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If you are ready to learn more about painting and how you can use various techniques in this form of art, you are in the right place. We provide plenty of text books that are pre-owned and sold at affordable prices. Some of these titles include Painting Cleaning and Painting Plastic, Texture and For Introduction to Textiles. We make it easy for you to buy cheap painting textbooks to help you with your craft studies at college. Look closely at our prices and you will see some books can be rented as well. It couldn't be simpler to rent used painting textbooks so you can gain more information without buying them outright. We provide list prices so you can see how affordable our prices are, giving you the cheapest prices we can in the process. We buy back painting books from students who have them to sell, so don't forget this in the future.

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Texture by Court, Rob, Court, Rob ISBN: 9781567661217 List Price: $21.36
For Introduction to Textiles by Unknown ISBN: 9780808752257 List Price: $11.20
Creating Encaustics by Charnell, Shirley L. ISBN: 9780961851408 List Price: $16.00
SprayPaint Conference Proceedings, 1993 by Products Finishing Staff ISBN: 9781569900796 List Price: $45.00
Painting Identifying Defects Application Defects & Preparation Defects by Delmar Publishers Staff ISBN: 9780766829992 List Price: $232.95
Painting Cleaning & Painting Plastic by Delmar Publishers Staff, De... ISBN: 9780766829978 List Price: $232.95
Painting Application of Single Stage Paint & Application of Base-Coat/Clear Coat Paint by Delmar Publishers Staff, De... ISBN: 9780766829961 List Price: $232.95
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