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Critical Legal Studies by Hutchinson, Allan C. ISBN: 9780847675326 List Price: $72.00
Punishment And Political Order by McBride, Keally ISBN: 9780472069828 List Price: $21.95
Social Justice and Intercultural Education An Open-ended Dialogue by Bhatti, Ghazala ISBN: 9781858564036 List Price: $34.95
Talk Left, Walk Right South Africa's Frustrated Global Reforms by Bond, Patrick ISBN: 9781869140885 List Price: $33.95
Clashing Views on Controversial Legal Issues by Katsh, M. Ethan ISBN: 9780697335050
Law and Philosophy by Kent, Edward A. ISBN: 9780135264591 List Price: $41.00
Social Justice and Labour Jurisprudence Justice V.r. Krishna Iyer's Contributions by Babu, Sharath, Shetty, Rashmi ISBN: 9780761935230 List Price: $99.00
Thinking About Law In Silence With Heidegger by Ben-Dor, Oren ISBN: 9781841133546 List Price: $110.00
Law and Politics: Readings in Legal and Political Thought, Vol. 1 - Shadia B. Drury - Paperback by Drury, Shadia B., Drury, Sh... ISBN: 9780920490129 List Price: $13.95
Just Silences The Limits and Possibilities of Modern Law by Constable, Marianne ISBN: 9780691133775 List Price: $27.95
Jurisprudence Themes and Concepts by Veitch, Scott, Christodouli... ISBN: 9781845680701 List Price: $150.00
Our Knowledge of the Law Objectivity and Practice in Legal Theory by Pavlakos, George ISBN: 9781841135038 List Price: $90.00
Norm and Nature The Movements of Legal Thought by Shiner, Roger A. ISBN: 9780198257196 List Price: $110.00
Law, Culture And Society Legal Ideas in the Mirror of Social Theory by Cotterrell, Roger ISBN: 9780754625056 List Price: $114.95
Sex Trafficking, Human Rights, and Social Justice (Routledge Research in Human Rights) by Zheng, Tiantian ISBN: 9780415571821 List Price: $125.00
Practical Reason and Norms by Raz, Joseph ISBN: 9780691023205 List Price: $13.95
How to brief a case: An introduction to jurisprudence (Delaney series) by Delaney, John, Burgess, Anne ISBN: 9780960851430
Library of Essays on Law and Privacy by Leith, Philip ISBN: 9781409447184 List Price: $1,025.00
Concept of 'Law' in Context Comparative Law Legal Philosophy and the Social Sciences by Donlan, Sean Patrick, Hecke... ISBN: 9781472401540 List Price: $119.95
Concept of 'Law' in Context : Comparative Law Legal Philosophy and the Social Sciences by Donlan, Sean Patrick, Hecke... ISBN: 9781409455271 List Price: $119.95
Art and Social Justice : The Media Connection by Hajimichael, Mike ISBN: 9781443871969
Teach for Whose America by Sondel, Beth ISBN: 9781138910799
Translating the Social World for Law : Linguistic Tools for a New Legal Realism by Mertz, Elizabeth, Ford, Wil... ISBN: 9780199990566
Translating the Social World for Law : Linguistic Tools for a New Legal Realism by Mertz, Elizabeth, Ford, Wil... ISBN: 9780190267407
Democracy and Decency : What Does Education Have to Do with It? by Carr, Paul R., Thomas, P. L... ISBN: 9781681233253
Philosophy of Law by Kohler, Josef, Albrecht, Ad... ISBN: 9780598583314 List Price: $135.80
Liberation Sociology by Feagin, Joe R., Vera, Herna... ISBN: 9781612057231 List Price: $150.00
Law, Society and Community : Socio-Legal Essays in Honour of Roger Cotterrell by Cotterrell, Roger, Nobles, ... ISBN: 9781472409829 List Price: $134.95
Legal Theory and the Natural Sciences by Mar, Maksymilian Del, Schaf... ISBN: 9781409452225
Is Law Important? by Griffiths, John ISBN: 9789026810350 List Price: $7.50
How to Make Opportunity Equal : Race and Contributive Justice by Gomberg, Paul ISBN: 9780470692431 List Price: $103.95
Critical Introduction to Law by Mansell, Wade ISBN: 9781138775022
Legal Speeches of Democratic Athens: Sources for Athenian Social and Cultural History. by Wolpert, Andrew, Kapparis, ... ISBN: 9780872209282 List Price: $48.00
Jurisprudence and Legal Theory by Genn, Rowell, Bampton, K. P. ISBN: 9781853523892
Jurisprudence by Ball, S. ISBN: 9781853527807
SWOT Jurisprudence by Wacks, Raymond I. ISBN: 9781854310804 List Price: $80.00
Public Sector Reform and the Citizen's Charter by Willett, Chris ISBN: 9781858983622 List Price: $56.95
Logic and the Law : Chapter 15 by Unknown ISBN: 9780139227585
Justification of the Law by Morris, Clarence ISBN: 9780812210309 List Price: $22.95
Pragmatism in Law and Society by Brint, Michael, Weaver, Wil... ISBN: 9780813383095 List Price: $61.50
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