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Cardiovascular Aspects of Marfan Syndrome by Hetzer, Roland, Gehle, Petr... ISBN: 9783798509597
Leading-Edge Stem Cell Research by Koka, Prasad S. ISBN: 9781604562682 List Price: $69.00
Guide to Stem Cells by Body System by Kiessling, Ann ISBN: 9780763744267 List Price: $19.95
Down's Syndromester Psychological,psychobiological And Socio-educational Perspectives by Rondal, Jean A., Perera, Ju... ISBN: 9781565937406 List Price: $45.00
Inherited Metabolic Disease in Adults : A Clinical Guide by Hollak, Carla E. M., Lachma... ISBN: 9780199972135 List Price: $198.50
Epstein's Inborn Errors of Development : The Molecular Basis of Clinical Disorders of Morpho... by Erickson, Robert P., Wynsha... ISBN: 9780199934522 List Price: $395.00
Hole in the Heart by Beaumont, Henry ISBN: 9781908434920
Genetic Mistakes : Understanding and Living with Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders by Forrest, Rosemary, Baugh, N... ISBN: 9781536122442 List Price: $95.00
Emery's Elements of Medical Genetics Robert F. Mueller, Ian D. Young ; Illustrator, Anna Durbin by Mueller, Robert F., Young, ... ISBN: 9780443051753 List Price: $36.00
Mouse Models of the Nuclear Envelopathies and Related Diseases by Stewart, Colin ISBN: 9780123979209 List Price: $198.00
Urology at a Glance by Hashim, Hashim, Dasgupta, P... ISBN: 9781118923641 List Price: $43.99
Hereditary Diseases and Blood Transfusion Proceedings of the Nineteenth International Sympos... by Das, P. C., Bri, E., Sibing... ISBN: 9780792336945 List Price: $206.00
Fragile X Child by Schopmeyer, Betty B., Lowe,... ISBN: 9781879105836 List Price: $45.00
Assessing Genetic Risks Implications for Health and Social Policy by Institute of Medicine Staff... ISBN: 9780309047982 List Price: $44.95
Mouse Models in the Study of Genetic Neurological Disorders by Popko, Brian ISBN: 9780306459658 List Price: $245.00
Neurofibromatosis by Hughes, R. A., Huson, S. M. ISBN: 9780412389207 List Price: $188.95
Genetic Medicine by Muench, Karl H. ISBN: 9780838531211 List Price: $45.00
Genetic Applications : A Health Perspective by University of Colorado Heal... ISBN: 9780317939262 List Price: $20.00
Inborn Metabolic Diseases by Fernandes, J. ISBN: 9780387509518 List Price: $179.00
Genetic Counseling : A Guide for the Practicing Physician by Fuhrmann, Walter, Vogel, Fr... ISBN: 9780387900117 List Price: $5.90
Regenerating Bodies by Kent, Julie ISBN: 9780415688819
Sindrome de Marfan by Pyeritz, Reed E., Conant, J... ISBN: 9780918335043 List Price: $1.00
Genetics for Physicians by Muench, Karl H. ISBN: 9780974326900 List Price: $39.99
Teaching the Student with Spina Bifida by Rowley-Kelly, Fern L., Reig... ISBN: 9781557661098 List Price: $49.00
Promise and Peril of Genetic Screening by National Conference of Cath... ISBN: 9781574550764 List Price: $1.00
Spina Bifida by Watson, Stephanie ISBN: 9781615126613 List Price: $58.50
Local Cells Global Science by Bharadwaj, Aditya, Glasner,... ISBN: 9780415534208
From Phenotype to Gene in Common Disorders by Berg, Alfred O. ISBN: 9788716099532 List Price: $65.00
Stem Cell Biology by Marshak, Daniel R., Gardner... ISBN: 9780879696733 List Price: $65.00
Endocytosis: From Cell Biology to Health, Disease and Therapy (Nato a S I Series Series H, C... by Courtoy, Pierre J., Dautry-... ISBN: 9780387531465 List Price: $341.00
Programmed Aging: Altersgene und ihre Funktion (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft an der Johann... by Doppeler, Jana, Prinzinger,... ISBN: 9783515093002 List Price: $48.00
Chromosome 12 Aberrations in Human Solid Tumors: Cytogenetics and Molecular Genetics - Jorn ... by Bullerdiek, J., Bartnitzke, S. ISBN: 9780387557595 List Price: $86.00
Genetic Counseling for Clinicians by Garver, Kenneth L. ISBN: 9780815139317 List Price: $69.95
Clinical Perspectives in the Management of Down Syndrome by Van Dyke, D. C. ISBN: 9780387969879 List Price: $103.00
Teaching the Student with Spina Bifida - Fern L. Rowle by Rowley-Kelly, Fern L., Reig... ISBN: 9781557660640 List Price: $40.00
American Journal of Nursing Staff, Nursing Board Review, 1991 by American Journal of Nursing... ISBN: 9780801600180 List Price: $26.95
Encyclopedia of Genetic Disorders and Birth Defects - Mark D. Ludman - Hardcover by Ludman, Mark D., Wyndbrandt... ISBN: 9780816019267 List Price: $50.00
Genetische Diagnostik in Geburtshilfe und Gynakologie by Tariverdian, G., Paul, M. ISBN: 9783540653288 List Price: $95.76
Manual on Reimbursement for Medical Genetics Services by American College of Medical... ISBN: 9780787298487 List Price: $250.00
Time to Begin by Dmitriev, Valentine ISBN: 9780911163001 List Price: $30.00
Improving Genetic Disease Resistance in Farm Animals A Seminar by Van der Zijpp, A. J., Sybes... ISBN: 9780792305187 List Price: $199.00
Genetic Applications A Health Perspective by University of Colorado Heal... ISBN: 9780962267505 List Price: $29.95
Genetic Counseling; by Motulsky, Arno G. ISBN: 9780842271509 List Price: $21.50
Detection and Diagnosis of Misfittong Item0scored Vectors by Multiple ISBN: 9789036192811 List Price: $34.00
Electronic Image Collection for Thompson and Thompson Genetics in Medicine by Nussbaum, Robert L., McInne... ISBN: 9780721600024 List Price: $427.00
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