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Affordable prices on a wide range of books - this is the promise we make to countless different college students across America every day. Now you can get in on the action when you buy cheap general textbooks from Valore Books. Look out for these books on parenting today and you will be surprised at the number of discounted titles you can find on the topic. Look for Discipline Without Stress: Punishments or Rewards - How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility and Learning; Children Affirmations: Early Learning Activity Workbook; and Clark Kent Chronicles: A Mother's Tale of Life with Her ADHD and Asperger's Son. With these and many other fascinating titles available as well, you can buy or rent used general textbooks relating to all areas of interest. Learn more about parenting and make sure you have the books you need too. College life could get much easier if you need books like this at discounted prices.

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Chasing Dawn : An Adventure of Three Fathers and Four Teenagers Bicycling Across America by Hunter, G. Shawn, holloway,... ISBN: 9780692171448 List Price: $39.00
Active Parenting : First Five Years Parent's Guide by Popkin, Michael H., Morris,... ISBN: 9781597233439
Mother's Thoughts for the Day : 25 Years of Wisdom by Sungaila, M. C. ISBN: 9781733865715 List Price: $10.95
10 Effective Ways to Children's Ministry : Discover Excellent Ways To Teach Biblical Truths ... by Mukoro, Lawrence, Mukoro, L... ISBN: 9780999260579 List Price: $9.99
If You Did What I Asked of You in the First Place by Duff, Lori B. ISBN: 9781947309708 List Price: $17.95
Jesus, the Gentle Parent : Gentle Christian Parenting by Knost, L. r. ISBN: 9780988995840 List Price: $9.99
Nobody Likes a Cockblog by Swanson, R., Jansen, Jess ISBN: 9780692636756 List Price: $15.00
Walking the Labyrinth of My Heart : A Journey of Pregnancy, Grief, and Newborn Death by Vagianos Armentrout, Dianna ISBN: 9780982117644 List Price: $12.99
No Est�s Solo : Recetas para Obtener �xito, de Padres para Padres by Ram�rez, Lettie ISBN: 9781594956614 List Price: $14.95
Boys and Books by Zibrat, Sara ISBN: 9780997574906 List Price: $15.99
Winners Don't Whine and Whiners Don't Win by Cook, Julia ISBN: 9781937870416 List Price: $9.95
Love, Canyon by Williams, Canyon ISBN: 9780692748831 List Price: $16.95
Counterintuitive, What 4 Million Teenagers Wish We Knew : (bite-Sized Wisdom 4 Parents and T... by Bement, Spencer, Miller, Jenna ISBN: 9780986197352 List Price: $14.95
Don't "should" on your kid : Build their mental toughness by Bell, Rob, Parisi, Bill ISBN: 9780989918428 List Price: $19.97
Tell Me the Number Before Infinity : The Story of a Girl with a Quirky Mind, an Eccentric Fa... by Taylor, Becky, Taylor, Dena ISBN: 9780977307081 List Price: $18.00
BIGGER Book of Parenting Tweets : Featuring More of the Funniest Parents on Twitter by Z, Jessica, Dworkin-McDanie... ISBN: 9780996226202 List Price: $11.99
No Fuss Baby and Toddler Sleep by O'Reilly, Niamh ISBN: 9781781173176
All Out : What Happened to Our Family after Mom and Dad, I'm Gay by Newman, Kevin, Newman, Alex ISBN: 9780345813879
How We Did It : The Subban Plan for Success in Hockey, School and Life by Subban, Karl, Colby, Scott ISBN: 9780345816726
I Dreamed I Was a Dog by Nakamura, Joel, Nakamura, Joel ISBN: 9781945652905
Even If Your Toes Turn Purple : Raising Teenagers That Are Confident, Happy, and Stand Out by Christiansen, Rich, Christi... ISBN: 9781945431081 List Price: $14.99
Grace Based Discipline : How to Be at Your Best When Your Kids Are at Their Worst by Murray, Karis Kimmel, Stair... ISBN: 9780982799345 List Price: $13.99
First Person Female by Flook, Maria ISBN: 9781579625153 List Price: $29.95
Baby's First Year Milestones by Moore, Katie ISBN: 9781641520515 List Price: $9.99
Complete Guide to Potty Training Toddlers by Hurley, Brian ISBN: 9781641520119 List Price: $9.99
Journal for Pregnancy and Baby's First Year by Ta, Vanessa ISBN: 9781641526166 List Price: $9.99
Simply Be Your Magnificent Self! : A Guide for Empowering Girls and Women by Styer, Donna, Stauffer, Cyn... ISBN: 9780692771136 List Price: $16.95
Sch�ne Bilder Sch�dliche Bilder : Kinder Von Heute Proaktiv Gegen Pornografie Immunisieren e... by Jenson, Kristen, Poyner, Ga... ISBN: 9780997318715 List Price: $18.95
First-Time Mom's Pregnancy Journal by Suarez, Kim ISBN: 9781641524506 List Price: $9.99
Eye of Adoption : The True Story of My Turbulent Wait for a Baby by Dyer, Jody ISBN: 9781970037043 List Price: $19.95
After a Suicide Death : An Activity Book for Children by The Dougy Center, The Dougy... ISBN: 9781890534189 List Price: $12.95
Intentional Parenting by Fields, Doug ISBN: 9781635700862 List Price: $21.99
My Body Is Special and Private : Teacher Edition by Simeone, Adrianne, Davison,... ISBN: 9780998807409 List Price: $9.99
Essential Manners for Kids by Valentine, Melissa ISBN: 9781641520959 List Price: $9.99
Loving by Leading : A Parent's Guide to Raising Healthy and Responsible Children by Trumbull, Den, Harmon, Amy ISBN: 9781732659810 List Price: $22.99
Every Parent's Guide to Navigating Our Digital World by Powell, Kara, Bamford, Art,... ISBN: 9780991488070 List Price: $15.99
All the Sweeter by Minton, Jean ISBN: 9781631524950 List Price: $16.95
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