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Would you believe we had a few dozen books on the subject of natural resources and their connection to the law? We do - and what's more you can take full advantage of them when you buy natural resources textbooks online now. With dozens of great text books available and the ability to shop around for books to rent, used natural resources textbooks couldn't be easier to find either. Among them you'll find examples such as Legal Control of Water Resources: Cases and Materials; Water Law in a Nutshell; Water Rights: An International and Comparative Study; and International Law of Fisheries: A Framework for Policy Oriented Enquiries. With dozens more books waiting to be discovered, you can see how easy it can be to find and buy used natural resources textbooks when you shop with us. Our buyback service pretty much guarantees we'll always have more books to share every time you visit too.

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Regulation of Power Exchanges in Europe, Vol. 4 by Boisseleau, Francois, Rogge... ISBN: 9789050953177
Adjustments to Changes in Fisheries Law and Economics/F2871 by Cleveland, Barbara C. ISBN: 9789251023280 List Price: $14.00
Hard Rock Mining Mineral Rights on Public Domainning by Braunstein, Michael, Burden... ISBN: 9780870841057 List Price: $35.00
International Trade in Water Rights : The Next Step by Baillat, Aline ISBN: 9781843393610 List Price: $148.05
Natural Resources by Stroup, Richard L., Baden, ... ISBN: 9780884103851 List Price: $9.95
Enforcing the Law The Case of the Clean Water Acts by Hunter, Susan, Waterman, Ri... ISBN: 9781563246821 List Price: $82.95
Enforcement or Negotiation Constructing a Regulatory Bureaucracy by Shover, Neal, Clelland, Don... ISBN: 9780887063428 List Price: $29.95
New Courses for the Colorado River Major Issues for the Next Century by Weatherford, Gary D. ISBN: 9780826308559 List Price: $11.95
Encyclopaedia of Petroleum Laws by Sarin, T. ISBN: 9780785535300 List Price: $150.00
Arboriculture and the Law by Merrullo, Victor D. ISBN: 9781881956013 List Price: $45.00
Silver Fox of the Rockies Delphus E. Carpenter and Western Water Compacts by Tyler, Daniel, Carpenter, D... ISBN: 9780806135151 List Price: $34.95
Principles of Water Law and Administration by Caponera, Dante Augusto ISBN: 9780415435833
Water Sustainable City : Science Policy and Practice by Feldman, David L. ISBN: 9781783478552
Handbook on Water Security by Pahl-Wostl, Claudia, Bhadur... ISBN: 9781782548003 List Price: $210.00
Legal Control of Water Resources Cases and Materials by Sax, Joseph L., Abrams, Rob... ISBN: 9780314862280 List Price: $65.00
To Punish or Persuade: The Enforcement of Coal Mine Safety by Braithwaite, John ISBN: 9780873959315 List Price: $59.50
Eu Water Framework Directive An Introduction by Chave, Peter A. ISBN: 9781900222129 List Price: $138.60
Water A Source of Conflict or Cooperation? by Grover, Velma I. ISBN: 9781578085118 List Price: $57.50
Natural Resources Law A Place-Based Book of Problems and Cases by Klein, Christine A., Cheeve... ISBN: 9780735544628
Enforcement or Negotiation Constructing a Regulatory Bureaucracy by Shover, Neal, Clelland, Don... ISBN: 9780887063435 List Price: $23.50
Journal of Energy and Natural Resources Law No 1-4, 1992 by Walde, Thomas W. ISBN: 9781853339240 List Price: $150.00
Cases and Materials on Water Law by Trelease, Frank J., Gould, ... ISBN: 9780314984005 List Price: $52.00
International Law of Fisheries A Framework for Policy-Oriented Inquiries by Johnston, Douglas M. ISBN: 9780898389029 List Price: $179.00
Principles of Water Law and Administration National and International by Caponera, Dante A. ISBN: 9789054101086 List Price: $157.00
Whose Water Is It, Anyway? Anatomy of the Water Battle Between El Paso, Texas and New Mexico by Harris, Linda G., Czerniak,... ISBN: 9780962368219 List Price: $12.95
Clean Water Act of 1987 - Joan Kovalic - Paperback by Kovalic, Joan ISBN: 9780943244402 List Price: $5.00
Liquid Relations Contested Water Rights And Legal Complexity by Roth, Dik, Boelens, Rutgerd... ISBN: 9780813536743 List Price: $64.00
Engineering Aspects of Water Law - Leonard Rice - Library Binding by Rice, Leonard, White, Micha... ISBN: 9780894645488 List Price: $44.50
Measuring the Social Impact of Natural Resource Policies - William R. Burch,Jr. - Hardcover by Burch, William R., Jr., DeL... ISBN: 9780826306906 List Price: $29.95
Water Rights An International And Comparative Study by Hu, D. ISBN: 9781843391081 List Price: $163.35
Legal Control of Water Resources, Cases and Materials by Sax, Joseph L., Abrams, Rob... ISBN: 9780314957870 List Price: $40.95
Mineral Law : Cases and Materials by Burke, Barlow D., Beck, Rob... ISBN: 9780314048097
Rights Based Fishing by Neher, Philip A., Arnason, ... ISBN: 9780792302469 List Price: $349.00
Water Legislation in the Netherlands (Stand Alone Dup) by Huisman, Pieter ISBN: 9789040724633 List Price: $26.00
Oil & Gas Taxation, 1988 by Klingstedt, John P., Brock,... ISBN: 9780940966178 List Price: $39.95
Law of Fisheries in the Persian-Arabian Gulf by Amin, S. H. ISBN: 9780946706082
Police Authorities During the Miners' Strike by Spencer, Sarah ISBN: 9780900137259
Regulations Implementing the Amendments to the Mineral Leasing Act of 1920 by Unknown ISBN: 9780929047058 List Price: $50.00
Oil and Gas Law Short Course, 1988 by Unknown ISBN: 9780929047027 List Price: $100.00
Friends in Conflict : The Anglo-Icelandic Cod Wars and the Law of the Sea by Jonsson, Hannes ISBN: 9780208020000 List Price: $36.00
Freshwater Fishery Law by Howarth, William L. ISBN: 9781851850303 List Price: $200.00
New Courses for the Colorado River : Major Issues for the Next Century by Weatherford, Gary D., Brown... ISBN: 9780826308542 List Price: $35.00
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