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Modern history might sound like a contradiction in terms, but in fact you'll find textbooks relating to various periods in time that occurred not so long ago. We've split this section into centuries ranging from the 16th century to the 21st century, so you can buy used modern textbooks to help you learn about your chosen century. You can learn about Contemporary World History or read Worlds Together, Worlds Apart - there are so many options here you'll probably want to rent cheap modern textbooks several times over to make sure you learn every part of the most recent period in our history. See how much you could save by investing in college text books at hugely reduced prices compared to the usual list prices. Don't be left out and wonder why other college students are making their budgets go way further than you. They've discovered the secret of our marketplace - will you make the most of it too?

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Cuban Missile Crisis : A Critical Reappraisal by Scott, Len, Hughes, R. Gerald ISBN: 9780415787161
Gender and the Making of Modern Medicine in Colonial Egypt by Abugideiri, Hibba ISBN: 9781138253162
From Yalta to Disarmament : Cold War Debate by Morray, Joseph P. ISBN: 9780598412027 List Price: $118.50
To Catch a Virus by Booss, J. ISBN: 9781555818586
Reading and Writing History from Bruni to Windschuttle by Callisen, Christian ISBN: 9781409457053 List Price: $124.95
Mao's Prey : The History of Chen Renbing, Liberal Intellectual by Fernandez, Jeanette Ford ISBN: 9781138001862
Encyclopedia of the Cold War by van Dijk, Ruud, Glenn Gray,... ISBN: 9780415762793
Inter-War Crisis by Overy, R. J. ISBN: 9781138137936
Chronology of the Cold War : 1917-1992 by Brune, Lester ISBN: 9781138878136
1966 by Savage, Jon ISBN: 9780571277629
Silvio Berlusconi : A Study in Failure by Unknown ISBN: 9780719075971
American West, Eighteen Forty to Eighteen Ninety-Five by Holmes McDougall Editorial ... ISBN: 9780715715659
From Cold War to Collapse: Theory and World Politics in the 1980s - Mike Bowker - Hardcover by Bowker, Mike, Brown, Robin ISBN: 9780521415965 List Price: $49.95
Steps in History: Bk. 3 by Thornes, Stanley ISBN: 9780091519919
History of Participatory Media by Ekström, Anders, LUNDGREN, ... ISBN: 9780415880688 List Price: $95.00
Concentration Camps in Nazi Germany: The New Histories by Caplan ISBN: 9780415426503 List Price: $117.00
Defcon 2 : How Close the World Came to Nuclear War over Cuba by U. S. Government Staff, Pol... ISBN: 9781931839976 List Price: $30.00
Einfuehrung in die Erwachsenenbildung by Knoll, Joachim H. ISBN: 9783110038514 List Price: $12.95
History and Financial Crisis : Lessons from the 20th Century by Kobrak, Christopher, Wilkin... ISBN: 9780415622974
Pearson Baccalaureate History : Authoritarian States 2nd Edition EText by Rogers, Keely, Thomas, Jo ISBN: 9781292102580 List Price: $28.97
19th Century by Salem Press Editors, Shally... ISBN: 9781682176962
Cold War : An International History by Fink, Carole K. ISBN: 9781138371507
Mysteries of the Cold War by Cimbala, Stephen J. ISBN: 9781138325920
Deconstructing and Reconstructing the Cold War by Malik, Shahin P., Dobson, A... ISBN: 9781138614215
Cold War : Interpreting Conflict Through Primary Documents by Roberts, Priscilla Mary ISBN: 9781440852138
Europe and the End of the Cold War : A Reappraisal by Bozo, Fr�d�ric, Universit� ... ISBN: 9780203930953
Moscow Rules : The Secret CIA Tactics That Helped America Win the Cold War by Mendez, Antonio J., Mendez,... ISBN: 9781541762183
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