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Emergency Response by American Red Cross Staff ISBN: 9780815126355 List Price: $5.00
Burn Patient by Burke, Tompkins ISBN: 9780815113331 List Price: $45.00
Hand Injuries and Infections : An Illustrated Guide by Conolly, W. Bruce, Kilgore,... ISBN: 9780815118336 List Price: $60.50
AED Teaching Package by National Safety Council (NS... ISBN: 9780763707293 List Price: $394.95
Fractures of the Facial Skeleton. Foreword by Sir Reginald Watson-Jones by Rowe, Norman Lester, Killey... ISBN: 9780598254559 List Price: $200.00
Emergency Medicine : Diagnosis and Management, 7th Edition by Brown, Anthony Ft, Cadogan,... ISBN: 9781138381766
Urological Emergencies : A Practical Approach by Wessells, Hunter ISBN: 9781493956333 List Price: $189.00
Microbiology of Wounds by Percival, Steven, Cutting, ... ISBN: 9781420079944
Acute Medicine : A Practical Guide to the Management of Medical Emergencies by Sprigings, David C., Chambe... ISBN: 9780470691885 List Price: $88.25
Emergency Triage by Machester Triage Group ISBN: 9780470757321 List Price: $52.00
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