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American history is a fascinating area of study. Although the timescale that the modern history of America covers is relatively brief in comparison to some other areas of the world, it is crammed with dramatic and impactful events, much of which have influenced and shaped the world as we know it today. Our cheap textbooks, available to buy or rent, cover interesting subjects such as; slavery in American society, the daily life of Aztecs, American people in history, and the wars of America, will give you a great insight to this amazing subject. There are many different areas that you could choose to specialize in, and no matter what you choose you will find the textbooks that you need right here online. The discounted textbooks that we have on sale are the same books that you will find at your college bookstore, but we sell our books at much lower prices. By choosing to purchase your textbooks from us you can save a great deal of money. You could use the money you save to explore some of the many famous historical locations in America, really bringing your studies to life.

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Paso 120 : Edge of the Southwest by Paulda, Mark ISBN: 9780875656021
I Am Sacagawea by Meltzer, Brad, Eliopoulos, ... ISBN: 9780525428534
Art and Soul of African American Interpretation by Edwards-Ingram, Ywone, Colo... ISBN: 9780879352806
Look into My Eyes : Nuevomexicanos Por Vida, '81-'83 by Bubriski, Kevin, Gandert, M... ISBN: 9780890136119
Falklands War : There and Back Again by Norman, Mike ISBN: 9781526710772
Canadian Foreign Policy in a Unipolar World by Oxford, Hawes, Michael K., ... ISBN: 9780199020362 List Price: $70.00
Relaci�n de Michoac�n (1539-1541) and the Politics of Representation in Colonial Mexico by Afanador-Pujol, Ang�lica Ji... ISBN: 9781477302392 List Price: $29.95
Foragers on America's Western Edge : The Archaeology of California's Pecho Coast by Jones, Terry L., Codding, B... ISBN: 9781607816430
Manhattan Maps by Thermes, Jennifer ISBN: 9781419736551
Castro and Franco by Hosoda, Haruko ISBN: 9781138343177
Legions of Boom : Filipino American Mobile DJ Crews in the San Francisco Bay Area by Wang, Oliver ISBN: 9780822359043 List Price: $84.95
Aztec Economic World : Merchants and Markets in Ancient Mesoamerica by Hirth, Kenn ISBN: 9781107142770 List Price: $99.99
Justice and Space Matter in a Latino Community by Bussert-Webb, Kathy, Diaz, ... ISBN: 9781433132056
Falklands Gunner by Martin, Tom ISBN: 9781473881211
Life in Oil : Cof�n Survival in the Petroleum Fields of Amazonia by Cepek, Michael, Guerra, Bear ISBN: 9781477315071
Measure and Meaning of Time in Mesoamerica and the Andes by Aveni, Anthony F. ISBN: 9780884024033 List Price: $75.00
Missouri by Mills, Jordan ISBN: 9781515704713
Pie Town Revisited by Drooker, Arthur, Hurley, F.... ISBN: 9780826341877 List Price: $34.95
Indiana's 200 : The People Who Shaped the Hoosier State by Gugin, Linda C., St. Clair,... ISBN: 9780871953872
Explore with Francisco Pizarro by O'Brien, Cynthia ISBN: 9780778717041 List Price: $9.95
Entre Guadalupe y Malinche : Tejanas in Literature and Art by Hern�ndez-Avila, In�s, Cant... ISBN: 9781477307960
Entre Guadalupe y Malinche : Tejanas in Literature and Art by Hern�ndez-Avila, In�s, Cant... ISBN: 9781477308363
Biltmore Estate by Daly, Ruth ISBN: 9781489633897
Serious Nonsense : Groundhog Lodges, Versammlinge, and Pennsylvania German Heritage by Donner, William Wilkinson ISBN: 9780271071183 List Price: $29.95
Sacred As Everyday : Food and Ritual in Aztec Art and Culture by Mor�n, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781477310595
Pig War : The Most Perfect War in History by COLEMAN, E. C. ISBN: 9780750989183
Patroons and Periaguas : Enslaved Watermen and Watercraft of the Lowcountry by Harris, Lynn B. ISBN: 9781611173857 List Price: $24.95
Latin America at 200 : A New Introduction by Berryman, Phillip ISBN: 9781477308271
Sidewalking : Coming to Terms with Los Angeles by Ulin, David L. ISBN: 9780520273726
Hd of the American Frontier : Hd of the American Frontier by Buckley, Rensink ISBN: 9781442249585 List Price: $100.00
Human Adaptation in Ancient Mesoamerica by Gonlin, Nancy, French, Kirk D. ISBN: 9781607323914
Mid-Atlantic States : Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, D.C by Gelletly, LeeAnne ISBN: 9781422233276
Argentina : A Modern History by Hedges, Jill ISBN: 9781784531065
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