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Practical Law Office Mgmt.-std.gde. by Roper ISBN: 9780314048516 List Price: $25.50
Prin.of Law Office Management-std.gde. by Rosenberg, Eileen P. ISBN: 9780314029102 List Price: $29.95
Mind, Machine, and Metaphor An Essay on Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning by Silverman, Alexander E. ISBN: 9780813385754 List Price: $66.00
Getting Started With Wordperfect 6 for Windows in Your Law Office by Greenwald, David, Wiggins, ... ISBN: 9780314024718 List Price: $38.61
Administrator's Guide to Quality Initiatives in the Law Firm by Brashear, Sally S., Herman,... ISBN: 9780787200619 List Price: $59.95
Fundamentals of Law Office Management by Everett, Pamela I. ISBN: 9780766808812 List Price: $88.95
Introduction to the Use of Computers in Litigation by Gurdak, John A., Nagle, Bar... ISBN: 9780929563053 List Price: $9.95
Technology in the Law Office by Goldman, Thomas ISBN: 9780132352888 List Price: $80.00
Information Kit by Unknown ISBN: 9780685297186 List Price: $40.00
North Carolina Law Office Management Handbook by Wake Forest University Scho... ISBN: 9780942225211 List Price: $55.00
Woman Lawyer's Rainmaking Game : How to Build a Successful Law Practice by Coulter, Silvia L., MacDona... ISBN: 9780314620514
Legal Office Procedures by Namanny, Dorothy S., Dupree... ISBN: 9780538116008 List Price: $29.95
Science and Technology Guidebook for Lawyers by Carvalko, Joseph R., Morris... ISBN: 9781627226721
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