approach by Laramie, Joy, Burke, Mary M. ISBN: 9780323023955 List Price: $64.95
Access to Health by Donatelle, Rebecca J. ISBN: 9780805332490 List Price: $111.60
Cases in Healthcare Finance by Gapenski, Louis C. ISBN: 9781567932447 List Price: $66.00
Small-Scale Evaluation in Health by Griffiths, Lesley J., Snook... ISBN: 9781412930079 List Price: $42.95
Dicing With Death Chance, Risk, and Health by Senn, Stephen ISBN: 9780521540230 List Price: $39.00
Healthy People 2000 National Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Objectives Full Report... by U. S. Department of Health ... ISBN: 9780867201796 List Price: $48.00
20 Common Problems Surgical Problems and Procedures in Primary Care by Lynge, Dana, Weiss, Barry ISBN: 9780071360029 List Price: $45.00
Managed Health Care Simplified A Glossery of Terms by Austrin, Michael S. ISBN: 9780766820500 List Price: $37.95
Management Principles for Health Professionals by Liebler, Joan Gratto, McCon... ISBN: 9781284088007
Listening for What Matters : Avoiding Contextual Errors in Health Care by Weiner, Saul J., Schwartz, ... ISBN: 9780190228996 List Price: $39.95
History of Medicine in Brown County, Wisconsin 1816-2000: A Transition-Independent Medical P... by Richardson, B. L., Schneide... ISBN: 9780972406406 List Price: $18.95
Medicine in Rural China A Personal Account by Chen, C. C., Bunge, Frederi... ISBN: 9780520062986 List Price: $45.00
Essential Primary Care by Blythe, Andrew, Buchan, Jes... ISBN: 9781118867617 List Price: $65.00
Key Concepts in Healthcare Education by Mason-Whitehead, Elizabeth,... ISBN: 9781849200103
Economic Evaluation by Fox-Rushby, Julia A., Cairn... ISBN: 9780335218479 List Price: $37.95
Small-Scale Evaluation in Health: A Practical Guide by Griffiths, Lesley J., Snook... ISBN: 9781412930062
Comparative Health Care Federalism Competition and Collaboration in Multistate Systems by Fierlbeck, Katherine, Palle... ISBN: 9781472432315 List Price: $109.95
Quality of Health Care : From Evidence to Implementation by Rodriguez-Saldana, Joel ISBN: 9781628087116 List Price: $250.00
What Is Enough? : Sufficiency, Justice, and Health by Fourie, Carina, Rid, Annette ISBN: 9780199385263 List Price: $59.95
Safety and Accident Prevention by Lawson, David C. ISBN: 9780879678647 List Price: $24.15
Politics of Healthcare in Britain by Harrison, Stephen, McDonald... ISBN: 9780761941590 List Price: $81.00
Health Promotion Practice Power And Empowerment by Laverack, Glenn ISBN: 9780761941804 List Price: $55.95
Body Counts Medical Quantification In Historical And Sociological Perspectives/ La quantific... by Opinal, Annick, Jorland, Ge... ISBN: 9780773529250 List Price: $29.95
Critical Practice in Health and Social Care by Brechin, Ann, Brown, Hilary... ISBN: 9780761964926 List Price: $135.00
Health Policy : Choice, Equality and Cost by Reisman, David A. ISBN: 9781785365201 List Price: $150.00
Primary Care Training and Development : The Tool Kit by Talbot, Lynn, Pora, Denise ISBN: 9781857759099
Speaking Truth to Power : Two Decades of Analysis in the Department of Health by Smee, Clive, Nuffield Trust... ISBN: 9781857757811
Methodologies for Assessing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) : Research Tools an... by Langweiler, Mark J., McCart... ISBN: 9781848192515 List Price: $65.00
Prescription Drug Prices Paid under Federal Programs : Analyses, Differences, Factors by Elwin, Suzanna ISBN: 9781634633888 List Price: $120.00
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