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American history is a fascinating area of study. Although the timescale that the modern history of America covers is relatively brief in comparison to some other areas of the world, it is crammed with dramatic and impactful events, much of which have influenced and shaped the world as we know it today. Our cheap textbooks, available to buy or rent, cover interesting subjects such as; slavery in American society, the daily life of Aztecs, American people in history, and the wars of America, will give you a great insight to this amazing subject. There are many different areas that you could choose to specialize in, and no matter what you choose you will find the textbooks that you need right here online. The discounted textbooks that we have on sale are the same books that you will find at your college bookstore, but we sell our books at much lower prices. By choosing to purchase your textbooks from us you can save a great deal of money. You could use the money you save to explore some of the many famous historical locations in America, really bringing your studies to life.

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Brandywine : An Intimate Portrait by Maynard, W. Barksdale ISBN: 9780812246773 List Price: $34.95
Catskills : Its History and How It Changed America by Silverman, Stephen M., Silv... ISBN: 9780307272157
Oxford Handbook of the Aztecs by Nichols, Deborah L., Rodr�g... ISBN: 9780199341962
Cuban Underground Hip Hop : Black Thoughts, Black Revolution, Black Modernity by Saunders, Tanya L. ISBN: 9781477307700 List Price: $29.95
Great Water : A Documentary History of Michigan by Thick, Matthew R. ISBN: 9781611862676
LAtitudes : An Angeleno's Atlas by Wakida, Patricia, Deis, Dav... ISBN: 9781597142977
Wisconsin : Our State, Our Story by Malone, Bobbie, Oberle, Kor... ISBN: 9780870207969
Mexican Revolution by Knight, Alan ISBN: 9780198745631 List Price: $11.95
History of the Canadian Peoples by Bumsted, J. M., Bumsted, Mi... ISBN: 9780199014910 List Price: $75.00
228 Interesting, Odd, Beautiful and Historic Things to See in Santa Cruz County by Bignell, Steven, Bruijnes, ... ISBN: 9781568857527
Alabama : The Making of an American State by Bridges, Edwin C. ISBN: 9780817358761
Portraying the Aztec Past : The Codices Boturini, Azcatitlan, and Aubin by Rajagopalan, Angela Herren ISBN: 9781477316078
Little History of Canada by Nelles, H. V. ISBN: 9780199028771 List Price: $16.95
Primates of Park Avenue : A Memoir by Martin, Wednesday ISBN: 9781476762715
Brazil : What Everyone Needs to Know by Roett, Riordan ISBN: 9780190224530 List Price: $16.95
Global Latin America : Into the Twenty-First Century by Gutmann, Matthew C., Lesser... ISBN: 9780520277731
Maryland : A History by Ellery, Suzanne Chapelle, R... ISBN: 9781421426228
Borderwall As Architecture by Rael, Ronald, Cruz, Teddy ISBN: 9780520283947
Where the River Burned : Carl Stokes and the Struggle to Save Cleveland by Stradling, David, Stradling... ISBN: 9780801453618
Alabama Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Stewart, William H. ISBN: 9780817319274
Decoding Andean Mythology by Mar�n-Dale, Margarita B. ISBN: 9781607815082
Pride : The Story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag by Sanders, Rob, Salerno, Steven ISBN: 9780399555312
Canoeing in the Wilderness by Thoreau, Henry David ISBN: 9781423649144
Iran's Strategic Penetration of Latin America by Berman, Ilan, Berman, Ilan,... ISBN: 9780739182666
Caribbean Before Columbus by Keegan, William F., Hofman,... ISBN: 9780190605247
Oregon Trail : An American Journey by Buck, Rinker ISBN: 9781451659177
New History of Modern Latin America by Clayton, Lawrence A., Conni... ISBN: 9780520289024
Oxford Handbook of the Incas by Alconini, Sonia, Covey, R. ... ISBN: 9780190219352 List Price: $175.00
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