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Copyright Reference Guide : For Genealogists by Hay, Daniel J. ISBN: 9781879079045 List Price: $3.45
Modern Piracy : A Reference Handbook by Marley, David F. ISBN: 9781598844337 List Price: $55.00
What's Fair? A Report on the Proceedings of the National Conferenece on Educational Fair Acc... by Novak, Carole, Teach, Bever... ISBN: 9780784207765 List Price: $14.95
Yearbook of Copyright and Media Law 1999 by Barendt, Eric M., Firth, Al... ISBN: 9780198268734 List Price: $300.00
Understanding Copyright Law by Leaffer, Marshall ISBN: 9780256146714 List Price: $25.00
Selling Rights by Owen, Lynette ISBN: 9780415496926 List Price: $90.00
Copyright Law Statutory Supp by Jaszi, Peter, Joyce, Craig,... ISBN: 9780820501161 List Price: $9.50
Understanding Copyright: A Practical Guide by Thorn, Eric A. ISBN: 9781870404037
New Directions in Copyright Law by Macmillan, F. ISBN: 9781845422608 List Price: $100.00
Digital Copyright Law And Practice by Stokes, Simon ISBN: 9781841135144 List Price: $70.00
Intellectual Property Rights for Agricultural Biotechnology Options & Implications for Devel... by Van Wijk, Jeroen, Cohen, Jo... ISBN: 9780788137945 List Price: $25.00
Copyright Law of the U. S. by Unknown ISBN: 9780788105937 List Price: $30.00
Copyright Law of the United States of America 2000 by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756703950 List Price: $40.00
Copyright Law Text and Materials by Barron, Anne ISBN: 9780406901903 List Price: $58.00
Copyright Law by Joyce, Craig ISBN: 9780256164466 List Price: $49.95
Copyright Law by Vaver, David ISBN: 9781552210345 List Price: $41.50
Copyright Law in the United Kingdom and the European Community by Stone, Peter B., Stone, Peter ISBN: 9780485700046 List Price: $130.00
Interfaces on Trial Intellectual Property and Interoperability in the Global Software Industry by Band, Jonathan, Katoh, Masa... ISBN: 9780813389028 List Price: $86.00
Digital Copyright and the Consumer Revolution Hands Off My Ipod by Rimmer, Matthew ISBN: 9781845429485 List Price: $145.00
Modern Copyright Fundamentals by Weil, Ben H., Polansky, Bar... ISBN: 9780442293291 List Price: $34.95
Internet Freedom Where Is the Limit? by Bingham, Jane ISBN: 9781403488336 List Price: $32.86
Copyright Law and Practice: 1996 Supplement by Unknown ISBN: 9781570180354 List Price: $75.00
Primer on International Copyright and Related Rights by Blomqvist, J�rgen ISBN: 9781783470952 List Price: $120.00
Copyright Law Deskbook by Clarida, Robert W. ISBN: 9781682670149
Patents, Trade Marks and Design Supplement International by Unknown ISBN: 9780760506813 List Price: $295.00
Copyright (Cambridge Author's and Publisher's Guides) by Scarles, Christopher ISBN: 9780521297400 List Price: $3.95
Digital Copyright Law by Hutchison, Cameron ISBN: 9781552214244
Digital Rights Movement : The Role of Technology in Subverting Digital Copyright by Postigo, Hector, DeNardis, ... ISBN: 9780262305334 List Price: $51.00
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