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Audiology and speech pathology looks at communication challenges, including problems with speech, namely speed and regularity, the quality of speech spoken, the ability to hear and understand speech, and the language processing system of the brain. There are a variety of reasons that people may suffer from speech or audiology disorders, such as learned behavior, an adjustment problem or a physiological problem. Specialists in this area try to work out the reason behind the problem and then develops a program to help their patients to work around it if possible. Our extensive range of cheap audiology and speech pathology textbooks examine the reasons behind the pathologies, the possible causes and triggers, the signs, as well as treatment suggestions. The successful treatment of someone with an audiology or speech pathology is an incredibly rewarding experience and can dramatically improve the quality of the patient's life. Our new and used textbooks will give you a helping hand in this fascinating area of study.

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Single Subject Research Applications in Educational and Clinical Settings by Richards, Stephen B., Taylo... ISBN: 9781565937994 List Price: $115.95
Introduction to Audiologic Rehabilitation by Schow, Ronald L., Nerbonne,... ISBN: 9780205319466 List Price: $93.00
Textbook of Audiology by Kramer, Steven ISBN: 9781597560337 List Price: $79.95
Educational Audiology Handbook (Book Only) by Johnson, Cheryl Deconde, Se... ISBN: 9781111319830 List Price: $166.95
Language and the Brain by Obler, Loraine K., Gjerlow,... ISBN: 9780521466417 List Price: $41.99
Hearing Conservation Manual - Alice H. Suter by Suter, Alice H., Berger, El... ISBN: 9780972314305 List Price: $55.00
Speech Science An Integrated Approach to Theory and Clinical Practice by Ferrand, Carole T. ISBN: 9780205285082 List Price: $85.60
Treating Articulation and Phonological Disorders in Children by Ruscello, Dennis M. ISBN: 9780323033879 List Price: $68.95
Practical Management of the Balance Disorder Patient by Shepard, Neil T., Telian, S... ISBN: 9781879105843 List Price: $104.95
Children With Cochlear Implants in Educational Settings by Nevins, Mary E., Chute, Pat... ISBN: 9781565931602 List Price: $64.95
Voice Treatment for Children and Adolescents by Andrews, Moya L. ISBN: 9780769301075 List Price: $96.95
Language Disorders Across the Lifespan by Vinson, Betsy Partin ISBN: 9781418009540 List Price: $93.95
Evaluating Speech Path.+audio. by Ventry, Ira M., Schiavetti,... ISBN: 9780024229403 List Price: $77.00
Reading Development and Dyslexia by Hulme, Charles, Snowling, M... ISBN: 9781897635858 List Price: $51.95
Rehabilitative Audiology for Children and Adults by Davis, Julia M., Hardick, E... ISBN: 9780023278600 List Price: $68.00
INTRO TO CHILDREN W/LANGUAGE DISORDERS by Reed, Vicki A. ISBN: 9780023991509 List Price: $76.50
Deafness, Deprivation, and IQ by Braden, J. P. ISBN: 9780306446863 List Price: $64.95
Introduction to Communication Disorders A Life Span Perspective by Owens, Robert E., Metz, Dal... ISBN: 9780205360123 List Price: $81.60
Research Design and Evaluation in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology by Silverman, Franklin H. ISBN: 9780205197996 List Price: $101.80
Language and Communication Intervention in the Preschool Child by Tiegerman, Ellenmorris ISBN: 9780024208217
121. Communication Disorders-w/cd by Owens, Robert E., Metz, Dal... ISBN: 9780205274581 List Price: $54.75
122. Sound by Speaks, Charles E. ISBN: 9781565937055 List Price: $49.95
Hearing Conservation in Industry, Schools, and the Military by Lipscomb, David M. ISBN: 9781565933804 List Price: $114.95
Hearing Care for Children by Martin, Frederick N., Clark... ISBN: 9780131247024 List Price: $90.80
Central Auditory Processing Disorders Mostly Management by Masters, M. Gay, Stecker, N... ISBN: 9780205273614 List Price: $71.40
Acoustic Analysis of Speech by Kent, Raymond D., Read, Cha... ISBN: 9781879105430 List Price: $42.95
Diagnostic Audiology by Jacobson, John T., Northern... ISBN: 9780890792971 List Price: $37.00
Childhood Communication Disorders Organic Bases by Schoenbrodt, Lisa, Schoenbr... ISBN: 9780769302447 List Price: $110.95
Voice and Voice Therapy (with Free Audio CD) by Boone, Daniel R., McFarlane... ISBN: 9780205308439
Vision and Reading by Garzia, Ralph P. ISBN: 9780815134381 List Price: $51.00
Modifying Vocal Behavior by Moncur, John P., Brackett, ... ISBN: 9780060445676 List Price: $27.18
Preschool and School-Age Language Disorders by Vinson, Betsy P. ISBN: 9781435493124 List Price: $58.95
Therapy Techniques for Cleft Palate Speech and Related Disorders by Kushner, Karen Golding ISBN: 9780769301693 List Price: $90.95
Underwater Ear and Nose Care by Roydhouse, Noel ISBN: 9780941332231 List Price: $14.95
Educational Audiology Handbook by Johnson, Cheryl Deconde, Be... ISBN: 9781565938236 List Price: $134.95
Study Skills for Students with Dyslexia by Hargreaves, Sandra ISBN: 9781446202876
Encyclopedia of Deafness and Hearing Disorders by Turkington, Carol, Sussman,... ISBN: 9780816022670 List Price: $45.00
Treatment Resource Manual for Speech Language Pathology (Book Only) by Roth, Froma P., Worthington... ISBN: 9781111319786 List Price: $204.95
Fundamentals of Hearing An Introduction by Yost, William A. ISBN: 9780127756950 List Price: $46.95
Handbook of Augmentative and Alternative Communication by Glennen, Sharon L., Decoste... ISBN: 9781565936843 List Price: $135.95
Anatomy And Physiology Study Guide for Speech And Hearing by Cotton, Stephanie S., Tanne... ISBN: 9781597560269 List Price: $39.95
Hedge's Pocket Guide to Treatment in Speech-Language Pathology by Hedge, M. N., Hegde, M. N. ISBN: 9780769301594 List Price: $76.95
Speech-lang.pathology Services... by Taylor, Joyce S. ISBN: 9780205132621 List Price: $69.00
Counseling the Communicatively Disordered and Their Families - David Luterman by Luterman, David ISBN: 9780890794142 List Price: $27.00
Medical-Legal Evaluation of Hearing Loss by Dobie, Robert A. ISBN: 9780769300528 List Price: $199.95
Articulation and Phonological Disorders - John E. Bernthal - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Bernthal, John E., Bankson,... ISBN: 9780130489432 List Price: $57.00
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