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With more than a thousand text books to choose from in this area alone, it is easy to see why medical students across America come to us to buy cheap general textbooks. College studies are made much easier and cheaper when you rely on discounted text books to assist in medical topics. We have a wide range available too, including Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care: The Basics, Health Care Economics, Embalming History Theory and Practice, and Health Economics and Financing, to name just a handful. You will see we offer rental and purchase options on most text books, so you can rent used general medical textbooks as well if you wish. Sell your general medical books back at the end of your studies and earn some cash back from them. This is just one of the famous services we offer, providing discounted and pre-owned text books to a variety of hardworking American students.

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Mixed Methods in Health Sciences Research : A Practical Primer by Curry, Leslie A. (Ann), Nun... ISBN: 9781483306773 List Price: $32.00
Summary of When Breath Becomes Air : By Paul Kalanithi - Includes Analysis by Instaread ISBN: 9781945272738 List Price: $4.99
Drugs in Use : Clinical Case Studies for Pharmacists by Dodds, Linda J. ISBN: 9780857110916
Remington Education - Pharmaceutics by Fox, Shelley Chambers ISBN: 9780857110701
So You Want to Be A Physician Assistant : Second Edition by Grivett, Beth ISBN: 9780985161101 List Price: $24.95
MCAT Secrets Study Guide : MCAT Exam Review for the Medical College Admission Test by MCAT Exam Secrets Test Prep... ISBN: 9781621202806 List Price: $24.99
3 HESI Admission Assessment Practice Tests : Three Practice Tests for the HESI Admission Ass... by Mometrix HESI A2 Exam Secre... ISBN: 9781627336918 List Price: $35.00
Operation Flight Nurse: Real-Life Medical Emergencies by David M Kaniecki ACNP ISBN: 9780615839967 List Price: $12.99
Hartman's Nursing Assistant Care : Long-Term Care and Home Care by Hartman Publishing ISBN: 9781604250404 List Price: $53.63
BNF for Children 2014-2015 (BNFC) by Paediatric Formulary Committee ISBN: 9780857111364
Medicaid's Federal Medical Assistance Percentage (FMAP), FY2014 by Mitchell, Alison ISBN: 9781457843839 List Price: $20.00
History of Vaccines by Youngdahl, Karie ISBN: 9780988623101 List Price: $10.99
Medicare : High-Expenditure Part B Drugs by Cosgrove, James C. ISBN: 9781457841163 List Price: $20.00
Publishing Scientific Papers with Potential Security Risks : Issues for Congress by Gottron, Frank ISBN: 9781457836039 List Price: $20.00
Remington Pocket Companion : An Introduction to Pharmacy by Allen, Loyd V., Jr. ISBN: 9780857111043
Anatomy to Color and Study Upper Limb Back and Lower Limb 3rd Edition by Poritsky, Ray ISBN: 9780983578475 List Price: $28.95
Lab Manual for Biomedical Engineering by Drzewiecki, Gary ISBN: 9781609275990
Social Inequality and Social Justice in Medicine by Smith, Darron T., Sabino, T... ISBN: 9781621310198
History of Medicine as Written by its Founders : From Roger's Surgery by Toledo-Pereyra, Luis H., To... ISBN: 9781621310358
Professionalism in Nursing by Revell, Maria A., Revell, M... ISBN: 9781621311324
Bio-�thique et Cultures by Debru, Claude, Baulieu, Eti... ISBN: 9782711697250
Practice, Practice, Practice by Goldner, Fred ISBN: 9781936541201 List Price: $12.00
Blood Lines : Fatherhood, Faith and Love in the Time of Stem Cells by McLean, Paul ISBN: 9781938517235 List Price: $13.95
Physiotherapist, Physical Therapist : A Career Guide by Wright, Christopher ISBN: 9780989658492 List Price: $9.97
Protein Translation by Jan, Eric ISBN: 9781615046300
Careers in Biotechnology by Szumski, Bonnie ISBN: 9781601527028
Gatro Intestinal Emergencies by Unknown ISBN: 9781591035060 List Price: $19.95
Thinking Critically : Biomedical Ethics by Nakaya, Andrea C. ISBN: 9781601526748
Clinical Information Systems by Blum, B., Blum, Bruce I. ISBN: 9783540961901 List Price: $69.99
Guide Her Home : A Year of Hope after a Child's Tragedy by Lavine, Jolene ISBN: 9780990437147 List Price: $15.00
Clinical Examination : A Systematic Guide to Physical Diagnosis by O'Connor, Simon ISBN: 9780729541688 List Price: $87.95
Child, Youth and Family Health : Strengthening Communities by Barnes, Margaret, Rowe, Jen... ISBN: 9780729541558 List Price: $77.95
Havard's Nursing Guide to Drugs by Tiziani, Adriana P. ISBN: 9780729541411 List Price: $72.95
Doing a Systematic Review : A Student's Guide by Dickson, Rumona, Boland, An... ISBN: 9781446269671
Health Economics and Policy by Henderson, James W. ISBN: 9781337106757
Chinese Herbal Medicine : Materia Medica by Bensky, Dan, Clavey, Steven... ISBN: 9780939616824 List Price: $135.00
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