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Literary criticism comes from all parts of the world, and the style can vary depending on where it was originally created. Here you have the chance to buy cheap Asian American textbooks that relate to literary criticism in this area. We stock a wide range of the cheapest titles we can find, including Amy Tan: Author and Storyteller; Bold Words: A Century of Asian American Writing; Reading Asian American Literature: From Necessity to Extravagance; and Asian American Short Story Writers: An A to Z Guide. With this many diverse and affordable titles available, it is easy to amass a collection of books you will love to read. Make sure you have the best array of books you could want and get the most from your studies for college today. With the support of Valore Books you can always find the best and cheapest books. Rent cheap Asian American textbooks now to discover what we mean.

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Bold Words A Century of Asian American Writing by Srikanth, Rajini, Iwanaga, ... ISBN: 9780813529660 List Price: $26.95
Amy Tan, New Edition by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9781604131796 List Price: $45.00
Asian American Short Story Writers An A-To-Z Guide by Huang, Guiyou ISBN: 9780313322297 List Price: $111.95
Race & Resistance Literature & Politics in Asian America by Nguyen, Viet Thanh ISBN: 9780195146998 List Price: $125.00
Performing Asian American Race and Ethnicity on the Contemporary Stage by Lee, Josephine ISBN: 9781566396370 List Price: $26.95
Asian-American Writers, New Edition by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9781604134018 List Price: $45.00
Reading Amy Tan by Dong, Lan ISBN: 9780313355462
Amy Tan by Shields, Charles J. ISBN: 9780791058893 List Price: $30.00
Asian-American Poets A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook by Huang, Guiyou ISBN: 9780313318092 List Price: $119.95
Amy Tan Author And Storyteller by Rosinsky, Natalie M., Bow, ... ISBN: 9780756518769 List Price: $31.93
Amy Tan by Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9780791056585 List Price: $45.00
Bloom's How to Write About Amy Tan (Bloom's How to Write About Literature) by Becnel, Kim E. ISBN: 9781604133080 List Price: $45.00
Narrating Nationalisms Ideology and Form in Asian American Literature by Ling, Jinqi ISBN: 9780195111163 List Price: $110.00
Melancholy of Race by Cheng, Anne Anlin ISBN: 9780195134032 List Price: $110.00
Ethics & Poetics of Alterity in Asian American Poetry by Zhou, Xiaojing ISBN: 9780877459828 List Price: $39.95
Encyclopedia of Asian American Literature by Oh, Seiwoong ISBN: 9780816060863 List Price: $75.00
Amy Tan's the Joy Luck Club by Bloom, Harold, Bloom, Harold ISBN: 9780791063385 List Price: $45.00
Joy Luck Club : A Student Response Journal by Scott, James ISBN: 9781580499309 List Price: $19.95
Amy Tan : A Critical Companion/Online by Huntley, Edelma D. ISBN: 9780313326127 List Price: $70.00
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