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Cooking is something that everyone thinks they know something about, whether they have the ability to cook beans on toast for one or a lavish five course meal for a group of family and friends. No matter what your level of expertise is there is always room for improvement and the fine-tuning of techniques and skills. The discounted cooking textbooks available online here will help you develop your cooking knowledge whether your focus is on menu planning, cooking fundamentals, wine, baking and pastry, food from different cultures, the science behind cooking, foods for different age groups, healing with food or experimental foods we have plenty for you to choose from. By using the ISBN number for the books on your college tutor's recommended reading lists you can make sure you find exactly the right books for your course. The only problem you will be left with is trying not to get too hungry reading about food while you study! Take advantage of our buyback service when you are finished with the books.

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Oxford Handbook of Food Fermentations by Unknown ISBN: 9780199742707 List Price: $175.00
Cooking With Jane Austen by Olsen, Kirstin ISBN: 9780313334634 List Price: $55.00
Food in the United States, 1820s-1890 by Williams, Susan ISBN: 9780313332456 List Price: $49.95
Trail Food Drying and Cooking Food for Backpackers and Paddlers by Kesselheim, Alan S. ISBN: 9780070344365 List Price: $9.95
Cooking Up the Past by Andrew, Rayna ISBN: 9781842172278 List Price: $70.00
Sweetapolita Bakebook by Alyea, Rosie ISBN: 9780770435318
Cooking in Europe, 1650-1850 by Day, Ivan ISBN: 9780313346248
Make-Ahead Cook : 8 Smart Strategies for Dinner Tonight by America's Test Kitchen Editors ISBN: 9781936493845
Tourism and Gastronomy by Hjalager, Anne-Mette, Richa... ISBN: 9780415510998
Red and the White the History of Wine in France and Italy in the 19th Century by Loubere, Leo A. ISBN: 9780873953702 List Price: $28.50
The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digbie, Kt., Opened (1669) (English Kitchen) by Digby, Kenelm, Davidson, Pe... ISBN: 9781903018705 List Price: $30.00
Eggs in Cookery by Hoskings, Richard ISBN: 9781903018545
Cakes and Cake Decorating : A Complete Guide to Cake Decorating Techniques by Nilsen, Angela, Maxwell, Sarah ISBN: 9781780193342 List Price: $13.99
Testicles: Balls in Cooking and Culture by Vie, Blandine, MacDonogh, G... ISBN: 9781903018835 List Price: $40.00
Entertaining Cookbook by Hoffman Media - Southern Lady ISBN: 9780977006908 List Price: $39.99
Spice Crops by Weiss, E. A. ISBN: 9780851996059 List Price: $140.00
Experimental Foods Laboratory Manual by McWilliams, Margaret ISBN: 9780130394835 List Price: $44.60
Food In Medieval Times by Adamson, Melitta Weiss ISBN: 9780313321474 List Price: $55.00
Wine Appreciation - Richard P. Vine - Hardcover by Vine, Richard P. ISBN: 9780816011483 List Price: $60.00
Dietary Fat and Cancer Genetic and Molecular Interactions by American Institute for Canc... ISBN: 9780306456831 List Price: $189.00
Haute Cuisine How the French Invented the Culinary Profession by Trubek, Amy B. ISBN: 9780812217766 List Price: $19.95
American Food by the Decades by Liberman, Sherri ISBN: 9780313376986
Great Soups! : A New Collection of Modern Originals and Classic Traditionals by Bohn, Michael N. ISBN: 9780317912326 List Price: $5.95
Know Austria by Cooking : A Cook Book with a Difference by Moesli, Annitta ISBN: 9780947621018
Uncle Mike's Totally Cool Way Excellent Tasty Sweet and Real Fattening Heirloom Dessert Reci... by Michaud, Michael G., Rogers... ISBN: 9781882585007 List Price: $25.00
Invention of the Modern Cookbook by Sherman, Sandra ISBN: 9781598844863
Bedouin Food Habits by Crim, Curtis, Crim, Curtis,... ISBN: 9780983373292 List Price: $4.95
Food (Footprints) by Ramsden, E. N. ISBN: 9780859508209 List Price: $39.00
Pureed Foods With Substance and Style by Richman, J. William, Ferrac... ISBN: 9780834205543 List Price: $129.95
Sauces Classical and Contemporary Sauce Making by Peterson, James ISBN: 9780442026158 List Price: $44.95
On Cooking Techniques from Expert Chefs by Labensky, Sarah R., Hause, ... ISBN: 9780131954496 List Price: $49.95
Pinch of Thyme Easy Lessons for a Leaner Life by Webb, Robyn ISBN: 9780840393845 List Price: $15.95
Portable Baker Baking on Boat and Trail by Spangenberg, Jean, Spangenb... ISBN: 9780070598713 List Price: $14.95
Prehistoric Food Production in North America by Ford, Richard I. ISBN: 9780915703012 List Price: $15.00
Spill the Beans and Pass the Peanuts Legumes by Hughes, Meredith Sayles ISBN: 9780822528340 List Price: $26.60
Natural Energy Boosters by Wade, Carlson ISBN: 9780130252159
Webster's New World Dictionary of Culinary Arts by Labensky, Steven, Ingram, G... ISBN: 9780134757322 List Price: $25.95
Seafood List Fda's Guide To Acceptable Market Names For Seafood Sold In Interstate Commerce ... by Randolph, Spring, Snyder, Mary ISBN: 9780788113246 List Price: $30.00
Essence of Japanese Cuisine An Essay on Food and Culture by Ashkenazi, Michael, Jacob, ... ISBN: 9780812235661 List Price: $49.95
How the World Cooks Chicken by Muessen, H. J., Famularo, Joe ISBN: 9780812861952 List Price: $9.95
Japanese Way of Tea by Soshitsu Sen, Morris, V. Dixon ISBN: 9780824818975 List Price: $45.00
Simplified Diet Manual Study Guide - Martha Spillman - Paperback - 1st ed. by Spillman, Martha ISBN: 9780813814353 List Price: $7.95
Larder Chef Food Preparation And Presentation by Bode, W. K. H., Leto, M. J. ISBN: 9780750668996 List Price: $46.95
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