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The role of medical assistants is becoming increasingly important as doctors, nurses and physicians are snowed under ever growing piles of paperwork. Our extensive range of discounted medical assistant textbooks will prepare you for work in medical offices and clinics. They will help you to develop the skills needed to interview patients, make appointments, take blood pressure, weigh patients, keep records and take payments. In essence a mix of clinical and administrative duties. Working within the medical profession you will soon learn to appreciate the value of time, and will often be rushed off your feet. Get into the practice of being time-efficient now by ordering your books online instead of wasting precious time stuck in long lines at your college bookshop. Once you have placed your order we will mail your new or pre-owned books to the address of your choice so all you need to do is sit back and enjoy having some free time on your hands.

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Medical Assistant's Externship Guide to Success by Lehrke, Sandrah A. ISBN: 9781401878092 List Price: $29.95
Kinn's The Medical Assistant - Text and E-Book Package: An Applied Learning Approach by Young, Alexandra Patricia, ... ISBN: 9781416068792 List Price: $144.43
Readings in Clinical Practice with Individual and Family by Unknown ISBN: 9780536586049 List Price: $45.00
Medical Office Procedurew with Medical Pegboard by Flores, Eleanor K. ISBN: 9781285050300
Clinical Medical Assisting : Professional Practice by Stiles ISBN: 9780827334434 List Price: $27.95
Clinical Medical Assisting : Professional Practice by Stiles ISBN: 9780827334441 List Price: $8.00
Kinn's the Medical Assistant - Text, Study Guide and Procedure Checklist Manual, and SimChar... by Proctor, Deborah B., Niedzw... ISBN: 9780323625272 List Price: $278.13
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