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Healthcare Employment Guide : Counseling on the New Medical Realities by O'Reilly, James T., Keegan,... ISBN: 9781682673195
Stochastic Modeling and Analytics in Healthcare Delivery Systems by Li, Jingshan ISBN: 9789813220843 List Price: $118.00
Hospitalizing the Mentally Ill in Ohio by Victoroff, Victor M., Ross,... ISBN: 9780598265364 List Price: $116.30
Improving Healthcare : A Handbook for Practitioners by Baillie, Lesley, Maxwell, E... ISBN: 9781138709249
Marketing for Health and Wellness Programs by Busbin, James, Self, Donald ISBN: 9781138980440
Behavioral Integrative Care : Treatments That Work in the Primary Care Setting by O'Donohue, William T., Byrd... ISBN: 9781138987760
Health Care and Poor Relief in 18th and 19th Century Southern Europe by Grell, Ole Peter, Cunningha... ISBN: 9781138277731
Advances in Human Factors and Ergonomics in Healthcare by Duffy, Vincent G. ISBN: 9781138113312
Health, Drugs and Healing in Central Asia by Latypov, Alisher ISBN: 9781138954724
Collaboration in Practice : Implementing Team-Based Care by American College of Obstetr... ISBN: 9781934984567
Achieving High Quality Care : Practical Experience from NICE by Leng, Gillian, Moore, Val, ... ISBN: 9781118543412 List Price: $40.00
Merry and Mccall Smith's Errors, Medicine and the Law by Merry, Alan, Brookbanks, Wa... ISBN: 9781316632253 List Price: $44.99
Merry and Mccall Smith's Errors, Medicine and the Law by Merry, Alan, Brookbanks, Wa... ISBN: 9781107180499 List Price: $125.00
Healthcare and Culture : Subjectivity in Medical Contexts by Freda, Maria Francesca, Pic... ISBN: 9781681236445
Health Care Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation : An Assessment Using Data Envelopment A... by Ozcan, Yasar A., Tone, Kaoru ISBN: 9781489977588 List Price: $129.00
HMO/PPO Directory 2019 by Mars, Laura ISBN: 9781682177792 List Price: $325.00
Value of Transnational Medical Research : Labour, Participation and Care by Kelly, Ann H., Geissler, P.... ISBN: 9781138110939
Delivery of Regenerative Medicines and Their Impact on Healthcare by Prescott, Catherine, Polak,... ISBN: 9781138115446
Negotiating the French Pox in Early Modern Germany by Stein, Claudia ISBN: 9781138253230
Resveratrol in Health and Disease by Aggarwal, Bharat B., Shisho... ISBN: 9781420026474
Medical Error and Patient Safety : Human Factors in Medicine by Peters, George A., Peters, ... ISBN: 9781420064797
5S for Healthcare by Jackson, Thomas L. ISBN: 9781439803516
Handbook of Healthcare Delivery Systems by Yih, Yuehwern ISBN: 9781439803622
Healthcare Transformation : A Guide for the Hospital Board Member by Joshi, Maulik, Horak, Bernard ISBN: 9781439805077
Next Generation of Healthcare Delivery by Murer, Michael A. ISBN: 9781439800751
Applying Lean in Healthcare : A Collection of International Case Studies by Aherne, Joe, Whelton, John ISBN: 9781439827406
Comprehensive Healthcare for the U. S. : An Idealized Model by Roth, William F. ISBN: 9781439829561
Quality of Life : The Assessment, Analysis and Interpretation of Patient-Reported Outcomes by Fayers, Peter M., Machin, D... ISBN: 9780470024522 List Price: $167.50
Health Promotion in the Workplace by O'Donnell ISBN: 9780827349414 List Price: $12.00
Revolutionizing Tropical Medicine : Point-of-Care Tests, New Imaging Technologies and Digita... by Atkinson, Kerry, Mabey, David ISBN: 9781119282686 List Price: $224.99
Medical Device Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance by Fries, Richard C. ISBN: 9781420071313 List Price: $247.95
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