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Law has been credited as the very thing that keeps a society ticking. Without the establishment of law, one can only imagine what would go down on a daily basis. If you haven't set foot in a law class and experienced the intense IRAC method for legal analysis, you may be missing out! We offer a wide variety of Law textbooks to fit your needs including Business Law, International Law, Criminal Law, Medical Law, Employment Law, Civil Law and Constitutional Law. Each of your law courses will challenge you to put on your thinking cap, as you study cases that have forever changed the way society functions. For instance, had it not been for constitutional lawyers, women wouldn't be at the polls on voting day, or if there weren't employment lawyers, we may be working twenty-three hour days. Browse our vast supply of used textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN. We're guessing that a good lawyer had to play a role in the development of the ISBN, as it is the surest way to assure you that you are gaining the exact book you are searching for. Now that's justice! Our cheap textbooks are of the highest quality, and orders processed instantly. All that will be left is delivery right to your door. No more waiting in endless college bookstore lines. Plus, we offer the cheapest textbooks around!

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Real Estate Law (Real Estate Law (Seidel, George)) by Siedel, Aalberts, Robert J.... ISBN: 9780840053596 List Price: $206.95
Readings in American Indian Law Recalling the Rhythm of Survival by Carillo, Jo ISBN: 9781566395823 List Price: $39.95
Cyberethics Morality And Law in Cyberspace by Spinello, Richard A. ISBN: 9780763737832 List Price: $79.95
Exploring Juvenile Justice by Roberson, Cliff ISBN: 9781928916093 List Price: $106.95
Criminalistics An Introduction to Forensic Science by Saferstein, Richard ISBN: 9780132216555 List Price: $134.20
Juvenile Justice Process And Systems by Martin, Gus, Martin, Claren... ISBN: 9780761930822 List Price: $102.00
Litigation Practice: E-Discovery and Technology by Goldman, Thomas F. ISBN: 9780132373159 List Price: $112.20
General Principles of Law as Applied by International Courts and Tribunals by Cheng, Bin, Schwarzenberger... ISBN: 9780521030007 List Price: $69.00
Law and Society by Vago, Steven ISBN: 9780132318853 List Price: $108.20
Juvenile Justice: An Introduction by Whitehead, John T., Lab, St... ISBN: 9781593456139 List Price: $65.95
Criminal Law by Kaci, Judy H. ISBN: 9781928916123 List Price: $106.95
Juvenile Law by Marsh, Toni ISBN: 9781401840198 List Price: $63.95
Philosophy of Law by Schauer, Frederick F., Sinn... ISBN: 9780195155129 List Price: $79.95
Law in the Schools by Valente, William D., Valent... ISBN: 9780131141551 List Price: $140.00
Elder Law by Gallo, Nancy R. ISBN: 9781401842574 List Price: $58.95
Controlling Dangerous Classes A Critical Introduction to the History of Criminal Justice by Shelden, Randall G., Hallet... ISBN: 9780205571895 List Price: $61.60
Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement, Eighth Edition by del Carmen, Rolando V., Wal... ISBN: 9781437735062 List Price: $34.95
International Building Code 2006 by International Code Council ... ISBN: 9781580012515 List Price: $107.00
Law of Corporations and Other Business Organization by Schneeman, Angela ISBN: 9781435425774 List Price: $156.95
On Law, Morality, and Politics by Aquinas, Thomas, Regan, Ric... ISBN: 9780872206632 List Price: $14.95
Law, Psychology, and Morality : The Role of Loss Aversion by Zamir, Eyal ISBN: 9780199972050 List Price: $79.95
Paralegal Today: The Essentials by Miller, Roger, Urisko, Mary... ISBN: 9781435498556 List Price: $135.95
Paralegal Internship Manual by Orlik, Deborah ISBN: 9780131993754 List Price: $26.67
California Civil Litigation (2nd Edition) by Goldman, Thomas F., Hughes,... ISBN: 9780132374637 List Price: $120.00
Introduction to Forensic Sciences by Eckert, William G., Bernste... ISBN: 9780849381010 List Price: $95.95
Ethics and Politics of Asylum Liberal Democracy and the Response to Refugees by Gibney, Matthew J. ISBN: 9780521009379 List Price: $38.99
The Texas Paralegal by Statsky, William P., Crosse... ISBN: 9781418012960 List Price: $49.95
Paralegal Today: The Legal Team at Work (West Legal Studies) by Miller, Roger, Urisko, Mary... ISBN: 9781439057018 List Price: $169.95
Business Organizations for Paralegals by Reed, Kathleen, Cheeseman, ... ISBN: 9780135103647 List Price: $120.00
Sports Law by Epstein, Adam ISBN: 9780766823242 List Price: $103.95
Brown V. Board of Education A Brief History With Documents by Martin, Waldo E. ISBN: 9780312111526 List Price: $79.88
Re-Framing Educational Politics For Social Justice by Marshall, Catherine, Gerstl... ISBN: 9780205371426 List Price: $70.67
Political Economy of Poverty, Equity, and Growth A Comparative Study by Lal, Deepak, Myint, H., Hla... ISBN: 9780198294320 List Price: $65.00
Treatise on Law by Aquinas, Thomas, Regan, Ric... ISBN: 9780872205482 List Price: $8.95
Essentials of Sports Law by Wong, Glenn M. ISBN: 9780313356759 List Price: $94.95
Constitutional Interpretation by Ducat, Craig R. ISBN: 9780495503231 List Price: $131.95
Essentials of Practical Real Estate Law by Hinkel, Daniel F. ISBN: 9781418048068 List Price: $133.95
Employee Benefits A Guide for Health Care Professionals by Aspen Health Law and Compli... ISBN: 9780834211582 List Price: $105.95
Foundations of Legal Research Handwriting by Bast, Carol M., Hawkins, Ma... ISBN: 9781435413382 List Price: $145.95
Real Cases in Juvenile Justice by Goodman, Debbie J., Grimmin... ISBN: 9780135127827 List Price: $15.40
Bad Kids Race and the Transformation of the Juvenile Court by Feld, Barry C. ISBN: 9780195097887 List Price: $35.00
Cite-Mate Citation Guide by Bouchoux, Deborah E. ISBN: 9781418051532
International Law by Evans, Malcolm ISBN: 9780199282708 List Price: $79.95
Rights of the Elderly by Pampel, Fred C. ISBN: 9780816071968 List Price: $45.00
CourseCompass Access Code Card for Course Connect: Assesment for Administrators by Pearson, Nina, Pearson Educ... ISBN: 9780137069989 List Price: $40.00
Sociological Justice by Black, Donald ISBN: 9780195085587 List Price: $39.95
On Crimes and Punishments by Beccaria, Cesare, Paolucci,... ISBN: 9780023913600 List Price: $11.20
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