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West's,06 by Unknown ISBN: 9780324305012 List Price: $40.95
California Income Tax Fundamentals by Whittenburg, Gerald E., Alt... ISBN: 9780324303636
West's Federal Taxation Comprehensive Volume 1996 by Willis, Hoffman ISBN: 9780314045478 List Price: $71.95
General Explanation Of Tax Legislation Enacted In 1998 Report Of The Joint Committee On Taxa... by Roth, William, Archer, Bill ISBN: 9780788187704 List Price: $40.00
General Explanation Of Tax Legislation Enacted In The 104th Congress by Diane Publishing Staff ISBN: 9780788148842 List Price: $50.00
Fundamentals Of Taxation 2005 and Tax Act 2004 A Forms Approach by Schisler, Dan, Niswander, F... ISBN: 9780131644076 List Price: $106.60
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2006 Corporations, Partnerships, Estates, and Trusts by Anderson, Kenneth E., Pope,... ISBN: 9780131859463 List Price: $146.67
211. Course,2004-general Ed. by Unknown ISBN: 9780808009702 List Price: $135.00
State Tax Handbook,2000 by CCH Editors ISBN: 9780808004486 List Price: $44.00
West's,02-looseleaf by Hoffman, Joan ISBN: 9780324109535 List Price: $87.75
Federal Taxation:prac.+proc.-supp. by Meldman, Robert E., Sideman... ISBN: 9780808002659 List Price: $40.00
Federal Taxation of Wealth Transfers Cases and Problems by Willbanks, Stephanie J. ISBN: 9780735540941
Taxation for Decision Makers 2005 Edition by Dennis-Escoffier, Shirley, ... ISBN: 9780131472396 List Price: $117.33
Taxing Power A Reference Guide To The United States Constitution by Jensen, Erik M. ISBN: 9780313312298 List Price: $99.95
West's Internal Revenue Code Of 1986 And Treasury Regulation by Smith, James E. ISBN: 9780324234978 List Price: $68.95
Introduccion Al Derecho Mercantil Y Fiscal by Ramírez Valenzuela, Alejandro ISBN: 9789681813598 List Price: $9.50
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2004 Individuals by Pope, Thomas R., Anderson, ... ISBN: 9780130082220 List Price: $122.00
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation 2004 by Pope, Thomas R., Anderson, ... ISBN: 9780130082190 List Price: $128.00
Ethical Problems in Federal Tax Practice by Wolfman, Bernard D., Holden... ISBN: 9780872159037 List Price: $26.00
Federal Taxation by Pratt, James W., Kulsrud, W... ISBN: 9780759351790 List Price: $39.95
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation, 1991 by Kramer, John L., Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780136912392 List Price: $79.00
West's Fed. Tax : Indiv..., 2006-Study Guide by Smith, James E., Willis, Eu... ISBN: 9780324399561
Prentice-hall's,2000 Individual by Pope, Kramer, Paula ISBN: 9780130202758 List Price: $91.00
An Introduction to Taxation, 1991 Edition by Sommerfeld, Ray M., Madeo, ... ISBN: 9780155463370 List Price: $53.95
Concepts in Federal Taxation 1994 (Concepts in Federal Taxation) by Murphy, Kevin E., Leyh, Hig... ISBN: 9780314025951 List Price: $61.50
Income Tax Fundamentals - 1991 Edition by Whittenburg, Gerald E., Whi... ISBN: 9780314799838 List Price: $32.50
South-Western Federal Taxation 2011: Corporations, Partnerships, Estates and Trusts (with Ta... by Hoffman, William H., Raabe,... ISBN: 9780538473439 List Price: $220.95
South-Western Federal Taxation 2011: Individual Income Taxes (with TaxCut Tax Preparation So... by Hoffman, William, Smith, Ja... ISBN: 9780538473446 List Price: $220.95
Hbj Federal Tax Course, 1988 by Everett, John O., Boley, Ri... ISBN: 9780155353138 List Price: $29.00
Prentice Hall's Federal Taxation, 1991: Comprehensive Volume by Kramer, John L., Phillips, ... ISBN: 9780136911890 List Price: $68.00
Federal Taxation, 1988 by Pratt, James W., Burns, Jan... ISBN: 9780256064582 List Price: $46.95
Income Tax Fundamentals 1987 E Dition by Whittenburg, Gerald E., Whi... ISBN: 9780314285157 List Price: $36.50
Income Tax Fundamentals 1990 E Dition by Whittenburg, Gerald E., Whi... ISBN: 9780314667670 List Price: $38.75
Revenue Law: Text and Materials by Salter, David, Snape, John,... ISBN: 9781847660848 List Price: $140.00
West's Federal Tax Research by Raabe, William A., Whittenb... ISBN: 9780314285058 List Price: $52.00
Income Tax Fundamentals 1993 E Dition by Whittenburg, Gerald E., Whi... ISBN: 9780314012487 List Price: $35.50
Employee Reward Structures by Langley, Aidan ISBN: 9781904905080 List Price: $170.00
Hoffman Fed Tax Corp 1987 by Hoffman, Bill, Jr., Willis,... ISBN: 9780314996534 List Price: $42.00
South-Western Federal Taxation 2011: Comprehensive (with H&R Block @ Home Tax Preparation So... by Willis, Eugene, Hoffman, Wi... ISBN: 9781111058722 List Price: $154.95
West's Federal Tax Research - William A. Raabe - Hardcover - Older Edition by Raabe, William A., Whittenb... ISBN: 9780314026507 List Price: $61.50
Federal Income Taxation - Harold Q. Langenderfer - Hardcover - 1991 ed by Langenderfer, Harold Q. ISBN: 9780538802116 List Price: $34.95
Federal Taxation by Pratt, James W., Kulsrud, W... ISBN: 9780759351752 List Price: $138.95
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