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When you look for Asian literary criticism textbooks you'll find you can easily locate the books you need with us. We've split this section into Chinese, Indic and Japanese textbooks to make things easier for you. Buy cheap Asian textbooks now and open a door to a much cheaper way of getting college text books. They might be pre-owned but they are still in good condition and you can find out more about every single book in the listings. Look for examples such as Writing and Authority in Early China; Statesmen and Gentlemen: The Elite of Fu-Chou Chang-Hsi in Northern and Southern Sung; and Re-reading the Stone: Desire and the Making of Fiction in Dream of the Red Chamber. Discounted deals are commonly available through Valore Books, so make the most of our affordable and reasonable deals today. Our marketplace couldn't be easier to buy or rent from, as you'll see.

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Lu Hs�n and His Predecessors by Semanov, V. I. ISBN: 9781138647534
Chinese Literature : An Introduction by Pidhainy, Ihor ISBN: 9780924304835
Akutagawa: An Introduction by Yu, Beongcheon ISBN: 9780814314678 List Price: $24.95
When East Meets West : Indian Thought in Anglo-Indian and Indo-English Fiction by Rao, Adapa R., Sivaramkrish... ISBN: 9788120715134
As I Am : Autobiography by Ansal, Jusum, Ali, Masooma ISBN: 9788124104996
New English Novel in English : A Study of the 1980s by Kirpal, Viney ISBN: 9788170232568
Twentieth-Century Chinese Authors and Their Pen Names by Chu, Pao-Liang ISBN: 9787563337194 List Price: $65.00
Chandralekha by Bharucha, Rustom ISBN: 9788172231682
Women's Poetry of Late Imperial China : Transforming the Inner Chambers by Li, Xiaorong ISBN: 9780295992051 List Price: $70.00
Frontier Cultures by Baruah, Manjeet ISBN: 9780415500807
Brief History of Tantra Literature by Banerjee, S. C. ISBN: 9788185109466 List Price: $62.50
Dalit Literatures in India by Abraham, Joshil K., Misrahi... ISBN: 9780815375951
Jihat-I Sar Sayyid : Jehat-E-Sir Syed by Saba, Rukhsanah, Anjuman Ta... ISBN: 9789694032269
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