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The American craft and hobby industry is worth about $29 billion, meaning you are studying what could potentially be a very lucrative subject for you. Around 56% of American households craft at least once a year so the potential is huge. As a keen craft and hobby enthusiast yourself you are in the right place to buy discounted textbooks to help you through your course. Our new and pre-owned affordable textbooks are all in great condition and are cheaper than you will find elsewhere. Save your valuable money by buying our cheaper books here online so you have more money left to spend on craft items and producing your creative works of wonder. You'll also save precious time by shopping for your books here, avoiding the lengthy lines that always appear in college bookstores, so you'll have even more time to browse your favorite craft store or website. A much more productive use of your time!

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Impermanent by Rigby, Travis, Dillinger, K... ISBN: 9781733782685 List Price: $29.95
Anarchist's Workbench by Schwarz, Christopher ISBN: 9781733391658
Kitchen Think : A Guide to Design and Construction, from Refurbishing to Renovation by Hiller, Nancy ISBN: 9781733391641 List Price: $38.00
CRITTER BAKE Polymer Clay : Sculpt 35 Cool Looking Animals with Polymer Clay by Cabarrus, Joan ISBN: 9781733243964 List Price: $24.99
By Hand Issue #13: NorCa LRoad Trip by Hungerford, Andrea, Hungerf... ISBN: 9780578734408 List Price: $25.00
Live Loop Cables in Crochet : A New Way to Make Cables in Crochet Fabric by Perez, Sue, Perez, Sue, Per... ISBN: 9780578720678 List Price: $24.95
Novella by Novella Gallery, Buzbee, Ab... ISBN: 9780578695419 List Price: $25.00
Weaving for Beginners : An Illustrated Guide: 3rd Ed by Osterkamp, Peggy ISBN: 9780976885542 List Price: $49.95
Loom-Knit Hats : Step by Step for Beginner Knitters by Authentic Knitting Board ISBN: 9780985676988 List Price: $5.99
Mortise & Tenon Magazine Issue Nine by Klein, Joshua ISBN: 9780998366784 List Price: $24.00
Ten Thousand Loops : A Contest from Rug Hooking Daily by Taylor, Judy, Taylor, Judy ISBN: 9780997671223 List Price: $15.95
Block Vol 7 Iss 4 : Missouri Star Quilt Co by Missouri Star Quilt Co. ISBN: 9781632240460 List Price: $5.99
Pathways : Textured Knits Collection by Estin, Donna, Joel, Kirsten... ISBN: 9781627673044 List Price: $29.99
Cool Crochet for Warm Days : A Knits 'n Knots Collection by Myska, Janine ISBN: 9781627673037 List Price: $9.99
Egg Art : 50 Designs to Paint, Dye and Draw by Trischuk, Katya ISBN: 9781645174677
Playful Pet Projects by Various ISBN: 9781647476588 List Price: $161.94
Get Crafting for Your Busy Bunny by Owen, Ruth ISBN: 9781647476595 List Price: $26.99
Get Crafting for Your Cool Cat by Owen, Ruth ISBN: 9781647476601 List Price: $26.99
Get Crafting for Your Delightful Dog by Owen, Ruth ISBN: 9781647476618 List Price: $26.99
Get Crafting for Your Gorgeous Guinea Pig by Owen, Ruth ISBN: 9781647476625 List Price: $26.99
Get Crafting for Your Hip Hamster by Owen, Ruth ISBN: 9781647476632 List Price: $26.99
Get Crafting for Your Lovely Lizard by Owen, Ruth ISBN: 9781647476649 List Price: $26.99
Mi Primer A�ito by Rodriguez, Maria ISBN: 9781735256214
Sew Amazingly Elegant : Simplistic yet Sew Amazingly Elegant by Wang, Jacine ISBN: 9781733350334 List Price: $34.99
Modern Daily Knitting Field Guide No. 16 : Painterly by Gardiner, Kay, Shayne, Ann ISBN: 9781733945653
French Beaded Christmas Wreath : A One-A-Day Project by Harpster, Lauren, Harpster,... ISBN: 9781734720914 List Price: $23.99
Haunted & Spooky Color : A Halloween Themed Collection Coloring Book ~ Some Spectral, Some Cute by Ronning, Kari L., Ronning, ... ISBN: 9781946181442 List Price: $10.99
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