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International Law and Developing Countries : Essays in Honour of Kamal Hossain by Hossain, Kamal, Bhuiyan, Sh... ISBN: 9789004204911 List Price: $207.00
Media Law in Israel by Baum ISBN: 9789041151797
Foreign Investment in the Energy Sector : Balancing Private and Public Interests by De Brabandere, Eric, Gazzin... ISBN: 9789004244702 List Price: $152.00
History and Theory of Legal Practice in China : Toward a Historical-Social Jurisprudence by Huang, Philip C., Bernhardt... ISBN: 9789004276437 List Price: $210.00
International Environmental Governance : Towards UNEPO by Desai, Bharat, Desai, Bhara... ISBN: 9789004214545 List Price: $199.00
Audun and the Polar Bear : Luck, Law, and Largesse in a Medieval Tale of Risky Business by Miller, William I. ISBN: 9789004271937 List Price: $35.00
Communication and the Law 2017 Edition by Hopkins, Wat ISBN: 9781885219565 List Price: $52.95
Religion and the Constitution by McConnell, Michael W., Berg... ISBN: 9781454868262
Family Law for Paralegals by Ehrlich, J. Shoshanna ISBN: 9781454873396
Legal Research Explained by Bouchoux, Deborah E. ISBN: 9781454882336
Contemporary Employment Law by Fields, C. Kerry, Cheeseman... ISBN: 9781454873433
Briefs of Leading Cases in Law Enforcement by del Carmen, Rolando V., Wal... ISBN: 9780323353984
Federal Income Taxation by Bankman, Joseph ISBN: 9781454871026
Professional Responsibility : Examples and Explanations by Wendel, W. Bradley ISBN: 9781454868439
International Human Rights Law by Smith, Rhona ISBN: 9780198805212 List Price: $45.00
Supreme Court by Baum, Lawrence ISBN: 9781544327389
Wills, Trusts, and Estates : The Essentials by Weisbord, Reid Kress, Horto... ISBN: 9781454856092 List Price: $240.00
Understanding Remedies by Fischer, James M. ISBN: 9780769896731
American Law : An Introduction by Friedman, Lawrence M., Hayd... ISBN: 9780190460594
Plain English for Lawyers by Wydick, Richard C., Sloan, ... ISBN: 9781531006990
Health Care Law and Ethics by Hall, Mark A., Orentlicher,... ISBN: 9781454881803 List Price: $251.00
K : Common Law Approach to Contracts by George, Tracey E., Korobkin... ISBN: 9781454868194
Myth of the Litigious Society : Why We Don't Sue by Engel, David M. ISBN: 9780226305042
Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age 2018 : Vol. II Copyrights, Trademarks and... by Menell, Peter S., Menell, P... ISBN: 9781945555107 List Price: $30.00
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