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It is incredibly fascinating to look at art from different countries around the world. The people in each place are inspired by history, tradition and a variety of other sources as well. Here you can look through and buy cheap Canadian textbooks that focus on this particular country in the world of art. Learn about Canadian artists and works of art you may not previously have known about. Look for Pitseolak Pictures Out of My Life; Light for a Cold Land; Figuring Redemption: Resighting My Self in the Art of Michael Snow; and Picturing the Land: Narrating Territories in Canadian Landscape Art, 1500-1950. As you can see the wealth of variety here is startling, as are the affordable and appealing prices. When you invest in pre-owned textbooks you can look forward to spending far less on a regular basis. With our buyback system to use as well, there couldn't be a better place to come than Valore Books.

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Empire of Illusion : Terry Munro by Munro, Terry, Jeffries, Bill ISBN: 9781911164814
Art of Fred Ross : A Timeless Humanism by Smart, Tom ISBN: 9780864921727 List Price: $60.00
Lucy Jarvis : Even Stones Have Life by Rosenfeld, Roslyn ISBN: 9780864928924 List Price: $45.00
Mary Pratt by Pratt, Mary, Eagan, Mireill... ISBN: 9780864928979 List Price: $40.00
Colville by Colville, Alex, Teitelbaum,... ISBN: 9780864928962 List Price: $40.00
Visitor Information : Lise Beaudry, Michele Pearson Clarke, Martie Giefert, Morris Lum, Jeff... by Jansma, Linda, Wilkinson, J... ISBN: 9781926589923 List Price: $20.00
Rockscapes of Georgian Bay by Bartram, Ed, Murray, Joan ISBN: 9781554553488
Early Painters and Engravers in Canada by Harper, J. Russell ISBN: 9780686431282 List Price: $75.00
Chris Flodberg : Paintings by Steedman, Scott, Cocking, P... ISBN: 9781771621236
Sublime Vernacular : The Landscape Paintings of Levine Flexhaug by Flexhaug, Levine, White, Pe... ISBN: 9780994726902
Black Ice : David Blackwood: Prints of Newfoundland by Lochnan, Katharine, Blackwo... ISBN: 9781771620574
AlliterAsian : Twenty Years of Ricepaper Magazine by Lin, Julia, Cho, Allan, Won... ISBN: 9781551526201
China to Light up a House : From the Sharp Collection by Sharp, Rosalie ISBN: 9781770413214
Peter Clapham Sheppard : His Life and Work by Smart, Tom ISBN: 9780228100782 List Price: $55.00
Claire Wilks : What the Hand Sees by Callaghan, Barry, Wilks, Cl... ISBN: 9781550967333
Every. Now. Then : Reframing Nationhood by Hunter, Andrew, Art Gallery... ISBN: 9781894243957
Rita Letendre : Fire and Light by Letendre, Rita, Uhlyarik, G... ISBN: 9781894243971
Toronto : Tributes + Tributaries, 1971-1989 by Gale, Peggy, Shedden, Jim, ... ISBN: 9781894243889
In the Ward : Lawren Harris, Toronto and the Idea of North by Hunter, Andrew, Harris, Law... ISBN: 9781894243896
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